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  1. There is not much info on Spas I Documented Restored Cars Mag (They were sold here 1973-1985 indexed all those apart from around 7-8 Eddie Ford quite a hard guy to contact ....) 1921 2.7/4 2+2 open sports in Australia in 1988 - there is a photo of one colour photo a sporty Italian 2.7 litre four ;Pauline Milton s 1921 Spa 2+2 at rest on 1988 Report of Bay to Birdwood run -Big Rally down under -by Dennis Harrison See Dec 1988 The Automobile (GB) Page 63 Vol 6 Issue #10 1922 Type 24 Tourer 5 seater -Bernie Keating in orig condition car contendor at the Queensland Vintage Vehicle Assoc Kankanya 1974 feature by Trevor Poulson see Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association See Sep-Oct 1974 Restored Cars (Aus) Page 39 Issue #6 similarcar featured in 1978 Edition as May-June 1978 Page 22-26 Issue #8 -Reg 394; comprehensive feature inc history marque and wherabouts of other Spas as of 1978 in both Aus & NZ ; this car 1st owner Mr TO Cowlishaw of Brisbane who had it until 1955 when he died later Dr Paul Moni until 1964 sold pres owner -anon Rumors of 1914 example here in NZ -lost or just gone from sight ; no photos ; pressing question in the old car movement ; one of cars mystery where it is - this car was sold or handled by agents and coachbuilders Harrison and Gash LTD of KHYBER Pass ; Auckland ; Taped memories from friend (Maybe one you got may have come from NZ) See Feb-March 1976 Beaded Wheels (NZ Vintage Car Club) Page 13 Issue #98 written bt late Doug Wood in a letter History in 1910 Racer see Automobile Quartely 1988 Volume 26 Issue 3 Pages 262-269 Cheers Julian
  2. I dis-agree that only market for these cars is in France - A great deal of these cars were converted to RHD for the UK market and number of Classic Magazines have featured either the coupe or convertible which i am happy to provide free refences of where to find the articles - the 2000 model a 4 cylinder was produce from around 1969-1974 later versions were 2.7V6 powered although I understand 2.0 continued for Europe Here few references on Buying tips which include their problems etc Some are quite old April 2001 Practical Classic (GB) (I have had pleasure reviewing contents that one yet done most Practical Classics 1982- Spring 1999!) Aug 2001 Classic Cars (GB) Page 140-143 Issue 4 There was a restoration article of a 1970 504 Conv LHD see October 1991 Your Classic (GB) Page 19 Recent Restoration -RHD conversion ;ex Belgium new ;John Tox of North Yorkshire ;owner of 2 the other RHD;Brief details restoration-Your Classic got taken over by Classic & Sportscar and looking at my index I see there even one here in NZ in obscure town called Whagaparaoa advertised in 1993 with kiwi reg RAIDER
  3. Can you give me a Registration number and chassis number - I may have covered in one many 100,000 or so magazines i documented cover to cover including stuff that comes for sale over the past 40 years - A few stickers on windscreen is not much to go on by You got to be kidding!
