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  1. Paul, The 6Volt battery that Pep Boys carries (carried?) did fine under the front seat of our '34 Buick. Unfortunately the car is not here at home for me to check out the brand and size, but I'll try to get some info next week - the car is in restoration at Barry Eash's shop in Pennsylvania -- paint and assembly are done, and now for upholstery. Please let me know what success you have -- and best for the Birthday Tour.
  2. Paul, I know your group will enjoy that drive on the 1st - my best to Jim and Gail, John and Janet, and all the BBTR folks -- wish Dale and I could be with you. Best to you and Inge for the new Year
  3. Many years ago a local club member pulled the engine from his '37 LaSalle to rebuild, and "temporarily" installed a '38 Cadillac 60 Series engine. That swap was still running 30 years later. I'm fairly certain that just the engine , and not the transmission was swapped, so it SHOULD work. Good luck
  4. New 1.6" wide-whitewall radial tires for the '70 Caddy convertible (I mounted and balanced on Friday), a gift-certificate for an Overdrive unit for the Packard, and a copy of "Wheels for the World, (Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress) by Douglas Brinkley - 858 pages and our daughter found it at a Dollar Store.
  5. Saturday morning, and every trash can up and down the street is overflowing with wrapping paper, and grandkids have new rollerskates and wave-boards and Remote-Control Gigantic race cars and pick-up trucks. I back the sky-blue 1954 Cadillac convertible out of her garage (after lowering the top inside where it is still room temperature), and the kids gather at her polished flanks, peering over the gunwhales with comments of "Huge, ---Neat, ---is that a Transformer?, ----so shiny !!" A 30-something mom asks "are you the original owner?" - I was only 11 when this dreamboat hit the showrooms in
  6. Christmas day in New Orleans, a beautifully clear day with very cold (for us) temperatures, only reaching 49 degrees. The triple-black 1970 Cadillac convertible was wearing her new wide-whitewalls, so we drove her to our son and daughter-in-law's home for lunch and the afternoon. Late afternoon we drove the Caddy out into the country for Dinner with our Grandson, Daughter, and her family. The DeVille "drop-top" has a trunk big enough to carry away a lot of gifts.
  7. TRIMACAR found us a 1958 Chevy Bel-air nearly 30 years ago. It was a low, low mile all original gold over beige cutie which served as our Founders Tour car until 1993 when we finished the red '63 Impala conv. The '58's prior owner had her fitted with those clear plastic "bubble" covers, and the back seat had probably never been sat upon in those 20+ years. The front seat cover was showing some age compared to the back, and a local upholstery guy / club member had the matching bubble clear plastic. He made a new front cover, but somehow got the pattern "inside-out". Most folks would never have
  8. There is another possible answer: The seller may have listed in Hemmings and other publications which can take 1, 2, even up to 3 months to distribute - then the next week he tests the waters with the Ebay ad and sells the car - he neglects to cancel the ad in Hemmings - then you see the ad with the same email address I didn't see it, but it happens ---- ya wins some ---- ya loses some ! Better luck next time -- don't dwell on those saddest words " What might have been"
  9. I bought a couple of parts from those guys -- SO BE CAREFUL !! Sometimes youreally get what you pay for (or don't get what you don't pay for) ! The excitement of a cheap price can be mitigated by the aggrivation of living with the result of an inferior product. Buy American -- watch out for "Made in China" and other offshore crap. You just might have fewer Americans on unemployment.
  10. History repeats itself, Many moons ago while in high school in the '50s, I worked in a Sunoco Gas Station on the border of Linden, NJ (my home town) and Roselle. The 6 or 7 gas stations in the area would do the same thing, raising prices uniformly at all stations a few days before any of the "travel" holidays. We came to expect it just before Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Summertime was a whole 'nother story, because you either drove to the Jersey Shore (nothing like the trash they are showing on MTV now), or you drove to the Catskills or
  11. Thanks, Always loved the 700 and 800 Series American LaFrance - the same type my Dad was assigned to when he started on the Fire Dept. in 1947 Best to Y'all for the holidays
  12. We went grocery shopping yesterday at the local Sam's Club -- regular 89 octane was only $2.31 so I filled the 38.5 gal. tank on the Suburban, went back for the '86 Suburban with the 454 engine and 31 gal. tank, then got the '94 Fleetwood and '70 DeVille Convertible -- Yeah, I spent a lot on gas but used my AAA Visa card and they do a 2% refund if you pay at the pump. All in all, I felt like it was a pretty good day. I should have gone back for the '54 Caddy Convertible, but ran out of time, and now the rain is really coming down hard so the toys stay dry in the garage.
