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  1. Here is the file for a photo which shows the remote ,The problem I always had was with the Black interior it was not easy to get a good photo (because everything is black ) it is very hard to see but if you look close behind the shifter ,it's there , whoever did the install did a great job and it worked great . file:///Users/david/Desktop/img_1140.jpg
  2. I cant tell you how it was installed , but I can tell you the CD changer was behind the seats in the storage compartment and a small remote was on a cable between the seats and behind the shifter , It was also wired to the radio so all the buttons would control the sound and E.Q.
  3. I had been looking for a long time ,and was talking about cars to my girlfriends brother -in - law , He said his friend had 2 of them and called up he said he had one left . Well we went to look at it and wow I knew this was special ,and we made the deal . So I got it about 5 or 6 years ago and it was near Santa Clara CA. ,I wasn't use to the car and on the way back to Vegas driving down the highway ,late at night ,I was thinking this car really rides nice ,and looked down at the speedometer I was doing over 110 MPH. so I slowed down right away , but always remembered how smooth the car ran and there was still a lot of pedal left . The guy that bought it has 2 other TC's and a parts car ,so he really knew the car ,He is in Arz. and I know will take care of it .
  4. Alan thanks for the view ,I love my car but Vegas is not the place to drive it .I would never take it out during the day in summer I was always worried the sun would damage the interior .It is fun to drive down the strip though ,So many people are always asking what kind of car is that ??? I am sure you get the same thing . Again Thanks for the reply .
  5. I now have room in my garage , I sold my 1990 Chrysler Maserati TC Triple Black 16V 5 Speed under 19,000 org. miles Stored in garage for years in Las Vegas. One of eleven triple black 16v's built, One of three remaining California spec. Has new Chrysler 6 cd player controlled by original stereo. Has 16" BBS style wheels and Yokohama AVS Z rated tires. This was a great car ,I just hope when I go into my empty garage I remember that I sold it . ,see photos , click on 41 images:@ left I had a hard time watching as it was driven away.
  6. I saw your post , and was wondering if you were reffering to my car , needing more garage space ? Please give me a call David 702-528-6666 I have a triple black that was one of the 4 California cars delivered in 1990 .or send me a e-mail mazur666@aol.com I will send photos if you would like . my car has 18,585 orignal miles on it right now , No it is not driven daily . the vin # is ZC2FR1203LB206807
  7. I am not sure if you got my first post . But I belive I have the car you are looking for . I have a 1990 Chrysler TC by Maserati triple black ,w/18,000 orignal miles 4cyl.16 valve 5 speed standard trans. I am not a dealer just a regular guy that would like to get some room back in my garage , Again this car is in above excellant condition . the interor leather is showroom condition and even smells like a new car .I live in Las Vegas , my name is David please call my cell 702-528-6666 and I will send photos or give you more information .
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