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  1. Nice looking car - use it as-is and just learn to deal with a slight leak. No need to change from the 6-Volt, as it will do just fine if you have heavy battery cables - I use "000" (triple Aught) with soldered ends.
  2. If I ever started that kind of repair, I would wind up jacking up the hood ornament and restoring everything under and behind (LOL). It seems that I never know when and where to stop.
  3. Sorry for the damage and your potential injury. Cars, when necessary, can be repaired - with friends it is more difficult.
  4. Here is a preliminary idea of what we'll be doing on the 2018 Sentimental Tour: Sunday, November 4 – Registration, Early Bird Tours around Natchez, Opening Function – Natchez, MS. Night at Natchez. Monday, November 5 – Tour Natchez, lunch included. Night at Natchez. Tuesday, November 6 – Visit Louisiana, Frogmore and Delta Music Museum in Ferriday, lunch included, return to Mississippi. Night at Natchez. Wednesday, November 7 – Drive the Natchez Trace and other roads to Vicksburg, MS. Site seeing on the Trace, picnic lunch included. Night at Vicksburg. Thurs
  5. The 1928-1958 cars SHOULD not have a problem with Vicksburg's hills.
  6. Dale and I will be there - a beautiful location, quite different from some of the areas we have already toured and enjoyed - On The Way, an AACA Divisional Tour en route may be in the preliminary planning stages for the preceding days... stay tuned
  7. Annie, I sent you a message
  8. I'll agree with trimacar's comment with regard to not "needing" sealant on cork. I have, however, sealed cork with varnish with good effect on early carburetors and gas tank floats. Yes, after 50 (or nearly 75 to 100 plus years), some things do fail - the memory is the second thing to go....
  9. Another attraction in Maine, right on the coast, is the Seashore Trolley Museum   195 Log Cabin Rd, Kennebunkport, ME 04046 https://trolleymuseum.org/ Avantey's offer is genuine - visit this long-time friend if you have the opportunity - at the north end of Seneca Lake
  10. We had the 1937 Roadmaster Phaeton out for an extended run, and then topped off with No-Ethanol before heading back to the garage.
  11. If a Tahoe is good, a Suburban is better !! Twenty (20") inches more length overall, longer wheelbase for better towing with more stability. We have 2001 and 2004 Tahoe models for the daughter and the grandson, and they are fine as they are designed. For any really serious work, everyone wants to borrow my 2500 Series Suburban with the 8.1L engine. Probably one of the best and most dependable vehicles we've ever owned. It has hauled our enclosed car haulers nearly 160,xxx miles without complaint. Only repair? The HVAC head unit was replaced when it became difficult to regula
  12. Any time they focus on cars and car people it is a positive event for the hobby, rather than de-constructing for "personal taste" with a Five Day Restoration resulting in a Quickie Profit fallacy. My DVR is set to record the event.
  13. Joel, Your garage looks fantastic, and I really like the lighting set-up. If you were a bit closer I could help you fill the vast emptiness, but really, the place looks geat. Be careful on those ladders - last January I was repairing a rain gutter on our house - twisted - feet went between the rungs as the ladder turned. Then, with tools in hand, my rate of acceleration increased in reverse proportion to my elevation. The result was a Rotator Cuff torn in three places, and a Torn Bicep. Dealing with therapy is painful, and I'll likely never regain full strength or
  14. Dale will also be there in Philly to work the Sentimental Tour Table.
  15. How Chance and Circumstance Changed The South: November 5-9, 2018, the 10th Sentimental Tour, with a focus on the Antebellum South, featuring Natchez and Vicksburg, Mississippi. For vehicles 1928 through 1958. Natchez, Vicksburg, Vidalia, The Natchez Trace, Native American Sites, Settler and Explorer Sites, Battlefields, MORE! For details, Contact Tour Chairman Charlie Froehlich at (601) 749-9935 www.aaca.org www.visitnatchez.org www.visitvicksburg.com Early Handout.pdf
  16. Hi Bob, We are back home for the next week or so before heading out again - this time to the AACA Vintage Tour. Sure, by all means, PM or email me any time.
  17. Congratulations - hope you and your wife have lots of enjoyment with this gem
  18. Thank you Al, I appreciate the referral - Yes, Bob and I have been in touch, and have discussed my 1965 Monza convertible. He seemed to really like the idea of our23,xxx mile No-Rust convertible, However Bob and I both understand that, while mine is a 4-speed, Bob's preference for a PowerGlide would be beneficial for his wife. My wife's meniscus surgery years ago on her left knee still affects her on some (but not all) of our stick shift cars, so I can fully understand their preference. Part of the reason we are considering selling ours
  19. I had the honor and privilege of driving Don Barlup's 1914 Pullman several years ago on an AACA reliability Tour. Don, his wife Carol, and their dedication to the club are a credit to the hobby and to the AACA.
  20. Vintage trumpets - mostly from my "Big Band" days back in the 1950s and 1960s, and time with Al Hirt's Big Band into the 1980s, Other brass musical instruments - Valve trombone, baritone horn, etc. Glass motor oil bottles with galvanized funnel spout and cap
  21. MrEarl BCA Forum Moderator - Service with a smile Administrators 1,631 7,535 posts LocationAthens, Georgia · #1467 Posted 2 hours ago · Report post Man I so want one of these some day.... Mr. Earl, I recall having one of those, and the upkeep was outrageously expensive - less dependable than desired, and did not end well ! But the Buick in question was superb !!
  22. Vic, That is a beautiful Stearns-Knight. I hope your '34 Buick still doing well.
  23. The choice of driving lights, where club judging and originality are not the prime factor, comes down to personal choice. I like the Bubble Trippe Lights which were on both my 1930 Packard 733 Export 7-Passenger Touring (delivered in Paris, spent her life in Monaco), and my 1937 Buick Roadmaster 80C Phaeton (New York City Parade Car for Fiorello LaGuardia), apparently when delivered. The 1934 Buick 34-57 came with GUIDE driving lights:
  24. Is that a shot of actress Adrienne Barbeau? Possibly a character on the "Maude" show? Is that really a Buick? The gated 6-speed shifter makes me wonder. The suntan line also catches my attention.
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