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  1. Good point but I do not leave a sensor in the car. Although my wife is usually with me, she is out and away from the car sometimes when this happens. It also happens when I am alone. I would say the frequency of this happening is 50% of the time. Thanks for your response though.
  2. It is only part of the problem that the dealer cannot find a solution but the dealer has contacted "oasis" on three occasions and even the manufacturer cannot find a solution. The dealer, for his part has bent over backwards to help me. We have only one Lincoln dealer here.
  3. Apologies for starting this thread here, but I am desparate for help. When I touch the lock sensor the doors lock, then as I walk away from the vehicle the vehicle unlocks itself. When I again touch the sensor and lock again sometimes it will unlock again. This problem does not happen all the time. My dealer has checked and re-checked and contacted oasis and during the last visit replaced the body controller, but the problem is still there. I would appreciate it anyone has heard of this problem or a potential fix.
  4. Digger914, are you serious? The instrument lighting is actually red? I can't recall seeing this in red, I thought I could remember clear lighting. Boy, I gotta get out more often! Thanks.
  5. OK, I either having a BAD day or I'm starting to crack. Replaced my odometer gears and the odo works fine, but I did get a shock when I took the car out for a test run. The instrument panel lighting is red. All I remember, when I did drive the car at night, which was not very often, to my recollection the lighting was clear (white). What happened?
  6. The problem with the upper brake light is probably a loose rivet in the light. This is fairly normal and an easy fix once you dis-assemble the light.
  7. HIBROWN, my odometer reset rests against the lower shroud around the front of the cluster. I think this is "normal".
  8. Just to cover all bases- the smaller odometer gear has a shoulder (spacer) moulded on one side. Can anyone who has replaced these gears tell me - Does this shoulder (spacer) rest against the larger gear?
  9. Received the gears Bob, many thanks, will get at the job soon.
  10. When replacing a t'stat, and to prevent possible future problems of overheating your engine buy a failsafe t'stat. This t'stat is designed to fail in the OPEN position thereby not causing possible engine or radiator damage by failing in the CLOSED position and overheating. They cost a few dollars more but are worth the price.
  11. I believe RockAuto has only the aftermarket manuals, these are not nearly as good as the original which are vehicle specific. You can usually find the original one on e-bay.
  12. Thanks rmtroutman, good advice. They seem to be a better gear seeing they are self lubricating.
  13. Thanks BOb, I have sent you an e-mail. I will have those gears.
  14. Does anybody else besides Odometergears Ltd. supply the odometer gears? I used their shipping calculater and they want $28 to ship to Canada, a little expensive.
  15. Who sells the two gears for the odometer now? I contacted TC Parts and they told me that they only repair the heads.
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