  4. Looks to be Barker body 1934-1936 (Definite not a Triumph Renown that was post war and prior to Renown similar car was Std 2000 and 1800 sedan - much bigger then this photo it was '6 light; this is a 4 light ) from A Rolls Royce owner saloon - Barker one of the top sellers in the 30s for Rolls Royce (not a Crossley either... Alumium body didn't they do Fabric...?) Is their a body brass plate on the body anywhere or a number? I been Keeping track those Barkers that turn up in magazines as with other makes... Cheers Julian
  5. a Opel Manta C 2.0 GSi Lift back Coupe 1988 (belgium built) - Had it since Sep 1990 1 of 100 NZ New - Still got it now stored in a Garage apparently less then 15 on the road so I have been told & Still my currently daily driver Opel Vectra A 2000 16v (Gsi) 4 door sedan had it since 2003 1 of 100 NZ new (I Believe only 50) Again 15 or so left on New Zealand Roads - This was German Built - all other Vectra A were in fact sold here as British Vauxhalls quality not as good ie less rust protection - and Vauxhall Badging was replaced by GM NZ at the wharf All cars RHD as New Zealand is RHD market NZ prior to WW2 had 150 Opel Kadetts sold here as sedans in part CKD form and 4 Cabrio Kadetts - Believe less then 4 Kadett sedans surive ; 1 Cabrio now in Australia Real rare one is Rumored Opel Admiral Cabrio owned by a Retired Dutch individual painted in Nazi colours somewhere in CHCH- this guy would regularly go to South America Hmmm... There also a 51 Opel Kapitan 4 door Sedan RHD that brought in NZ new for Head of Phillips Electronics - believe owned by a Hot Rod enthusist in Masterton NZ Opel only came back to NZ as new car 1985-1996 - Opel Badge was changed to Holden from 1996 - We can still buy here the Holden Astra (opel Astra in Europe) Cheers Julian
  6. I do not have one but happy to give reference to articles in magazines like DIY and restoration articles with some indicating who elese has one Cheers Julian
  7. Fantastic IKA research you got there - I have not seen as detailed work apart from a book i just finished reading today! published in 2000 "Jeep from Bantam to Wranger" by Bill Munroe published by Crowood Press in the UK see page 69 according that Kaiser was keen to concentrate in the US on Jeep vehicles and bring an end to making passager cars in the US so Kaiser ran down the production of passagers cars there was drastic price cutting on Kaiser products and Willys bulk of its production for 1955 being sold to Argentina (and other markets even Israel) (there were plans previously of creating bigger engines for the US) but Kaiser knew he was 'licked' by the big 3 and knew to call it a day! as for Torino Buby did make a nice diecast of this model i bought one on Kiwi auction site trademe for $20.00 1/60 scale NZ Mint and boxed and a mint and Boxed Ford Falcon 1960 XK sedan (which understand Falcon shape (although interior and mechanicals moderised) stayed in production in Argentina until around 1990! As For Torino copyright - Trademarks for models are often restricited to regional area's the IKA Torino was never sold in the US and Torino name may have if anything IKA may have copyright for the region and latin American countries where it was sold For Example Daimler of the UK produced 1961-1964 a Fibreglass Roadster powered by its 2.5 Litre alloy V8 engine and in Britain car was called Daimler Dart SP250 however limited numbers of these cars did find their way to the US but could not be sold as a Dart because Dart had trademark and production for there! Here in New Zealand Subaru had the Leone range and updated it calling it the Omega in 1987 but in US and Germany General Motors has rights for Omega name (Oldsmonile Omega) but when Opel of Germany decided to sell 50-100 new Opel Omega GSI3000 sedans (good for 137mph) in 1987-1990 they were unable to call them Omegas instead it was simply called Opel GSI3000 - However the Ownership by Subaru on Omega name seems to have lost its bite as General Motors here sells now its basic Holden Commodore VE as Holden Commodore Omega V6 (Basic version of your Pontiac C8) Cheers Julian
