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  1. Ghostly, you can add mine to the list as well. 1990-206206-YBB-V6-auto o/d-no-yes-no-n/a. Good job. Bob
  2. C, when you say that your pull down does not work, what exactly do you mean. Is it not latching properly or is the motor not running? It is difficult to comment if we do not know the exact problem you are referring to. Let us know and we may be of some help. Bob
  3. Quail, I have not received an e-mail from you. Bob
  4. Those answers sound realistic. Most likely the culprit is the vacuum selector switch in the heater control. There is no maintenance that can be done on the switch and the do no last forever.
  5. If you are on the AACA forum the odometer procedure is readily available here, and you get much better feedback and comments from fellow members. One stop shopping!
  6. I have sent the instructions to everyone who requested to this point in time. If you did not receive, let me know. Sheesh there must be a lot of damaged odometers out there!\Bob
  7. MadB, I noticed the same thing when I checked mine out. I just trugged on and kept a close eye on what I was doing. All worked out fine. Bob
  8. To all those who requested the instructions, they were sent today. If anyone does not receive them please let me know and I will send again. Don't be shy. A couple of times in the past some mail did not go through. Anyone else who wants them, let me know. Best of luck. Bob
  9. Some time ago a member was looking for the instructions on how to repair the odometer gear. If remember it sparked some lively comments. Anyway, under fear of being criticized I have found these instructions. Anyone wanting a copy, please PM me or leave their e-mail address on this thread and I will forward ASAP.
  10. 0W when cold only, they will run 30W at normal engine temperatures. Question, can an oil really be 0W?
  11. That chart does indicate as you said. However for every application Chrysler recommends 30w oil for all hot engine temperatures. Remember that 5W-30 oil is 5W when cold (thereby cranking easier) and 30W when hot. The indicator in that chart for 10W-30 oils is for all applications from 0 to 100+ deg F. Simply put if you live in an area that does not fall normally below 0 deg F. 10W-30 would be good all year long. It would be more important to change the oil & filter at recommended intervals. Hope you enjoy the use of your TC. Bob
  12. I think I agree with you , Lou. The little darker colour looks "richer". The first pic shows the sun visor against the seat, that is a good comparison between original and refinished. Looks Good! Bob
  13. Consesus seems to be that the 'original' and NewOldStock accumulators have the band around the top. NEW accumulators have the band around the body of the unit. With pressures up to 2800 PSI it is adviseable not to fool around with old equipment. Prior Reman and TC Parts are two reliable sources.
  14. Welcome to the thread. The round opera windows are the same for all three years. If you let us know the build date on the edge of the drivers door we can advise on the year. If you are getting someone to repair the opera windows they can probably fix the ones you have now. Normally moisture gets in between the outside crystal and the inside glass and causes cloudiness and this is normally repairable. Good luck. Bob
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