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  1. Hi looking for a 1913 Oakland radiator The one with a shallow V Can anyone help?
  2. Hi John think you might be right with the C overlapping the P, What do you think?
  3. Hi I need to date a buick six engine its number is BX 4782 or PX 4782 I think the X means export engine is defiantly 1918 - 1923 any ideas
  4. Does any one know how easy/hard it is to install a 1930 model 77 motor into a 1928 72 car. Cheers
  5. I have an abbott detroit rolling chassis that should have one of those engines fitted. would be interested if your engine came on the market.
  6. Thanks for all your responses It looks like my head is a Silver Dome. On the of chance has any one got a red head for sale or are there any new castings being made? Best Regards Ian
  7. Could any one tell me how you can identify a Red Head for a 1928 72? It has no paint on it! and has the stamp number 74395_2. My 1929 75 had Silver Dome cast in to the head. did the 72's have this as well.
  8. Could anyone tell me how you identify a model 72 Chrysler RED HEAD? all it has on it is the casting number 74703-2 cheers Ian
  9. Hi I'm looking for a Continental engine or gearbox 1910/1914 or a suitable engine of the same period. engine has to be bigger than 250ci
  10. If you want early v8's you need to look at Darracq with the 1905 25 litre 200hp Record car which raced at ormond beach. there is also another car in the UK a GN Jap which has a 1906 5.1 litre Jap V8
  11. Hi I'm looking for a good block for my chrysler 75 Roadster. also a good radiator core and surround is sort. can you help cheers
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