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  1. Could you post the model number off the VIN tag? That would be helpful so everyone knows exactly what the car is. Thanks... Lukey
  2. Great question, but I do not know the answer. I just let my brake fluid make a mess on the shop floor. I am real interested to see an answer so I figured I would move you back up to the top... Lukey
  3. Hi Andy, Are you sure the model number is not 50-2507? That would be what Pontic calls a "Sedan Coupe" And yes, your paint code would indicate the car was originally black. By the way Andy, Welcome aboard... Lukey
  4. One of the first things everyone wants is an "edmunds" dual carburetor manifold. There are also a few aftermarket high compression cylinder heads floating around... Lukey
  5. In 1950 it would have been "Rio Red" and the code would have been "06". This would have also been a car equiped with black wheels. Hope this helps... Lukey
  6. Standard rule of thumb for anything that goes wrong in an old car is "bad ground". I have to think something in the wiring got mad when you moved it all around. Just had a great three part how to on that very subject in the ETCetera (Early Times Chapter newsletter). You can probably find an old book at the library for reference. Like so many things, troubleshooting wiring is getting to be a lost art. Let us all know how this project is going for you... Lukey
  7. This time it is really you Cristopher? OK, a 50-2511d is a Chieftain 2 door sedan delux. Paint: 10, that is Bershire Green, which is a dark green. The most popular color that year! Those should be green wheels as well on your car. Trim 71 is two tone gray wool interior. I'm still thinking about the top. Good to hear from you again... Lukey
  8. Any chance you could attach a photo? That would help me see what the problem is. Thanks.. Lukey
  9. Cristopher. Your car is a twin sister to mine. your car was Bershire Green when it was new, which is what it looks like still. The wheels should also be green. The interior would be different shades of grey wool. I just got home from the POCI convention so I am a little behind and super disorganized. I'll get back with you on the body number when I get a chance... Lukey
  10. Christopher, OK, My '50 is an eight cylinder with a hydromatic transmission. Usually I try not to drive over 60 MPH, but the car will go faster. How fast? I don't know. I would say it will go till it runs out of power. 80 mph is possible I'm sure. If you look in the photo section my car is the second one, it's dark green. Be carefull with the radial tires. The radials put a lot more stress on the suspension because you will naturally drive the car in a more aggressive manor and secondly the sidewall of a radial puts increased load on the rim in the area where the bead seats. Rim failures are pretty common and as you can imagine, a catastrofic rim failure at speed can lead to a crash.IF you get a chance post a picture of your car as we are all eager to see it... Lukey
  11. Hi Christopher, my name is Lukey and I drive a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain. Glad to see you here. My car is a 4 door delux. What is the style number of your car (mine would be 50-2569D)? There should be a tag on the firewall. If you include the paint and trim codes I can tell you even more about your car. Sure, the car will discharge at idle with the headlights on. That is no big deal. I still have all the original 6 volt stuff in my car and I have no problems at all. I look forward to hearing more from you... Lukey
  12. Bill, I think it is a '36 also, but I am not an expert. I do a lot better on the grills. Love the '49... Lukey
  13. Gas milage? Mine is lousy, but what you going to do! I'm driving a 1950 4 door Chieftain Delux with an eight and a hydromatic so I do not expect a lot. Runs in the 14 MPG range for me. I do a lots of driving with the car loaded down like a Mack truck, and I'm sure that doesn't help any. On the flip side of the coin, it only got 11 MPG when I first started driving it. Getting the right oil, tune up, tire presure, and all that ther stuff you are supose to do really made a difference. That's like a 25% increase. Lukey
  14. Joe, Kantor or many of those other guys can help you out, but I like to get my stuff from Kurt Kelsey. He is a Pontiac guy from the word go, and has always taken good care of me. Contact him at 614-648-9086. Where ever you get your fuel pump, be sure it is designed for today's fuels. The NOS pumps will not tolerate newer gasoline. Good luck on your project... Lukey
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