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  1. There is a product called "Rubber Care' distributed by Wurth USA that will help restore rubber mouldings. It is a made as a spray or stick applicator and will give a nice fresh black appearance. It will not make a dried out part new, but will make a dusty old part look fresher. Find Wurth USA on the internet. not in stores, can order on line Sheldon 1937 Hudson 8 1975 AMC Pacer
  2. AT LAST! The cause of the blower only working on HIGH speed was.......... the blower RELAY. There is a metal box type relay with a single wire , and triple wire connector going into it. The relay is mounted under the hood on the firewall between the AC box and the power brake booster. Thank you to those who replied since Dec 2007 Sheldoon
  3. My lift has verticle extensions that fit on the lift pads to come in contact with the frame. This works great for cars with running boards and pick ups
  4. Try some lock lube or penetrating oil in the lock cylinder. I have had several GM locks that were like this that worked after some lube.
  5. The blower has one wire from the resistor and it has an seperate external ground wire to the cowl. There was no sealer between the blower motor and heater case, it has a gasket. I dont own a ohm meter but with a test light between the blower and the resistor it was different brightness level depending on the speed switch setting.. That why i dont understand why the blower speed wont change, I will remove the ground wire and ck that.thanks for your replies sheldon
  6. After installing a new Blower Resistor block there is no change. I looked at the wires not inside a harness near the connectors and they look good. No burned areas. To review, , new blower , switch, and resistor, no change. Now what do I look for?
  7. A few weeks ago I visited a "closed dealership' The lenders were letting all the cars stay on the lot and a new operator was coming in to buy the dealership and would take all the new vehicles and many of the in stock ones. What he does not take will be sent to auction. The post sale shortge will be charged to the former dealer. Usual floor plan arrangements mean the dealer personally is responsible. He may take years to make this restitution as they may not be discharged in bankruptcy. A college mate had to do this on car salesman wages. sheldon
  8. This 37 Hudson Eight was owned by the father of my mother in law. I called her up a and she gave me the name of the first owner and the dealership that sold it. He father traded a 33 Hudson in for the car when it was two years old. He wrote his name on the back of the owners manuel. I found the 1938 city directory for Scotia, New York and found ads in the business section for the dealership and the buisiness of the first owner. Sheldon
  9. My first car was a texas Tan and cream 52 Hudson Hornet and I owned it for 20 years, so I miss that one. In newer cars I miss a new 77 Dodge Diplomat 2dr and a new 77 Dodge Charger that were demonstraters. Also a new Pacer X that was a good driving car. sheldon
  10. My dad always mentoned when showing the slides, the pic of the 52 Ford Victoria was the car I rode home in. It was Black with a white top. My wife came home in a 58 Impalla sport coupe that was black. My daughter had her first ride in a new 78 Dodge Coronet custom 4 dr, yellow with gold vinyl roof and gold interior.
  11. I asked a tech to check the blower resistor and he performed a continuity test and found resistance reading of 1.3 on one of the circuits of the Blower resistor. So I have ordered a new resistor. thanks
  12. The year before I took Driver's Ed, I saw the driver's Ed teacher leaving his classroom while the movie was playing. He looks at me and then the classroom where the movie was playing, and said " Its a real Hamburger". I thought the Ohio movie was called " Signal 30" anyway it was old and I liked seeing all the older 50s cars, It should remind us to respect that today they are not as safe as our new cars are. Be Careful!
  13. The best solution is to get a small dehumidifer that is what I do. We put heavy plastic under the cement and lots of gravel and still sweats on right conditions. The dehumidifer is only about $100 and does a 30x40 steel building very well.
  14. On my 65 Electra with A/C the blower works only on high. So far I replaced the blower motor switch and blower. I found the terminals on the blower resistor corroded and cleaned them and the two plugs. The resitor when removed looks new and is not broken or bent. Also checked the ground and all wires in plugs are tight and harness is not damaged. So does anyone got some new ideas to try? Also the Ac does work, thanks Sheldon
  15. When I was 16 I told my Dad that I could not use his tools to work properly on a car. In 1971 he took me to Sears and I got the mechanics starter set. Its still in use some 68 cars later that I have owned. My wooden Stanley framing level has been in my family for four generations. Its fun to read everyone's stories. Sheldon
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