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  1. Don't know whether they die from age or how many times the brake pedal is pushed. $115 isn't so bad if it lasts a couple of decades. Having gotten beyond the Teves, I personally could never dump good money into one. Other stuff can, and will, go wrong with it. Steak
  2. Even if a replacement accumulator is wasted it is not a safety issue. The motor just runs more frequently and the red light will flash briefly. You will always have pressure for an emergency stop even if you replaced the accumulator with a plug. And comparing it to using used pads was a bit of a stretch. If I still had a Teves on the Bushmobile I would have a boxful of junkyard accumulators to swap out. Steak
  3. Because a new one is $115 and a junk yard one may still have some life in it and is easy to swap and if it goes bad won't hurt anybody and you won't be rewarding the dealer for a crappy design. Steak
  4. I'm still looking for the "America bashing" on this thread. I can only find feel-good bashing and symbolism bashing on my part and opinion bashing on everyone else's. Steak
  5. This thread is not forced on anyone. You deliberately went to it out of uncontrollable curiosity about issues infinitly more urgent than blank touch screens, which I have by the way. Steak
  6. I won't be standing in anybody's way. I don't have a clue as to how to fix this mess, just like them. Steak
  7. Except I've never seen the word "historic" used with the other elections I've yawned through. Admit it, this election was primarily about attaining some feel-good milestone and secondarily about replacement of an embattled regime. The election, the transition and the one-day feel-good fest are over. The truth can be told now. Steak
  8. I must ask: Why is this election historic? Steak
  9. I was celebrating! Symbolism and only symbolism can turn this country around! Steak
  10. I know how to use it better now but that doesn't help someone new to Reattas or the forum. It should be simpler. Steak
  11. I put quotation marks around a phrase that I used last spring and the search took my to it. But for some reason the main words weren't highlighted, only some generic words like "my" and "from". However it did get me there so I can live with it. Thanx, Steak
  12. I tried the procedure picured above. I got all of today's posts on the subject. But I also got some posts that just had the word "search" (of a different kind). How come it won't search only for the entire phrase which would be more accurate? If little or nothing comes up, then I would be more general to get more hits. Steak
  13. I was messing with the search function and learned that it does not look for the complete phrase in the correct order on the Reatta (only) site on the subject line like a search function should. Instead it locates and starts with the most recent (who cares?) entry with any one of the search words on many (irrelevant) sites. There is probably a way to get it to search for the entire search phrase on the right site in some secondary step but it should not be necessary. There needn't be a second step. Steak
  14. I know that it has been explained on here before how to use this search function but I wasn't actually searching for anything at the time and disregarded it. Instead of someone explaining it once again, can whoever has the authority and capability to make it easier (like every other search function I've ever used), please do so. I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that finds the current system entirely too complicated. Steak
  15. Al Gore is full of crap! Where is the global warming he promised? About 20 degrees w/ 10 MPH wind in MD. Feels like 20 degrees w/ 10 MPH wind. Steak
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