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  1. I like things as they are now. Thanks for asking for input
  2. For $400 you would be getting all the bracing and the cups as well. the $ 250 patch panels are just that. I wish someone made all the hat sections (bracing) for the floors and trunks , sure would make life easier.
  3. I am interested as to where the shock will be relocated. I used Air -Ride Shockwaves and i would like to have another option. thanks for a great how to . Cheers, Scott
  4. How was the trunk script attached? I have the script but dont know what fasteners to use
  5. A couple more observations ; Bungy cord battery hold down ,the rear grill install looks strange. I thought the two nubs went under the rear package shelf. Shaved emblems . Minor details, nice car .
  6. Lacquer thinner or Acetone will work,wear gloves eye protection , plenty of ventilation and if in an enclosed space, a respirator wouldn`t hurt . Cheers , Scott
  7. So being as my Riv came to me as a jigsaw puzzle, I am at a loss as to attaching the the trunk lid emblem on my `64. I`m sure it will be one of those moments obvious to everyone but me .:confused: Thanks, Scott.
  8. Well, you can`t argue with the way those turned out. They look great !. That being said, I still have a rear package tray from Opig that was a poor excuse for the original. I still keep it around in the box to remind me. Hmm decisions decisions...
  9. I believe there is a nut holding them to the grill
  10. I worked on wooden boats for a long time . I`ve actually seen small boats with some historical significance restored by saving the registration number and reinstalling back in place on the "restoration" .As long as the registration number is original, it was considered to be the original boat with a restoration. I`m glad that carry on is over! I think I`ll go out and hug my Riv...rust and all.
  11. I think POR15 makes a product that might work for you. Look up gas tank sealer. I dont know without seeing your tank so you be the judge
  12. That looks good! Thanks fellas this will save money and time for me!
  13. Told ya he was good! Glad things are working out for you.
  14. The chrome shop here has a $100 minimum and $100 per hour cost . A definite punch to the solar plexus!
  15. Many times, I live on the west coast of Canada so the shipping was reasonable . Always got good service/parts.
  16. I really like your attitude and enjoy following the progress , keep at it! Scott
  17. Several vendors in the Riview, should be able to find one close to you.
  18. Mike since your in the trunk area,could you show me how the emblem is attached to the trunk lid? I need to know what sort of clips go on the flat tabs on the emblem? I got my car in boxes so a few things are a mystery to me. Thanks,Scott
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