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  1. Hi there, Can you tell me if the windshield is still there? After months of restaurations someone threw a gully cover in mine this morning... (My one is a '67 Riv-shouldn't make any difference,right?) Thank you for your help J.Janne
  2. switch to fully reply screen-click the "enter image"-button and insert the URL or use the "file manager" if you have the pic on cour computer...
  3. Wow...that's what I call some serious luck... You got some pics of them? I opened a new thread concerning my wheelsize problem HERE to keep this one clean:-)
  4. Could someone tell me which wheelsize will <span style="font-weight: bold">definitely</span> fit the drumbrakes on my '67? I know that they have a 5on5 pattern (15''), but I don't know which backspace will work with the big drums in the back (in the front I have discbrakes )... I think the original wheels have 15x6 offset 0, so nothing over 3'' of backspace should fit in there , right? The problem is that I 'm thinking about putting 15x8 in the front and 15x10 in the back, but I can't find aftermarketwheels in that sizes with a backspace under 3 1/2'' and I don't want to cut the
  5. Ok...so here's my '67 black beauty that has never seen another buick since it's day of production :-( Maybe I'll ship her back to the states one day and drive around for a month to show her where she came from...:-) and HERE Can someone pleeease tell me which wheelsize will definitely fit the drumbrakes in the back? (backspace etc...) It's quite hard to get such information in Germany...:-)
  6. Sorry...my good camera is broken...which numbers...? There's only the 7033744 ( round ) and the BP(or RP) 29865 on the metal plate... My choke-linkage comes from a bi-metal in the manifold...
  7. Come on...If you all don't know it-noone knows... I can't ask s.o. here in Germany about my Riviera, as the answer is always the same: "Dude...is that batman's car?" :-)
  8. Ok...here are some pics of the carb...probably it will help to identify... The number on the metalplate is: BP(or RP) 29865
  9. Hi... I already asked this question on the V8buick board but noone could answer so I#m going to try it here... I checked the Id on my carb found out, that there isn't the original one installed... I got a 67 Riviera (430) and the carb installed is a 7041540-so it should stand for 70-before 76 41- 1971 5-california emission 4-Buick 0-Automatic...right? As I got another one in the trunk I'd like to know if it's probably the original one- but I can't identify that thing. The numer is:7033744 So 70-before 76 33-??? no idea...the 67 had 27 or 37,right? 7-?? 4-Buick 4-Automatic...also right? I remem
  10. Thanx! just bought this one on ebay this one on ebay...hope it will fit...:-) And-someone knows something about my tire-problem? stock backspace...biggest possible backspace...? I also thought about buying 17'' wheels to get past the drumbrakes but as I think I got a my backspace of 3 1/4 in the back (I didn't measure front) I need to buy wheels with a custom backspace...:-( Any experiences with this sizes?
  11. Hi there... 1 month ago my dream finally came true- I'm the proud owner of my dreamcar-a wonderful black 1967 Buick Riviera-and here it is:(applause now!) To make it perfect for me only a few things have to be done: 1) The center steering link is worn out-but where can I get a new one? I only find the ones for '71&up rivs or people who'd do an exchange... 2)I'm going to change the wheel and tiresize and have a problem with the wheels: The car has 205/70/15 tires on (I think) original 15x7 steelwheels. I want to change that to 15x8 in the front and 15x9.5 in the back. My problem is
  12. Hi there... can anyone tell me where to find a datasheet( probably a copy of an original one) for a '67 Buick Riviera? I need it to show it to the police to get a german licence plate and I don't know anybody in Germany driving such a car... Important specs are: Wheigt Wheight on each axle Top speed loudness Tire size My email-address is j.janne@googlemail.com Thanx for any help!
  13. Thank you very much for the link...can you (or s.o. else) tell me whether it's a US car or a Swiss one? The owner told me that the price for the car would be 14000$... is that OK for a car in this condition or should I fly to the US (Pomona swapmeet for example)to buy one there? Remember that I have to calculate extra 4500$ for shipping to Germany,taxes,flight, exchange of the light system to european standard etc... The car is not a GS, has no AC, but had a frame-off-restauration 8 years ago... Interiour is 3 years old...ABSOLUTELY no rust...new Tires (one hubcab is missing) and stood in a dr
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