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  1. I have a 1927 American Lafrance fire truck built on a GMC chassie. My radiator has a round GMC emblem on the front that is really messed up. I am looking for a better one. It has a large GMC in the middle and around the outside it has General Motors Corporation Truck, it is about 2 1/2" in diameter. (Help)
  2. I am looking for a water line/tube for a 1927 Buick 6 cyl engine. It sits along side of the valve cover on top of the head, with one inlet from the radiator. It starts off with a larger diameter tube and as it goes to the rear of the engine, it gets smaller. Anyone out there have something like that or know where to get one. The one I have now has been repaired several times and I don't think it will last much longer.
  3. I just purchased a book on brakes, sounds like the same thing that you have. It also shows the three shoe system, I hope I can set them. I just found a place to replace my leather grease seals so I can start putting things back together. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Well I know there are some people who say not to use the rustoleum from Home Depot, but I used it on my garage floor and am very satisfied with it. I am restoring a 1927 truck and the only problem is melting steel when using the torch. I have some dark spots from that. I would suggest using the color flakes that come with the product, otherwise the floor is slippery when wet(to smooth). It's a year old now with lots of traffic and it still looks new. Just follow the directions on the box.
  5. I don't know if this helps but I use Condon and Skelly out of Maple Shade NJ, part of Metlife Auto & Home, no claims, but they are reasonable rates
  6. I have been in the Buick section for a while and have picked up a lot of information on my engine. Now I need help with the chassis. I have a 1927 American LaFrance fire truck that has a 1927 GMC truck chassis. It has mechanical brakes. I am looking for information on how to adjust them. The front brakes have three pads on each wheel. anyone seen this before? I am trying to get the rear drums off, but ran into problems, I need to get the wheel off and it doesn't want to let go of the axle (need a bigger hammer)when it lets go I want to adjust them so they work, its nice to have brakes. Any help would be great, Thanks.
  7. WOW, this is great,you all are a power house of information. Thanks again for everything. One thing I found out about fire trucks is that they are built over a long time period. When you told me that the engine is a 1930s, that fits in with the front fenders. I found out that the manufacturer started the build at the end of 1927 (titled) and the truck was delivered to Williston FD (FL.)in early 1930. The 1927 front fenders were flat with a skirt around them (1922 to 1928) 1929 & 1930 had a rounded fender, when the build takes place they put the newer stuff on. Now I know I have a 1927 truck with a 1930 engine, thats great, Thanks again.
  8. I am very happy to hear from all of you on my fuel pump delema. I checked the engine number and I found a stamped number on the side of the block,(2591870) I noticed that there is a steel plate (home made) covering a hole into the block at the rear of the engine on the driver side. I think this is where the fuel pump was originally. Leif, thanks for the picture, when I get better at this computer stuff I hope to include a few of my own someday. I don't see any evidence of that type of fuel pump or a place to mount it. Thanks again for everyones help and I will try the Yahoo group to see if they have anything.
  9. 53-ML-109174-ML-<br /><br />Hey alf, I sent this to the Buick Forums. They're very familiar with your engine and requirements! Wayne
  10. I have a 1927 American LaFrance fire truck on a GMC chassis with a straight Buick 6 cyl. It has an electric fuel pump that someone put on prior to my buying the truck. I am looking for a mechanical pump to put on, does anyone have any idea where to get one. I do not have the old pump, so I have no numbers to work from. Thanks for your help
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