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  1. Thanks Paul, The aluminum foil is a convenient, affordable, easily available, and simple method, and easy to use. hope y'all had a meaningful Thanksgiving
  2. Well cared-for original, or older restoration? Either way it is nice to see it on the road
  3. an echo - Welcome to the FORUM, and great that you are saving the Buick, Wish I had known how rare the car and color combination were- We had a 1971 Le Sabre red convertible with white interior back in 1981-1986. It was a great driver and a very sharp looking dreamboat with the 350ci engine and all of the power options. I didn't really care for the unusual way the top frame folded as it would occasionally bind, but could easily be placed back in proper alignment. There was a minor rust spot on the lower rear edge of the right front fender, and another on the passenger d
  4. Earl, I recently installed five (5) Coker 8.20R15 with 3-1/4 inch Whitewalls on our DPC 1954 Cadillac convertible. They actually do have the appearance of the Bias-Ply tire but with radial handling characteristics. They are also approximately 1.11 inch taller than the 235/75R15 and have just about corrected any speedometer error. I've attached photos for you to see what they look like when mounted, and am considering ordering another set of five(5) for our 1941 Cadillac convertible if I quit showing it since, as you know, we also tour extensively with the '41 :
  5. Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all here on our FORUM, and to all your extended families. Looking forward to all of us having the opportunity to share our great hobby
  6. Yes, this model is now accepted by CCCA as "CLASSIC", and is eligible for their CARavans and Grand Classics. By the way, I'm familiar with this particular car and can speak to the quality of its condition. The owner/restorer is meticulous in his work and care.
  7. Jeff, Most folks would agree that, while other clubs, Marque clubs, etc. certainly provide unique services, No other club anywhere provides the breadth and depth of services that we find in AACA- in fact, several other clubs have moved their literature collections to be maintained by the AACA Library. Hopefully you'll stay with us as we strive to serve the entire hobby.
  8. Another "FIX" is to add 10-15% Diesel fuel to your gas tank. The car will smoke a bit, but this lowers the octane and helps make up for the "Corn-Gas" problems. Some will scoff and say it is nonsense, but my '41 Cadillac - even more prone to vapor lock than my '37 Roadmaster - ran the 2015 Glidden in Oklahoma City in heat as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and I didn't even need to switch on the electric fuel pump the entire week.
  9. I got best results by switching from Airtex to a CARTER 6-VOLT ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP - This is a vane-type, not a pulse-type https://www.amazon.com/Carter-P4259-Line-Electric-Fuel/dp/B000CIS4IU/ref=sr_1_4?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1510950614&sr=1-4&keywords=Carter+6+volt+electric+fuel+pump AMAZON listing; Carter Carter P4259 In-Line Electric Fuel Pump 4.6 out of 5 stars 7 customer reviews Price: $59.15 & FREE Shipping. Details
  10. MCHinson Matt Hinson is getting close at 9,134- thanks, Matt, Marty
  11. IF YOU WERE TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER NEW ORLEANS: 1. No later than mid-May 2. No earlier than After Hershey 3. A suburban area outside of the city 4. We have at least 4 national members (probably more) within a 50 mile radius, but no local region. Help could be available, and the National WWII Museum has enough attractions for a couple of days visit One of our BCA members, Jack Wade III was heavily involved in restoring the only operational and fully functional PT Boat, the PT-305. http://www.pt305.org/
  12. I had my Forest River enclosed 24ft trailer built with a "RAISED FLOOR" so the interior wheel boxes are only 5 inches high over the 235/85R-16 LRE tires on 6,000 lb axles. Even my lowest cars doors, and early car running boards can easily clear this height. The trailers are 102" width, so typically 100" interior. With a 8" wheel box (Many are narrower - but my tires are large) there is still 84" clearance between the boxes so no need for 2" or 4" boards to raise cars above the wheel box PM, or ask any additional questions
  13. I have 3 replacements on the way - one of mine same model, but supposedly not affected need to check 8 others plus son, daughter, and grandson's Tahoes, and also each of the 3 enclosed trailers
  14. I think my idea of forming aluminum foil inside the taillight bucket should produce more reflection and a brighter taillight than even the white paint. I would love to see a comparison.
