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  1. You might try Steele Rubber Products. http://www.steelerubber.com/bumpers Bill
  2. As of a few years ago, the Brecht Butcher Supply building still stood on Cass Ave. in St. Louis, but the owners wanted to demolish it. I'm not sure if that happened. I believe it had been damaged by fire at one time. Bill Brecht
  3. Louisedale, Could you post the photo here? Thanks. Bill
  4. Manuel, The side trim from 51 and 52 were different than the trim from 50. Bill
  5. Manuel, Your rear fenders look like they are from 1951 or 52. The 53 fender had a bit of a tail fin. If I remember correctly from photos of the interior you had posted originally, your steering wheel is also a 51 or 52. It is probable that in the restoration, some parts came from a 51 or 52 donor car. Bill
  6. Took the thermostat housing off the other day and there was no thermostat in it. I put the housing back on with a new gasket and am able to drive it. I think I'll order the thermostat and retaining ring from CPR. Bill
  7. goose-em, Thanks for the info. Do you think a modern thermostat of the correct diameter would work? Being shorter than the original doesn't seem like it should be a problem, unless I'm missing something here. Bill
  8. I'm going to replace the thermostat on my 8 cylinder '49 Streamliner. The shop manual mentions a retaining ring. Is that something that is reusable or will I need a new one? Also, NAPA shows the 160 degree thermostat as part #THM 70. But it looks too small (54 mm or 2 1/8 inches) and easily slips through the called for NAPA gasket (Part #THM 1038ST) with room to spare. CPR lists the retaining ring, gasket, and "Original style" 160 thermostat. They also have a 170 degree thermostat with a gasket for about half the price of the "original style". I'm guessing that the thermostat 62 years ago wa
  9. Manuel, I forgot to mention in my previous reply, the photo you have from ebay appears to be a 1949 Deluxe steering wheel. On the horn button, it has the word Pontiac and then a 4-pointed star below it. The 1950 deluxe wheel was very similar, but I believe it had a stylized Indian head instead of the star below the word Pontiac. Bill
  10. Manuel, There should be a small plate on the firewall, passenger side. It will have a 4-digit Style Number on it. Probably 2511 or 2527, depending on if you have a 2 door sedan or a sedan coupe. If the number is followed by the letter "D", you have a Deluxe. If there are just the 4 digits and no letter, you have a Standard. If I remember correctly from when you posted some photos last year, your current steering wheel appears to be a deluxe wheel from 1951-52, which is slightly different than the deluxe wheel from 1949-50. The original steering wheel on your car might have been a standar
  11. Yes, that's correct. Let us know if you find one. Bill
  12. Manuel, The photo in your message shows a 1949-50 Deluxe steering wheel. Go to these links to see examples of the Standard steering wheel. Classic and Collector's Cars - Imported classic car specialist 1949 – 1950 – 1951 Pontiac Steering Wheel & Horn Button | Classic NOS Parts Bill
  13. Manuel, I don't think the 1950 Pontiac had the fender emblem. They were found on 1951-54 models. Bill
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