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  1. The first two digits of the Style No should be the same as the model year, 2527B is the Business coupe. The 25 series were six cylinder only and based upon the Fisher A-body shared with Chevrolet. It is likely that the rear roll pans you reference would fit your Pontiac. The paint code is Baffin Bay Blue Metallic, the D suffix indicates that your car's fenders were painted to match the body. The body stripe is Argent Silver and the wheels were also body color. The interior trim was likely to be mohair, but I will have to do some digging to give you the correct name and color. A quick chec
  2. Very little is being reproduced for flathead-era Pontiacs, nearly all of which is mechanical parts. What are you looking for? It will be much easier to decode your trim tag if you give us the numbers on it, as opposed to listing all of the possible combinations. There are no production numbers for the various body styles, only total production numbers for bodies and engines.
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