  15. I bought Big Blue, a used 1977 Chevy Suburban Silverado 1/2 Ton C-10 from a friend in 1983. At 52,xxx miles, just prior to my purchase it had just received a new 305ci Target Master engine 2 months earlier. The prior owner had an oil change done at a San Antonio dealership which left the drain plug loose so three miles down the road and pulling a utility trailer with the family's camping gear, the original engine locked up. I have been brought up by a Dad who taught me to change oil and filter every 3,000 miles - not to put clean oil through a Less-Than-Clean filter. I have followe
  16. James, Typically, 8-lug wheels on a Featherlite is spec for a pair of 6,000 lb axles; 6-lug are generally 5,000 lb or 5,2000 lb; 5-lug are generally 3,500 lb also, your tires are probably 235/85R-16 LRE, or Load Range "E" - same as mine? I switched to Michelin truck tires instead of trailer "ST" tires and haven't had any more problems after getting rid of the Chinese tires
  17. Rest in Peace Bob- your "Landau" is in good hands down here, ... and I appreciate your calling me "Cod" Per Mr. Earl, if you were ever referred to as "Cod" by Bob, it would have been in the highest regard. Colonel Charles Codman, referred to as "Cod", was Senior Aide and right-hand man to General George Patton, and was highly respected by Patton during WWII. You have been a real asset to BCA and to AACA
  18. Here's an offbeat idea for increasing the brightness of your TailLights: In addition the cleaning the ground contact, Line the inside of the taillight bucket with Aluminum Foil. It will reflect more of the bulb's light where the black, rusty surface was absorbing the light. This also is a goood idea for the show car which might be driven home in the dark after a show or cruise night. This also works on your older trailer lights if you have not upgraded to LEDs
  19. Years ago we installed a modern fuel filter in line to the carb on the '37 Roadmaster. It has a third port as a relief valve and I have tis connected to a line which runs back to a nipple on the fuel filler pipe at the rear of the car. With this return line in place, fuel does not sit still over the heat of the engine. We also have a phenolic additional thick gasket (from CoolCarb Technologies) under the carb of the '41 Caddy, and plan to install one on the '37 Roadmaster Look at www.coolcarb.com
  20. Rest in Peace Bob- your "Landau" is in good hands down here, ... and now I can appreciate your calling me "Cod" You have been a real asset to BCA and to AACA
  21. Restorer32, Over the past 27+ years, I've sent all of my vintage auto radios to Mike Frenchek with excellent results: Acceptable turn-around time, Fair Prices, Quality work, Many Options Mike & Chris's company is: Retro Radio Restoration 5524 Ridge Road Elizabethtown, PA 717-367-1428 By the way, Mike is brother-in-law to Doug Seybold, the '40 Buick Guy in Westlake, Ohio
  22. We were made aware of this last week, but asked that their privacy be respected so that they could inform family members and come to terms with the news: Dear Veteran Car Run participant, The Royal Automobile Club is deeply saddened to learn that the driver of the veteran car involved in the accident during the Veteran Car Run on Sunday 5 November, has died as a result of his i
  23. Bob, In my experience, Featherlite tends to be recommended as the best quality and warranty for aluminum trailers, and have been around probably the longest. Years ago I even had one of their much older steel open trailers which was very good quality. I have not owned their open aluminum model (or closed either). My current open trailer is a steel "Open Pit" design, and is made as a "Tilt" trailer which I find very convenient. I can actually get under the trailer and work on the car's undercarriage and chassis if necessary while on tour or on the road. While the steel is a bit heav
  24. Greg, the Corvette didn't show any problems, but I prefer not to use Ethanol, knowing the damage and rust issues which will ensue if left in the system. Our 1988 BMW 528e had Ethanol left in the system for a moderately extended time, destroying the tank, pump, steel lines and all six injectors - and you don't want to know the cost of parts and labor to replace all of that stuff, especially at BMW prices. Ethanol fuel allows water vapor to condense into the fuel and to precipitate the rust issues - think $,$$$.$$ (enjoyed your Kaiser last spring)
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