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  1. Our 2002 Suburban 2500 has the 8.1L engine and also lacks the guts of a Duramax Diesel. We used the 2000 Ford 7.3L Excursion this year at Hershey, pulling a smaller 24ft trailer with the '30 Packard inside - went from Johnstown to Hershey to New Orleans - better than the Suburban, but still not up to the modern Duramax we could get with a 2500/3500 pickup
  2. Here we are almost two years later, and GM still does not appreciate that they could have a HUGE market for a 2500 Series Suburban/Yukon-XL if they would modify the floor pan to accept the Duramax Diesel and the appropriate RV-style multi-speed tranny ! Come=on GM - Wake Up !!
  3. Hi Tommy, hope this helps: https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mercury_late/front-floor-mat-black-rubber-ford-only-394304.html Maybe also Carpenter? They supplied a correct copy for the floor of my 1951 Ford F-6 Fire Truck many years back
  4. Thanks for including a couple of very nice shots of our 1941 Cadillac cabriolet - yellow convertible at the collection
  5. One step at a time, Drain, flush and refill EVERY fluid, Clean every contact rebuild brake and steering hydraulics Document each step Join a local AACA Region, and stay involved Best of luck with your project
  6. Drove the AACA GLIDDEN TOUR in Hastings, Nebraska a few weeks back with our 1941 Cadillac convertible - the local CASEY'S convenience stores there had a pump dedicated to Non-Ethanol, a bit more expensive, but our old cars absolutely run better without the resultant problems
  7. I live a long distance away, but have used only Paul's Plating ever since about 2006. Not cheap, but the quality is first rate, and their guarantee is too
  8. That would work for a 8.6x18 as the type used on early brass & nickel cars, but- in this case I believe that the 8.60 refers to the section width, and NOT the height of the tire sidewall above and below the rim. Typically that measurement could be 80, 85, or even 90%, and possibly 100% of the section width so that measurement would be somewhat off. Your overall correct tire diameter would have been 40.70 inches Hope this helps... I gleaned this information from the COKER site and relates directly to your size - even though it states 7.50-18,
  9. Try Doug Seybold's shop - he is close to your location, and can research and handle the rebuild - or will know who would be the best based on the 320 ci Buick they will support.
  10. Thanks for the video - and you were having waaaay too much fun- wish I could have been there to see it
  11. Hi Joe, and thanks for posting these great pics - saw Lynne briefly - sorry I missed you
  12. It might help to describe your vehicle, model, engine, etc., along with specs, exactly what was done as part of the rebuild, and are any vacuum hoses involved. There can be great variance between a 4-cylinder Model-A Ford, an F-head tractor, V-8 Cadillac, Chevy 454, and so on.
  13. My 1937 Roadmaster 80C Phaeton (4-door convertible dual sidemount spare tires IS HEAVY likely over 4500 pounds --- BUT... It DOES NOT NEED power steering - in fact it steers like a baby carriage. I can steer it with one finger from a dead stop out of a parking space - NO POWER STEERING NEEDED, THANK YOU !!
  14. Coker offers a wide white Radial which looks like the original Bias. If you are not showing the Buick in AACA National Meets, these may be your best choice for mileage, handling, and appearance: https://www.cokertire.com/tires/american-classic-bias-profile-radials.html just click on this link and use the "Drop-Down" menu to choose your size - 3-1/4 inch whitewall 7.60R15 I have just replaced the 5 tires on my 1954 Cadillac with the 820R15 In my opinion this company will always treat you right if problems occur. They have for me for decades.
  15. With regard to NEXT YEAR's Glidden in Twin Falls, IDAHO: I had dinner tonight with long-time friends, the TOUR CHAIRMAN Merrill Maxfield (and his delightful wife). September 16-21, 2018 73rd Revival AAA Glidden Tour, Twin Falls, Idaho Merrill Maxfield 801-576-0071 eldermaxfield@comcast.net
  16. I think the real answer is that the seller is going to RESTO-MOD this Cadillac like the shows you see on VELOCITY: Totally custom interior and guages, Crate engine Lowered on Air Suspension, 26 inch rims with 325/30-R-26 Radials? Just a wild guess, but A shame (in my opinion)
  17. Took the '37 Roadmaster Phaeton out for a drive this morning to visit a friend who is a genius at Classic and collectible vehicle upholstery. She turned 12,985 miles this morning, and drives and steers like a dream. I couldn't be happier with the way this Buick handles, especially considering her size, wheelbase, weight, etc. I have attached a couple of current photos taken this morning. Also attached are a couple of sneak peeks of a one-off dream car which is currently receiving a custom top - the one and only Dodge Granada which will likely soon be housed in a private collection here in Meta
  18. Ref: Tonneau Covers for Open cars: We have towed the 1915 Hudson SIX-40 Touring going Cross-Country many times, usually in the closed 30 ft, extra-tall trailer (Reliability tour in Savannah - Hilton Head, etc.), but have on several occasions also crossed the country with it on the Open Trailer. We have two separate Tonneau covers - one over the rear portion to keep baggage, tools etc. out of sight, and a separate Tonneau cover for the front compartment. These two covers serve a multitude of purposes: 1. covering the interior while travelling on
  19. I've had excellent results with COKER ! Their Bias-Ply, and their RADIAL tires have all served me well, they have absolutely stood behind the one problem I had and took care of it, and they strongly support AACA
  20. Nice looking car - use it as-is and just learn to deal with a slight leak. No need to change from the 6-Volt, as it will do just fine if you have heavy battery cables - I use "000" (triple Aught) with soldered ends.
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