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  1. Seems to be solid as a rock pushing fore and aft. Shawn
  2. Oh, now I understand. I was expecting something more like my 55 Thunderbird, with the serial number, paint codes, etc. Shawn
  3. I didn't think about the pan gasket. I think the leak is definitely coming from the back of the engine, not the transmission. I'll have to remove the cowling at the back of the pan to be sure. It is maining dripping out through the cotter pin hole in the bottom of the cowling. My first road trip with it was about 30 miles and I got a lot of leaking from this position. I lost about a half quart of engine oil. Second trip, also about 30 miles and the leak had dropped off a lot. Do you think the cork gasket might have been dried out and expanded back to slow the leak? Previously I had run the engine in the garage, loaded it on the trailer, etc. This was my first highway trip though. Shawn
  4. Yes, I have the 4 door sedan. The serial number is clear on the front frame once I was told where to look for it. I was under the impression there were two firewall tags. One with the body number and the data tag with the serial number. Did I misunderstand this? Shawn
  5. I've developed a leak in the rear seal. I've got a bearing going out in 1st gear, so I needed to drop the transmission off anyway. I was going to live with the 1st gear problem for awhile, but the leak is bad enough to make the clutch slip. So now I need to go ahead and drop it off. So it shouldn't be too big a deal to change the seal out then. Are there any big issues here that relate to V12s? Shawn
  6. I had my inspection yesterday. Turns out he never even looked under the hood to verify the VIN. He was more concerned that the wipers didn't work. I had forgotten to check them. The passenger side was mounted backward and this didn't allow the arms to move more than a half inch. After scratching my head a bit, I realized this and just reversed the arm on the passenger side. Now they work fine, and I have my inspection certification. I am considering having a replica 1937 data tag made. Can someone post a photo of a real one, or direct me to a link where one is posted.
  7. The VIN is on the frame by the radiator just like you said. Thanks a bunch. I was having trouble with the title application. That will square it all away. Shawn
  8. Thanks that will help a lot. The firewall tags seem to be missing. I'm sure one of the other three will still be there though. Shawn
  9. Where is the ID tag located on a 37 Zephyr? Shawn
  10. Thanks a lot. Yes it is a philco model. Did your use the trunk lid for the antenna? Shawn
  11. On a second look, I think the little studs may be rivets instead of screws. I may be able to use very small pop rivets to attach the socket to the reflector and lock the bulb. Any thoughts? Shawn
  12. Another newbie question on my new to me 37. The car came with the radio under the seat. The guy I bought it from said he had the radio tested on the bench at a radio shop and it worked. It was mounted back under the seat, but not hooked up. I have a few questions. Am I correct in assuming the grounding is through the body of the box screwed down to the floor? It seems to be grounded OK. When I hook up the power, I get a fairly loud hum and the tubes begin to light up. Is the hum normal or is that a problem. Now as to the knobs. The top knob is the tuner. The bottom knob seems to be the volume control. Is this correct? What is the small center knob, it is turning something inside the radio, but I can't tell what. How do you turn the radio off? I was going to try hooking a speaker up tomorrow and seeing what I get. Does anyone know if it is 4 ohm or 8? Or something else entirely? Any insight would be appreciated. I have the shop manual and some other books, but nothing I have covers the radio. Shawn
  13. I've got a new to me 1937 Zephyr that I am trying to get on the road. It's basically ready to go, but have a few little things that need attention. The bulb sockets on the headlights each have 3 very tiny studs. These screw into the socket and hold it into the reflector. They are also the mounting studs for the bolts. I should have six of these, three on each side. I only have three between the pair. I called a part supplier and was told neither the studs or even the sockets themselves are available. Has anyone got any leads for me on finding these things. Or is there an alternative I can use. I'm sure some of you have had this same problem. I could also you a new pair of the metal mounting rings that hold the tail light lens in the housing. Any leads on those? Shawn
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