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  1. Matt, My 2000 Ford Excursion has the 7.3 turbo-Diesel with 340,xxx miles. It is NOISE PERSONIFIED, and does not pull as well as the newer Duramax. This past January i spent another $4,xxx on internal engine wiring, new injectors, etc. Two years ago the AAMCO dealer in Vineland, NJ replaced the tranny and busted up a lot of other stuff as part of their "free" 128?-point inspection which caused many other repairs during the next thousand miles. I really don't understand why Chevy/GMC has not modified the floor pan of the 3/4 Ton Suburban to accept the Dura-Max and the All
  2. Glass canister looks like an adaptation to dispense quantities of OIL ('Earrl in Suthin' Speak), instead of Gas-o-line - top of a Visible gas Pump on an Oil Recovery unit? ... and we really enjoyed the all-too-short visit with Rita and Mr. Earl back in June
  3. Windshield Wiper mechanism (Driver side) needed for 1954 Cadillac Series 62 convertible. I would like to replace the entire works on the left (driver-side) from the cable-driven wheel/pulley through the shaft and knurled post - everything leading to the wiper arm. Thank you. Please respond here, or click above left on my name to send a message
  4. David, that was 5-1/2 years ago... I think that counts as short-term memory, as I recall 35 years back much better. (LOL). Actually, no - at the moment I do not recall who, but do remember the method as I've used it on a couple of older pieces of furniture some years back Sorry
  5. If he were on a BRIDGE, I could say he was "CROSSING THE DELAWARE"
  6. Our all-original 1937 Roadmaster 80C was purchased by the City of New York to serve as a Parade Car for Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia - "Little Flower". Fiorello retains all of the original interior, convertible top, drive-line, and paint (with touch-up to a few battle-scars received during parade service). The Roadmaster transported Sports and Political Dignitaries such as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Vice-President Harry S. Truman, General Dwight David Eisenhower, General Douglas MacArthur, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, and many others as it served the city through
  7. Ben, I like the visor on your car -- it is "IN CHARACTER", and each one is an individual
  8. Hey Brian, Congratulations - delighted to know that you are back on the road with your Buick, and thanks for all the other help as well. How about a photo of you driving and smiling in your Buick?
  9. Angelo's in Ft Worth is probably among the best in the area for ribs, brisket, etc., WE always went there during our annual Pate Swap Meet week, waaaay back when Pate was actually at Aggie Pate's ranch near Granbury - south of Ft Worth and Benbrook, down Highway 377. My swap meet space was in front of the corral, and some of our sales (and purchases) got a horse laugh. Sometimes the stallion would get amorous, and always drew a crowd - helped my sales, too!
  10. The turn signals on my 1941 Cadillac are definately self-cancelling
  11. Mike, The AACA Winter Southeastern Meet will be in Naples, Florida - March 16 - 19, 2016. Will be driving the '65 Corvair Monza convertible, so won't have the trailer in Florida- We'll be there judging the Saturday Meet, and during the Friday Member Roundtable, probably visiting a Florida cousin for a few dfays afterward, but please stay in touch.
  12. Any really expensive Steak Knife from your wife's "good" set --- them the steam and piercing sounds she emits will melt the edge smooth -- ---- and you'll get to sleep without her telling you to stop snoring.... .... because you'll be sleeping in the garage?
  13. Mike, if we ever get to spend any time at home instead of supporting club events (in Philly now at AACA Annual Meeting and Board Meeting), you are welcome to visit, and to sanitize the trailer - and to enjoy some real Cajun hospitality...
  14. additional thought - our trailer has an extra 4-1/2 ft enclosed with a taPERED AND WEDGED FRONT WHICH GIVES EXTRA STORAGE FOR (sorry) tools, parts, and extra tires, and aalso reduces wind resistance. Higher floor means that wheel boxes are only 5" high, so '54 Caddy doors open over the box and into the driver-side access door. Many extra tie-down points and many extra lights in ceiling, sidewalls, and under axles - no more holding flashlight in teeth
  15. I agree with what Ed and Larry said. Mine is an all aluminum 24 ft with a pair of 6,000 lb axles. I also had it built with a foot of extra height, so hauling a Brass-Era car with the top up is no problem, and I don't have to lower the top while standing in the rain - just drive in. Get the best you can afford - and let it double as a garage.
  16. Living in New Jersey in 1959, at night, the radio in my 1949 Pontiac convertible was great at pulling in WWL 870 in New Orleans, WBZ in Boston, and also WOWO in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Years later I lived in those far-off locations, and returned to New Orleans. Still listen to WWL !
  17. Bob, I've had excellent success with : RETRO RADIO RESTORATION AM/FM Stereo Conversions and R3storations Mike & Chris Frenchek 707-367-1428 5524 Ridge Road Elizabethtown, PA 17022 www.retroradio.biz mfrenchek@retroradio.biz Mike has done several radios for me - all with excellent results, including my '34 Buick made to AM/FM, my '41 Cadillac, and parts for my '54 Cadillac. I believe he is also related to Doug Seybold - the 40 Buick guy (brother-in-law?)
  18. I have used Northfield Forming in the past, and can endorse their work - in fact they made the pieces for my (former) 1934 Buick which was awarded Senior Grand National AACA
  19. Thanks Larry, Sarah, her groom, and her parents were overwhelmed at the perfection of the evening. The guests couldn't stop complementing the Buick, and the motorcycle officers gave us exceptional courtesy. Even the throngs in the park on our way to the reception were very appreciative of seeing this (all-original survivor) Roadmaster. She looks even better at night with the lights hiding her battle scars from years of parade service and ticker-tape for Fiorello with FDR, Truman, Ike, Churchill, MacArthur, etc. The Roadmaster helped make great memories for not only the couple and their par
  20. Next-door neighbor's Daughter Sarah was a bride, and her choice was our 1937 Roadmaster
  21. Sarah's Wedding was last night, and she was a beautiful bride. Her parents (our next-door neighbors) hosted a marvelous reception in New Orleans City Park at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters, following the ceremony at a magnificent old church on Esplanade Avenue. Sarah's choice was the black & white Roadmaster. It was a brisk night - only about 58 degrees - and the big Buick was on her best behavior. We had a Police Motorcycle Escort the entire length of Metairie Road all the way to New Orleans, up Canal Boulevard, and over Bayou St. John onto Esplanade Ave. Following the wedding, the R
  22. Today we gave the '37 Roadmaster a brisk drive through River Ridge and Kenner, LA, and then stopped for a fresh tank of No-Ethanol before driving home. Skies were blue and clear with temperature in the low 70s. The bride-to-be and her parents will be riding together to the church, so we tried out the Roadmaster to ensure that Sarah in her big wedding gown (with long train and veil) still had enough room, sharing the back seat with both parents - all was comfy for them. I had offered her the '30 Packard 7-passenger Touring, but she prefers the BLACK & WHITE ROADMASTER. This bride has "
  23. Drove the '37 Roadmaster just enough to get her ready for next weekend. Our next-door neighbor's daughter (soon to graduate Med School) is getting married, so this coming Friday I'll transport Sarah and her parents to the church, and then to the reception.
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