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  1. Wow --- the 1,000th post on this thread !! We drove the 1934 Buick in the mountains southwest of Durango, Colorado in Ignacio on the Southern Ute Reservation. The roads and scenery are magnificent. The occasion was to turn the '34 over to her newest caretaker. After being owned by Lyle Pearson from the 1970s until 1995, and ours for twenty years from July of 1995 until yesterday, she is now with her new Buick-Guy, Vic. He is certain to continue sharing his "new" Buick with the public.
  2. Barry, Dale and I are thankful that you both survived and are here to tell the story. We wish you both a full and speedy recovery. Like you, we have added lap belts to several of our older cars, but know that this is not the ultimate protection, and that the laws of physics still apply. Dale still limps and has shoulder problems from having been "passenger-side T-Boned" years ago in her 1966 Dart GT convertible, where the lap belt kept her from being thrown out the open door and dragged under the car. Looking forward to your continued thoughts here on our FORUM
  3. Reminiscent of those Peter Max posters from the 1960s
  4. Had the '34 at the AACA National Meet in Louisville, and was awarded Repeat Preservation.
  5. We had the 1934 out over the weekend for a run around the neighborhood just to have a bit of fun before heading to the AACA Met in Louisville, KY. Every time I drive this car I'm more and more impressed at just how smooth she is - how light she steers - how solid the vacuum-assisted Power Brakes are, and how the radio sounds like a big powerful Wurlitzer Juke Box from the 30s. Yes, I do have it up for sale, but driving it makes me want to keep it - I'll probably never find another one as solid.
  6. ptjanice You are responding to an ad which is almost thirteen (13 years) old
  7. I'll be happy to get the photo as soon as I can get back to the Caddy which is now back in storage while I catch up on other maintenance. The wire in reference is just a single wire which runs from the bigger stud on the back of the alternator where the heavier wire also goes straight to the Battery's "+" terminal. The small repaired wire runs along the passenger side of the engine and through the firewall. I've not yet had a chance to trace it to see if it goes to the fuse block or directly to the ignition, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that this wire served to "excite" the altern
  8. Thanks to all (Matt Harwood, Helfen, Dave Henderson, c49er, Larry W, Ted Sweet), I found a lightweight wire which had an internal break, and was making ground instead of going to the "BAT" side of the alternator. Too bad I didn't catch this before replacing the original alternator and regulator. This car has the main "Positive" battery cable going straight to the starter solenoid, and another from the battery "+" directly to the alternator where the lighter wire was also to have made its connection. Not having this connection, and the wire being grounded instead seems to have been the issu
  9. Larry W. also suggested that as Matt said, the battery is just old, and that affected his car's starting. Replacing his battery allowed his car to start. My car's problem is NOT affecting the battery's ability to hold a charge, nor is it affecting the ability to start. The battery hold a a good charge, and the car starts just fine. . My problem is that the charging system is not going above 12 volts where it should be at 14+/- Volts. Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Bob, thanks for the response. The alternator light on the dash comes on when the key is on, and also stays on when the car is running, both at idle, and at higher RPM.
  11. Just prior to this event, I had occasion to check the charging system, and it showed 14 volts. The battery seems to hold a charge just fine and will start and restart, and restart the car over and over. The issue is the , even when running, the system is at a flat 12 volts - the alternator which puts out 14 volts on test equipment, only is at 12 volts when on the car, and the original regulator, and both replacements make no difference. Is there an "Exciter" wire going somewhere to some terminal which may be broken? The alternator light on the dash stays "ON" now where it went off when th
  12. Matt - The battery checks out fine Helfen - I'll look again in the daylight, but did not recall any fuses near the alternator Thanks to you both for the quick response
  13. After a moderate time in storage, the 1970 Cadillac started well on her own battery. She was driven home, about ten miles - then it would not start as a result of a discharged battery. After a jump-start, a quick check showed that the wire between the alternator and the battery was right at 12-volts, rather than the expected 14 +/- volts which would have been typical. After checking wires and contacts, I removed the alternator and took it to the brand new Autozone store where they checked it and said that it was putting out over 14 volts. Since I plan to tour cross-country with this old girl
  14. Yes, as I recall, my 1917 Franklin Model 9-A Touring had a wood chassis (frame). It was laminated second-growth ash , as memory serves.
  15. Great memories David, In that production of "Hobson's Choice" - a CBS "made for TV" movie, as David said, we met Jack Warden, and also met Lillian Gish, Sharon Gless, and Richard Thomas (John-boy Walton). I was also on-camera multiple times, but the only portion which made it to the final version after the cutting-room floor, was a brief shot of me in 1914 period costume carrying a picnic basket and escorting a young lady across the streetcar tracks on St. Charles Avenue in fron of a mansion purportedly belonging to the character played by Miss Lillian Gish. Miss Gish was an absolute delight t
  16. It all depends on how you handle your agreement with the production company. I've always been treated well, and so have my cars. There was once a minor mishap, and it was handled promptly and properly.
  17. Background era-specific cars, parked or driving by a scene are still getting minimal offers of $250/day plus $125 or so for the Picture Car Driver. When a production company wants something specific, especially for a "HERO CAR" which will have a significant role in the production, I have them write a multi-day contract, typically at $1,500 to $2,500/day, with a specified minimum number of days, and they must indemnify ME , and supply me with their insurance policy, with liability insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000, plus insurance for double the value of the vehicle. You do not get the per
  18. Our weather had been very rainy all week, and I decided not to get my 1934 or 1937 Buicks out because the forecast had been iffy for Sunday - nice that they were wrong. Instead of a real Buick, we decided to get out the plastic Chevy Drove the '88 'Vette to a local multi-carclub picnic today, and then to New Orleans' Lakeshore Drive... Note the License Plate in the first photo -- (Pinky Randall - "Mr. Chevrolet" says a Buick is a Chevrolet with Lock Washers) Based on the suggestion of a Louisiana State Trooper who understood my little joke, but told me I was looking for undue scrutiny, I went
  19. Jon, I sent you a PM and would really like to know all of the details. Thank you.
  20. My first Hudson, a 1915 Six-40 7-passenger Touring. This car belonged to Fred Long of Maryland through the 1950s until his estate passed it to Dave Lanning in Florida about a dozen years ago. I haven't yet re-sized the photos to be able to post here.
  21. Speaking of Clowns..... Several years ago at a local AACA club show in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, raising donations for the Ronald McDonald House in New Orleans, my then 4-year-old grandson won the 27" 21-speed Dr. Pepper special edition bicycle and was awarded the grand prize by none other than Ronald McDonald. I wish I still had the photo of my grandson on the bike along with "Ronald", one hand on Nathan, the other arm on the driver's window sill and that huge shoe on the running board of the 1934 Buick.
  22. We drove the 1937 Roadmaster Phaeton just a bit on Friday - not nearly enough to be the fun we really wanted, but managed to take it across town from one storage to another.
  23. Well --- Kind-of ... we drove the Buick-Corvette from New Orleans, almost to El Paso, Texas, and back home again Look at the personalized license plate - think anyone believes it is a Buick???
  24. I started the 1914 Buick B-37 today --- but alas, it is in Bob's new Car-Barn, and it is his. Still looks nice, starts easily, and purrs !! He'll drive the B-37 on tour next week - and I wish him all the pleasure we had with it.
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