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  1. I've been following your thread and enjoying it. Congratulations on what will surely be a great car - a pleasure to use, as well as to build. Some thoughts may be transferrable as I consider the idea of A/C for my '54 Caddy convertible.
  2. Joe, You have some good information from the many responses here, and yes, it is an updraft Marvel carburetor. The rear-end ratio should be - I think - 4.88:1; at least that is what my 4-door Sedan is. In their advertising, Buick "claimed" that you could drive 85mph all day long -- DO NOT TRY THIS !! We are always comfortable driving at 50 mph.Driving at 55mph still feels pretty good, and 60 mph seems OK for short bursts, but unless it was gone through, I would not it to run at that speed all day. One of the BEST things about this era of 50/60/90 Series Buicks is the BRAKES. Yes, they are 4-w
  3. Joflo, Welcome to the FORUM and to the Buick site. You will find your Buick to be a wonderful car to drive and to enjoy. YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW THAT THE 1934 AND 1935 MODELS WERE ALMOST IDENTICAL. I have been enjoying my 1934 50 Series model 57 4-door sedan with sidemounts and a trunk on the rear rack since I bought it in 1995. It was bought new by a Preacher in California Central Valley, Painted and upholstered in 1970 and sold to a friend in Colorado, and sold to me in 1995. I toured with it for 11 years, and then did a full restoration. I was lucky in that my car had absolutely no rust, no d
  4. Larry, What a pleasure to watch your Buick running ---- it put a big smile on our faces. Marty
  5. SILENT 38 The ad to which you are responding is more than a year out of date. Marty
  6. How 'bout we mock-up a tin cut-out of a Brass-Era Buick and a tow rope, pulling the tractor? Love the look of the tractor!
  7. Mark, NICE PROGRESS !! Wish we could be there to lend a hand, but I'll content myself with just driving the '14 Touring today.
  8. Mark, Great car...and the big grin on your face says it all ........most of us know that feeling Enjoy it !!
  9. Rick, I sent you an email -- I would like to have this tool for our '86 Suburban 3/4 ton tow vehicle Marty
  10. it may be some time before I can get to the location of these manifolds to get photos -- sorry -- just hoping that someone could identify by part #
  11. Hi Paul, Welcome to the Buick Forums. We know you are well experienced in many areas of the old-car hobby, and your thoughts and comments are certainly a welcome and a positive addition to the site. You are one of those guys who is always willing to offer advice, tools, supplies, etc. You provided me with wheel bearing grease for my 1934 Buick 50 Series when we drove the VMCCA Nickel Tour in Bar Harbor, Maine -- I think it was back around 2003. We look forward to having you here with us Buick folks. See you down the road, Marty
  12. I have spare Exhaust & Intake Manifolds which are not for my 1934 Buick 50 Series. Please help Identify so that we can get them to someone who can use them # 1313674 - 5 Exhaust Manifold - Straight Eight and its match, # 1338252 - 8 Intake Manifold - (damaged) for above 3905393 GM-2 Intake Manifold - V-8 includes Rochester 4bbl carb #7045626 Thanks for any help Please PM or Email Marty Thanks to David Walker in Post # 10 Re: PLEASE HELP I.D. MANIFOLDS 7045626 = 1975 Chevy A.T. Carb 49 states 3905393 = 1966-68 Chevy 327-4bbl Attached Thumbnails Attached Thum
  13. Another former Corvair owner - 1960 4-door sedan with powerglide - was dad's car in NJ in the '60s - great in snow. 1965 Corsa convertible 140 hp, 4-carbs, 3-speed stick 1966 Corsa coupe 140 hp, 4-carbs, 4-speed stick 1966 Monza convertible 110 hp, powerglide, positraction
  14. I once mounted one of these off-set on the left side of the windshield frame of my 1948 MG-TC. That model was only made in Right-hand drive. On the two-lane back roads of New Jersey, Upstate New York, and the New England states, you could get behind a big truck and be stuck there for a long time. To see well enough to pass, you would actually be in the way of on-coming traffic. This style mirror made it a little bit safer to see what was coming the other way without getting creamed.