  8. Cannot answer the Badge however Anmerican Bicycle was linked to POPE MANUFACTURING CORP.(USA)1899-1914 and another firm Toledo There is brief vehicle on Connection-Electric Veh Corp around 1966 Automobile Quaterly (US)Volume 4 Issue #3 Page 315 brief history on Electric division as for fuller history of Pope company which may include the said electric vehicle see December 1996 Automobile Quaterly (US)Volume 36 Issue 1 Page 92-99 While take note a 1906c W-Waverley electric runabout one was sold recently in the UK mention for 9315pounds sterling by Bonhams auctions in 2004 see October 2004 Classic & Sportscar (GB)Volume 23 Issue No 7 Page 188 Cheers Julian
  9. the last 4 didgets of the chassis number give you the year allowing for around 300-500 were made a year for example Model name AM107 Number built #0454 Therefor chassis number AM1070454 Looking through my database slowely coming along : a 1964 model QUATTROPORTE 4D 4.1V8 LHD 1964 5spm was featured in Auto Italia (GB)2006 JUL-AUG 14-10page 46-49 Issue # 121 a driving impression & history car based in Monaco . The car has celebrity Status ; restored by Bill McGarth Maserati ; First owner Uncle to Present owner Registration number (UK) KYY 432C car is Gold Metallic and shown at Geneva Show 1964 LHD While later vehicle 1967-1968 in the US AM1072054 turned up for sale in the classifieds of Road & Track magazine in 1978 QUATTROPORTE 4D 1967-8 see Road & Track (US)1978 FEB Page 120 Vol 29 Issue # 6 classified car for sale and Built 1967;Ch#AM1072054;x Italy 70s new; 5spm;Silver; by vendor John F Marshall;Virg Beach;Va car was also LHD 1967 built if chassis number between these 2 numbers yoyu know its between 1964-1967 Whats your cars chassis number - Is it US New or import? cheers Julian
  10. Intersting Car you have there SS90 not tototally unique - There was SS90 for many years in US Museum that was Ch#249478 ; 3rd chassis laid reg Jun 1st 1935 Reg AVC 318 to Cpt John Black of Std motor Co ; current owner anon further research on others 1st ch 249476 AVC 477 to Doug Cleave of Cleve Cars;2nd 249477 Eric J Boyd CMK 505 See Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (GB) 1989 JUN page54 Vol 16 #9 While SS90 Prototype mentioned SS90 Roadster prototype letter The Automobile (GB) 1983 MAR Page 6 Vol 1 #2 LET GB F/up SS90 earlier issue;reader informs us earlier history a friend 1959 Dougal McCrorie (RAF police) bought the car from Jack RO Lantern of romsey a garage specialising in Vintage cars; Dougal McCrorie (RAF police) poxsted to Driffield in Yorkshire used car rexgularly inc trips to hisx home in Port Glasglow includes photo 1960s So your car car rebuilt to SS90 spec but who by? Was it Jaguar themselves answer may lie in Earlier Issues of WW2 and post 1945-1947 in Letters Section of Features of Autocar (UK) or the Notor (GB) I done a complete cover to cover in depth documentation of every letter feature of Autocar UK late 1947-2001 and The Motor later Motor UK 1947-1967 -its not there! 1934 Airline would make it one earlist most built 1935-1938 There is s 1935 Airline SS 100 AIRLINE 1935 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (GB) 1993 MAY Page 29 Ch #249175;orig India new; now Ski-Lanka Cheers Julian I see what Jag Enthusist Mag covers in coming months there more then likely a restoration feature of your car in it
  11. Sounds like Ford Prefect Based Wagon Are you in the UK or the US? - Road test for one new in the UK see the following magazine ANGLIA SQUIRE ESTATE 28DEC 1955 The Motor (GB) Page 1069-1071 Test#28/55 1172cc In recent years a 1956 example was featured in comparsion see October 1998 Classic & Sportscar (GB) and October 1997 Practical Classic - If I see a restoration article in my constant reviewing of magazines i keep you posted Cheers Julian
  12. Have you looked at the Alvis Club UK or Red Triangle Services UK which i understand can supply most Alvis parts but at a price - Alvis TA 14 rare bird in the US whats yours a Sedan, Woody or DHC convertible?
  13. My speciality is Indexing car magazines from cover to cover down to reg and chassis numbers etc its been a 35 year project (and unfornately my earliest that i go back is Late 1947 Auto car or The Motor) Currently providing info for Kiwi who researching Daimlers & Lancasters in NZ - Have you tried the Birmingham Library (which I understand is one of best Libraries in the UK for archive material) look to April -May 1946 Autocar and April -May 1947 Autocar- Look to The Motor aswell in the same period - but been a US show there might be only a small piece of info unlike the shows of Turin; Earls Court or Geneva Cheers Julian
  14. What model Reliant a Scimiter, Robin or Kitten? I give you references to Magazines - Have you contacted Reliant Club of the UK?