  13. Introducing the NEW GENERAL MOTORS - Chuck, will you PLEASE ask for the directions to the Amusement Park -- we really must deliver this new ride ! The 2011 Crosley Hotshot ! The new Mini-MiniCooper (S-minus) Does it really get 96 mpg I think my shoelace got caught in the fanbelt.?
  14. Probably the old gas in the carb turned to varnish, blocking the jets, possible stuck float and/or stuck needle and seat. Take the carb apart carefully -- soak and clean everything with berryman's (or comparable) carb cleaner, re-assemble, prime, and hopefully start the car. Good Luck,
  15. Can we get some donations to shave Wayne's head?? Some of us would kick-in a few bucks ! Maybe we could pay a few bucks to get the recipe Wayne used on the Vintage Tour with the Condensation Tube running down the side of his Essex -- was that for the Kikkapoo Joy Juice?? Best for the Holidays,
  16. 1958 in one of the junkyards in Avanel, New Jersey, I found an early Crosley Hotshot, and bought it for $8.00. I drove it home, and got it looking pretty good. It was a ball to drive, and eventually I rebuilt the engine at a cost of about $35 includine machine work. The next year I paid $8 for a one-week-old Rayco convertible top off a '51 Chevy and installed it on my red 1949 Pontiac. The Chevy also donated a $ .50 fender skirt to the Pontiac. A Buick ('47?) in the yard gave up the Guide traffic Light viewer. Another Pontiac had a "Lighted" Chief Pontiac Hood Ornament which cost $2.50 -- i
  17. To all our friends, including those we haven't met yet, Happy Holidays, whichever you celebrate - Health and Happiness for the coming year. Get your Old Cars out where we can enjoy them -- Show them, Drive them, Enjoy them See you Down The Road --- Marty and Dale Roth and Nathan
  18. David, we spent many days enduring the dust, the mud, the rocks, and the hills of the original Pate Ranch, before Aggie Pate's passing, and before the swap meet moved to the racetrack-- good thing we were both much younger - bought and sold alot of good stuff - met a lot of good folks. Boats, railroad Cars, Almost anything you could think of, including a partially-built '69 Corvair that was still on the assembly line when it was shut-down. My space was right in front of the corral and windmill at the top of the hill, and we got the occasional "horse-laugh" straight from the horse's mouth at
  19. In my early years, I drove and raced the early 3 Cylinder - 2 Stroke Cycle Saab models, and found them to be extremely reliable, and a BALL to drive. Autocross, Rallye, and and SCCA events were wonderful venues for this feisty little "driver's car". Nothing got in the way of enjoying the "all out - ba**s to the wall" spirited driving -- Ice racing, winter Rallye, and just plain fun. We stayed with Saab, uintil we found out how much fun we could have with the Family-sized big Citroen sedans, Station Wagons, SM- Series Maseratti, Deaux Chevaux 2-cylinder models and their Ami-6 and Mehari 2-cyl
  20. That 25 mph thingie with a two foot diameter tree??? Don't try that with my Packard !! Driver tied into the seat ???
  21. Good article - gives the broader population more of an understanding of what a well-rounded guy our Steve is. For Steve, and so many others who help out quietly "behind the scenes" when their help is truly needed, we are all much better off. Steve, thanks for your help when I needed it.
  22. Steve, I think what he is asking is: HOW does the bumper work, to be called BI-FLEX; in other words, in what ways do they flex?
  23. I have the same combination of electrical switches on the floor of my 1954 Cadillac convertible. Nobody has been able to tell me the function of the 3rd (smaller) button which is located immediately to the right of the dimmer switch. Could it be part or the Autronic Eye System? Maybe it turns the system on/off? Any body out there with the answer?
  24. Susan, I'll try to pass through St. Albans on my next trip to the Johnstown area - at least make time to but y'all a cup of hot chocolate and compare Dalmatian rescue stories. Always sorry to hear of the loss of parents - I'm sure you have some wonderful memories, and with time they outweigh the sadder moments. Dale lost her Dad to cancer 22 years ago, and her Mom just a year ago at nearly 95 years young - mine were married only 62 years since May, 1941 - lost Dad 9/10/03 and Mom 9/11/06 - many great memories of both - someday we'll sit out a rain shower and swap memories -- thanks again fo
  25. We're finally getting some sunshine -- Very welcome after all that rain Five inches in five hours, seven inches in the next twelve hours one day of only light rain, another day of heavy rains - always the day & night of the grandson's Xmas concert, Today started off drizzley, but we have a cold front and sunny skies. 55 with a chill factor made it feel like 51 degrees -- I'll take it any time, especially when I talk with friends in Colorado, Wyoming (Hi Howard), Northern Illinois, and Central Pennsylvania/Johnstown Area. This past week has been unusual, and what we had in rain is no
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