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  1. Greg, the Corvette didn't show any problems, but I prefer not to use Ethanol, knowing the damage and rust issues which will ensue if left in the system. Our 1988 BMW 528e had Ethanol left in the system for a moderately extended time, destroying the tank, pump, steel lines and all six injectors - and you don't want to know the cost of parts and labor to replace all of that stuff, especially at BMW prices. Ethanol fuel allows water vapor to condense into the fuel and to precipitate the rust issues - think $,$$$.$$ (enjoyed your Kaiser last spring)
  2. A friend who drove the London-to-Brighton just advised in the following quote: "No information yet about cause. Very unusual, and stressful Run, but still much fun. Our friend who keeps my" .......... "here said last night that 3 of the 4 MB occupants are out of the hospital, with the other still in, but expected to recover. That one had been airlifted from scene. Much reckless driving by veteran car drivers. But don’t know if that was causative. What have you heard? Did you see photo from scene? I’ll send it. Sickening." (He sent the same photo which was publi
  3. Paul, You may wish to contact Bill Culver in Metairie, Louisiana who publishes the Newsletter for the Road Race Lincoln Club, and (I believe) is either President or Past-President of that group. Bill is extremely knowledgeable on that subject.
  4. Paul, it is easy enough for those of us "of a certain age". Try this: 1. Look down and to the left where it says "choose files", and click on those highlighted words. Your own computer's directory will come up. 2. In your directory, select "Pictures" 3. At your upper right, type the name of your picture(s) 4. Click on either the pictograph of, or the actual picture to highlight it 5. at the lower right, click on the word "OPEN" This should work for you without the expertise of your grandchild - even I can do it.
  5. I've been very lucky to have good access to No-Ethanol gas locally, but my PureGas App does help when travelling. Here we generally pay $2.29 for pure 87 octane when normal gas is around $2/gal. Driving the '88 'Vette to central Florida last month for a Region Tour, we paid as much as $4/gal for No-Ethanol in the Florida Panhandle, and $3/gal in the Orlando area at Wa-Wa Stations. When I cannot get No-Ethanol gas during a Tour, I use the LOWEST OCTANE AVAILABLE, and ADD 10%-15% DIESEL - readily available ! This will cause your engine to smoke, and to give the appearance of "bu
  6. Hi Don, I concur - it appears to be a 1915 Cadillac Touring
  7. Our 1912 Oakland used 34x4-1/2, and were replaced by 35x5" which fit on the same size rim (35-5-5=25") our 1914 Buick B-37, as well as our 1915 Hudson SIX-40 both came with 34x4 with a 26" rim, and could upgrade to a 35x4-1/2, or a 36x5
  8. Very nice looking Buick- Which Series is it? How recent is the restoration?
  9. Our friend from Kenner, Louisiana will once again drive the London to Brighton, probably with his 1900 De Dion-Bouton Vis-à-Vis Or maybe he has the 1903 Oldsmobile Curved Dash: Congratulations, and safe travels,
  10. Franklin used a wooden chassis - Laminated Second Growth Ash - for many years
  11. Terry is right on the money, and here is another example: Our 1988 C-4 "Little Red Corvette" convertible was bought new by my cousin, is a "One-Family-Car", has never spent a night out of doors except when on (or travelling to/from an AACA or VMCCA tour. This Corvette has 144,xxx miles ans has earned its AACA FIRST JUNIOR. Here's the rub: This Corvette is totally ORIGINAL ! by the guidelines of the HPOF guidelines - but cannot be awarded the HPOF designation according to current rules unless we give up the FIRST JUNIOR and then have it judged as HPOF. Many folks, while
  12. This is a really nice car. Someone should grab it.
  13. I agree with West- My 1930 733 Touring was delivered in Paris for use travelling back and forth to Monaco, crossing the Alps in the process. This explains why the 7-passenger car came equiped with a 5.08:1 rear end ratio. While this ratio and the super-low "granny" gear are perfect for parades, we actually drive her cross-country and tour extensively. Rather than swap out for a numerically lower ratio, I got with Lloyd Young who installed a Borg-Warner Overdrive allowing the engine to run at 70% of the revs otherwise required to maintain reasonable speeds. I have no des
  14. Great car ! Will look forward to seeing all 4 together- thanks for the posts
  15. You might do well to post this request under Parts Wanted: http://forums.aaca.org/forum/149-parts-wanted/ and also in the Pontiac Section: http://forums.aaca.org/forum/47-pontiac-oakland/ or Flathead Pontiac : http://forums.aaca.org/forum/87-pontiac-flathead-owners/ Good luck with your search
  16. Hi Grog, We bought the '37 Buick from a long-time friend and the estate of his friend / business partner. For many years prior to the sale, I was aware of the car, its history as a parade car for New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, and the professional connection between LaGuardia and my grandfather. The prior owner had the documentation, had seen it many times, and shared the information with me. Beside the above, there is just something about an unrestored, but well-maintained low mileage car - I know because I've had several. The way everything fits despite the
  17. Joe, while your beautiful Cadillac is certainly worthy of Concourse presentation, I was delighted to see that you and Lynne drove it on the 2017 AACA Vintage Tour - a 3-hub 5-day drive through north central Pennsylvania and southwestern New York State. Thank you for bringing your car down from Ontario to share it with us. We look forward to continuing to tour with you and Lynne, and appreciate your support of AACA Touring.
  18. "Frenching" the lights was "Kool" in the late 1950s personal choice?
  19. Our 1954 Cadillac convertible has also been nominated for a National Award a few years back - likely a touring award since it has only been shown once and that was early this year in Palm Springs, California in the Driver Participation class. This is the car which was driven 10,000 miles between mid-March and mid-June this year, touring the country and attending national Meets and Tours.
  20. Our 1941 Cadillac has been nominated in two prior years - most likely for son sort of Touring Award, since it has never placed higher than an AACA SECOND JUNIOR, although it has since received a CCCA FIRST PLACE - TOURING DIVISION in 2016, and was driven on six national AACA/VMCCA Tours between June and September, 2016:
  21. Our all-original 1937 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton (Convertible Sedan) 80C came to us around 2009 with slightly over 7,000 miles. She did require attention to all safety items as well as the fuel system. We have shown her and she has been awarded AACA HPOF and HPOF ORIGINAL recognition. We've also driven her on several national tours and passed 13,000 miles earlier this month.
  22. Karl, thanks for the clarification. Some states titled a vehicle to the calendar year in which it was sold, regardless of the "Model Year" of the vehicle. That being said, most collectors would consider the "CAPITOL" series a 1927, and the Superior a 1926. Good luck with your sale - it appears to be a nice vehicle, and we certainly enjoyed tens of thousands of miles, touring our Capitol AA which was a late-1927 production model with the covered rockers and dual exhaust ports which most consider to be a 1928 engine (like yours).
  23. Hi Dick, Very nice car, and well presented. Hope it finds a good home !
  24. Karl, This appears to be a 1926, or possibly a 1925 model. Per my (former) 1927 Chevrolet, the 1927 was designated "CAPITOL AA", and the radiator was encapsulated in an aluminum surround with a pointed dip in the top center. The headlight buckets were not a "Drum" style, but rather tapered into a curved rear. The headlight rims do appear to be from a '27.
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