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  1. Thanks for the link,but noone answered there...asked for a quote the day you gave me the tip:-(
  2. Up... Really noone who can help?
  3. LOL! Think it was some kind of hippie...had several notices on my window like:"Every ride with this thing kills a tree" and "shame on you-don't you feel shamed?"... I think I will take holiday for a week or two and have a date with him and a soldering gun in my cellar if I get him...
  4. Thank you... I'm searching and searching...I even went to the local newspaper yesterday and they brought an article about this today... You will know that I got him when you see my car with a head as a hood emblem one day...
  5. Hi there, After months of restauration and trouble my little black beauty is finally ready to be one of only a handful of '67 Rivs driving around in Europe... ...up to this morning when I saw this: Some a****** hit a gully cover onto my windshield,moulding and wiper arm (with one hit-quite impressive...) and hit my sunroof after that (you know how many Rivs with the sunroof option are out there...:-() He even put a flyer under the arm so that the hit would not be heard and put the gully cover beside my tire. As I said before-I am one of only a few Riviera drivers in complete Europe so there is no chance for me to get spare parts here. Can anyone pleeeeease help me find a replacement windshied-best would be a tinted one as I had before. ('66 ones should also work-right?) I am thankful for every help you can give
  6. Hi there, Can you tell me if the windshield is still there? After months of restaurations someone threw a gully cover in mine this morning... (My one is a '67 Riv-shouldn't make any difference,right?) Thank you for your help J.Janne
  7. switch to fully reply screen-click the "enter image"-button and insert the URL or use the "file manager" if you have the pic on cour computer...
  8. Wow...that's what I call some serious luck... You got some pics of them? I opened a new thread concerning my wheelsize problem HERE to keep this one clean:-)
  9. Could someone tell me which wheelsize will <span style="font-weight: bold">definitely</span> fit the drumbrakes on my '67? I know that they have a 5on5 pattern (15''), but I don't know which backspace will work with the big drums in the back (in the front I have discbrakes )... I think the original wheels have 15x6 offset 0, so nothing over 3'' of backspace should fit in there , right? The problem is that I 'm thinking about putting 15x8 in the front and 15x10 in the back, but I can't find aftermarketwheels in that sizes with a backspace under 3 1/2'' and I don't want to cut the cooling fins... Any experiences...? Thank you for your help...
  10. Ok...so here's my '67 black beauty that has never seen another buick since it's day of production :-( Maybe I'll ship her back to the states one day and drive around for a month to show her where she came from...:-) and HERE Can someone pleeease tell me which wheelsize will definitely fit the drumbrakes in the back? (backspace etc...) It's quite hard to get such information in Germany...:-)
  11. Sorry...my good camera is broken...which numbers...? There's only the 7033744 ( round ) and the BP(or RP) 29865 on the metal plate... My choke-linkage comes from a bi-metal in the manifold...
  12. Come on...If you all don't know it-noone knows... I can't ask s.o. here in Germany about my Riviera, as the answer is always the same: "Dude...is that batman's car?" :-)
  13. Ok...here are some pics of the carb...probably it will help to identify... The number on the metalplate is: BP(or RP) 29865
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