  15. I guess how old it is -If you known where the chassis number for a certain year starts and know when it ends you know whens its built Its not like US Chassis numbers of Us Muscle Car which may indicate factory and month, it was built; colour its more basic -Whats is your chassis number of your car? Note a 1933 SS1 Convertible turned up for sale in 1977 by a British dealer: Dealer list; Ch#136458; reg 120833; 36000m in dealers family 10yrs ; Morrison Road Garage LTD; Annfield Plain ; Stanley Co Durham DH9 7RX as reported in Sept 1977 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (GB) page 64 Vol 4 #12 I have a huge collection of Jaguar Enthusist Club UK Mags to review in coming months - which I will be indexing after (so in keep in touch and have a look at my unique site)I need to finish last part of Auto Italias from cover to cover later next month lent to me by the Fiat Club of New Zealand then I hope to start the Jag! Cheers Julian www.carmagreviews.co.nz
  16. I am from New Zealand I run a car magazine review web site too that is toally unique If you need any references for your blog you know where to finfd it Mack Trucks were assembled and still are in Australia a great deal have surived there and here in New Zealand Mini Van was assembled by both countries and more of those here then in Australia. Here in NZ we even got a few Mini Utes! Another interesting fact New Zealand was last country to manufacture new the Morris Minor 1000 Van - In England it stopped in 1970 here 1973! Cheers Julian
  17. Cannot I ever heard of any of the US of 5CV I assume thats the Cloverleaf most of surivors seem to be in Australia or here in New Zealand Cheers Julian
  18. I believe the Triumph 1800/2000 looks similar to later Renown but have a different chassis I am suprised to find that they sold in the US? in production 1947-1948 road test 6th June 1947 Auto Car (GB) although one turned up in the US in 1967 December 1967 Road & Track Page 128 in the classifieds and it was BRG Cheers Julian
  19. Anybody want to know about me and who i really am go to my site go to 'about section' and the cartoon of me looks exactly like me:) Cheers Julian
  20. In Japan a Built in Microwave is not uncommon in many modern cars due the time drivers spend in traffic jams on the way to book - it would be agreat to warm up the coffee! Cheers Julian from NZ
  21. Peter Didn't mean to give offence... - Hoping I get one of the books for Christmas as i dropped a few hints to the family this year I had my eyes on ist one of Tom Cotters Book the Cobra in the barn Cheers Julian
  22. Both Books the Cobra in the Barn and his 2nd book The Hemi in the Barn sound impressive but...personly in my research of indexing magazines for the 34 years which includes barn finds - The best story of trauma and huge costs was featured in Car & Driver magazine in 1996 where a American went to Russia to find a 1940 Mercedes-Benz 540K Alkion P Bullet Proof ex Nazi car see October 1996 Car & Driver Page 144-148;150;153 I think he spent $1000 in bribes often these were false leeds until finding the car in 2-3 garages in component form then having to spent 1000s getting it out of Russia and then 1/2 million dollars for its restoration but when it came to selling it there were few takers due to its Nazi connections! Cheers Julian from NZ
  23. Argyll haven't seen one for sale yet here in New Zealand although a 1909 4 seat tourer (I am not sure what type)owned by Ken Rieper of Nz Vintage Car Club -Hawkes Bay Branch was overall winner in the Hawkes Bay Branch 25th Anniversary Veteran rally in 1984 photo of the car and report written by Ken Rieper himself see Beaded Wheels (NZ) February-March 1985 Page 24-25 Issue Number 152 - the photo of car registration is not clear but it looks like Reg C_82_ _ (NZ plates) I indexed most Beaded Wheels (NZ Vintage Car Club Magazine) since 1976-2006 on going thing.... Keep you posted if I find more Cheers Julian from New Zealand
  24. Doble also came to New Zealand to develop a Steam Bus for Auckland City Council in 1930 The Bus was an AEC and he bought with him a E24 Doble car which may be one in the Southward Museum in Paraparaumu Wellington Region New Zealand but I belive there is another Doble in the Country since Magazine References in Discovered section information May 1985 Throughbred & Classic Cars (GB) Page 89 Vol 12 #8 gives history whereabouts of engine Letter from Doble Reseacher in the US in 1992 See Feb-March 1992 Beaded Wheels (NZ) Page 30 No 194 - written by Stan Lucas of Lucas Automotive Engineering Inc California USA There even a US company that worked with Ford and Fitted a Steam engine in late 60s Ford Mustang I Think Williams were company involved Note the Aussies also worked on Steam Cars Prichard was very close to developing a production car at once stage see Sept 1977 Wheels Page 62-65 Volume 46 #10 Cheers Julian from New Zealand
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