  15. I forced myself to read the few articles which I thought could be of interest -- I really tried to stay positive -- I had subscribed to "CARS and PARTS" since about 1976. This new Amos Auto Enthusiast publication is GLOSSY DRIVEL -- PABLUM for the WANNA-BE, in my humble opinion, of course. It does not serve my interests. Can I get a refund instead of replacement issues? Please? Pretty Please?
  16. Susan, In Louisiana Cajun Country, SUSHI IS A BAIT SHOP !!!
  17. Stonefish, Thanks for the info on Lucy's Cafe. I hadn't been there in a couple of years, and went to Fennici's more recently.
  18. All that David describes was as wonderful as one can imagine. Each year David Hosted his "IDES OF MARCH" party in his home town of Alexandria, Louisiana. The Import-Car Dealer - Johnnie Casey played one heck of a guitar, and his partner, and also local CORONER (as I recall) played accordion. I brought my trumpet, trombones (both valve and slide), and as the Cajuns among us would say: "We would pass a good time". I don't know how many of the folks ever caught on that it was really David's birthday party, but eventually he had the good fortune to meet and marry Georjean. I agree with David's re
  19. The "Red Robin" looks like a pretty popular place - kind of a "hang-out" - always busy. We usually go to Funck's in Palmyra, and then Thursday is "meeting night" for many of our clubs. The Oakland Owners Club, International usually has a dinner in the Chapters and Regions Room at the AACA Museum; Lincoln Owners Club is at to Hershey Lodge, etc. BTW - I sing like the JERSEY BOYS (if you don't listen too carefully), but do play backup on the brass instruments (and Klaxon, too).
  20. Susan, I suppose we could get frozen pierogies here, but I grew up in NJ - you stopped by St. Theresa's Church on a Friday after work - everything was hot and fresh, --or if you wanted a good sandwich there was always a great Kosher Deli nearby, -- and after our band finished playing at 2AM, there were all-night Diners with 112-page menu and a liquor license. New Orleans has fantastic food -- but a real pierogie once in a while is as much of a treat here as Louisiana Oysters, Shrimp, Crawfish and such are in Morgantown or Hershey.
  21. Funck's Family Restaurant on Main St in Palmyra -- always crowded but worth the wait, and you can ask for a free sundae on your birthday (mine is Oct. 5th -- good timing, huh?) The turkey legs are a good bet (Mrs T's ?) Pierogies - we can't get that in New Orleans
  22. West, I asked that same question years ago, and was told to make a soapy solution with lots of suds. Woolite is probably a good choice. Then leave the water alone, but just take the sudsy bubbles and brush, or scrub with a nappy cloth - do not soak with the soapy water. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove the worked-in foam, together with the dirt. Let it air-dry. Try it out on the side or back of the material (or even a junk car) to see how it works. Let us know how it comes out.
  23. Sam, Check out Autozone store, or just go online to AutoZone.com | Get In The Zone! and have it delivered to your local store with a warranty -- some of the best prices, Regards to Sally - Dale and I are on the Sentimental Tour in Kerrville, Texas Marty
  24. I had dual Chrome Spotlights on most of my convertibles back in the '50s and '60s. The '49 red Pontiac, '56 Onyx 'n Ivory Bel-air, the white '58 Impala --- and YES "THE OLD GUY", even in New Jersey we used the dual-Spotlights to chase the dot, and to follow the bouncing ball in the Drive-In Movies. I drove the bach roads of New York State's Catskill Mtn. resort areas late at night after our bands played half the night in hotels. The adjustable spotlight was very helpful in finding the next job, and even finding country driveways on those pitch-black nights. More recently, the '52 Caddy Co
  25. I drive a 1934, and I do a LOT of touring -- forget trying to adapt power brakes -- my car doesn't even have hydraulic brakes, but the mechanical brakes, adjusted properly, do a flawless job of stopping the car. (Yes, I realize that this car has a vacuum booster !). My '34 drives like a modern car: easy steering, easy handling, good brake action, and it looks pretty classy too. Anyone who has seen it on Glidden or Heritage or Western National Tours will probably agree that it likes to get on down the road.
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