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  1. Peter, While interesting, many of the above seem not to zero in on your specific concern. As a former software specialist, I believe that your technical background leads you to retain paperwork. As such, you probably have a copy of the signed/(notarized?) title and/or bill-of-sale in your stacks of papers (on the left-back-corner of your desk?). If not, go to a Notary and make an affadavit to the sale of vehicle with VIN, description, and date (or approximation), and to whom if you can remember. Present photocopies of all documentation to your State DMV and ask them to document that the vehic
  2. Alan, I have no connection to this company: significantcars.com Significant Cars in Indianapolis just ran an adv. , and I recognized what used to be the late Bob Thurstone's 1930 Packard Model 733 Convertible Coupe with rumbleseat and sidemounts (not a Roadster). They call it an older restoration, but I remember it as essentially an original, driven, maintained car - completed many Glidden Tours very dependably. They have it priced at $ 69,500 - I think it is high, but everybody needs a starting point. Marty
  3. MADHADER, To clarify prior comments, the owner of a vintage car who uses the car for commercial purposes, such as charging you a fee to transport you and your bride or wedding party is no different than any other commercial enterprise, no matter that it is a one-time thing or on-going. Commercial service, no matter how intended would violate the terms and conditions of the collector-car owner's speciatly insurance. At this point the car is not being used for hobby purpose, but is actually a commercial livery. Best of luck with your upcoming marriage. Maybe you can buy a car of your own, and h
  4. The Horseless Carriage Club of America, The Premier Brass-Era Touring Club is hcca.org the website for Horseless Carriage Club - a good source, and the money stays in the hobby. Years ago and on tour with our '12 Oakland, we needed to replace our light-weight cotton Dusters, and the tour stopped at "Dixie GunWorks" coming north out of Memphis, working our way back up the east bank of the Mississippi River. The place was a gun collectors' dream, and had a modest car collection too, but we found that they sold Dusters. Our heavy Canvas/oilcloth Dusters came from a Maryland General Store we visi
  5. Evan The car in the photo is most definately a 1956 Chevrolet "150" 4-door sedan.
  6. When I was a kid in Linden, NJ back in the 1940s and '50s, we would sit on the curb, or wait patiently on the front lawn, coins in hand, listening for the sound of the bells that were mounted above the windshield. The driver pulled a string to ring the bells. The driver always wore a white uniform and a bow-tie and cap just like in the photo. He had a coin-changer on his belt. The trucks were always clean and white, and open-cab. The trucks were not refrigerated, and the insulated box on the back held dry-ice to keep the ice-cream, fudge bars, and ice pops cold and solid. While the above photo
  7. Hi Steve, Congrats on the trip - wish I could have been there, but we no longer havethe 1917 Franklin Model 9-A. Many years back, dale and i did our cross-country touring in the Franklin, and with a '27 Chevy. Glad to see the seat belts for little ones -- we still do the same for our grandson who has toured with us since he was 2 months old. Like his mom and her older brother, he drives the old cars when we are not on public roads. Keep up the good work.
  8. Tom, The above calculations ARE correct, yielding 10-3/16 @ 1:18 = 180-3/8 in, or 15ft 3/8in. The 2.75in converts to 49.5in or 4ft 1-1/2in NOW, since you feel that these numbers do not properly reflect your model, perhaps the box or directions have been mis-marked. If the scale is actually 1:12, then the (wheelbase?) 10-3/16 becomes 122-1/4", or 10ft, 2-1/4" and the 2.75" wheel/tire becomes 33", a more reasonable number. If the scale is other than that, we'll be happy to convert for you -- Happy SPAAMFA
  9. Owls Head does still give Model T rides. Our grandson Nathan said that while he had ridden in our '12 Oakland Touring, '27 Chevy Roadster, '30 Packard Phaeton, and many, many others -- it was the first time he had ridden in a "T". He said it was fun. Funny, but my now-38 year-old son had the same reaction when he was 6 or 7, and got a ride in a "T" from my friend Bruce Woodson in Richmond, VA.
  10. When you properly restore the steering and suspension, your Buick will be easy to steer even when just barely moving -- don't try to steer when at a dead stop because it wasn't designed to do that. Our '37 and '34 Buicks are a pleasure to drive, as is the '41 Caddy. Your Buick is a light color, and will be relatively cool in hot weather because the lighter colors reflect, rather than absorb the heat of the sun rays. Open the cowl vent, the vent windows and enjoy the car the way it was designed. It is too nice a car to butcher. Leave that to the overly common, too far gone examples. Thanks
  11. It is hard to limit this to only 5, but I have to agree with Steve on OUR AACA Museum and its settings: 1. Nethercutt 2. Gilmore 3. Blackhawk 4. AACA 5. ACD Other very honorable mention should include Owls Head and Seal Cove, Henry Ford, and of course the Crawford.
  12. Mark, Forest river Cargo Division did all of the warranty work on my hauler, and replaced the tongue jack with a new Bulldog -- it has more lift, more weight capacity, and removeable/adjustable height foot --- also has manual capability (with a long-extension and deep-well socket and ratchet). By the way, they extended forward my driver's side escape door another 3 ft so that any car could open the driver's door without contacting the trailer, and changed the opening to become awning style with hydraulic supports --- I had them add a pull0down strap because when open, it is too high f
  14. Mark, I will be replacing the tires on our '37 Roadmaster 80C Convertible Sedan, and would like to know the brand and style name of the tires you found from maytag -- also, who else handles them?? What size do you think is standard for my 80C? What would be the correct oversize? What is the correct whitewall width?? 4-ply, or 6-ply? Any thoughts on radials? Coker tells me that their radials for 16" require inner-tubes, and when I used the inner-tubes Diamondback furnished with the radials for their tires on my '54 Caddy, 3 of them went flat in the 1st hundred miles from tube abraision agai
  15. The judge gave her my Ferrari in the divorce settlement??? Tell her to pick it up at the beach house.
  16. HI ALL, Marty Roth will be at Chocolate Field, CG-32,33,34 -- same spot since Chocolate Field first opened in 1984. We will be a hospitality spot for Louisiana Region, and may vend a little too. Hope to see you there. Stop by, take a load off !
  17. 1948 LINCOLN: Somebody once said "Life is too short to dance with ugly women" Why keep a car which you do not like?? If you don't like the car (and you obvciously do not), pass it along to somebody who will enjoy, or even treasure it, -- and maybe even at a modest price just to encourage youth in the hobby - I have done this in the past - the warm-all-over feeling is irreplaceable, and who knows what, or whom you may inspire -- it it not always and only about the almighty dollar.
  18. STEVE, I agree that the overwhelming percentage of Law Enforcement Officers are generally fair, and certainly deserve our respect - I hope that my post reflected that opinion - PMs with Matt certainly confirm your/our admiration of his (and many officers') restraint. MATT: I look forward to finally meeting you face-to-face on the Vintage Tour - hope we both are included !!
  19. K8096, You mixed facts of my original post with that of the succeeding post -- Woodstock, not Boydton -- Yes, I had paid on time, but since the money orders of small denomination are considered non-traceable, they were cashed in Woodstock, and my record was not cleaned, requiring that I had to pay all over again, as though I had not paid at all. The company issuing the money orders would only confirm that they had been cashed (they were made payable to "Clerk of Court, Woodstock, Virginia), and would not provide documentation as to by whom or when they had been cashed. Neither Virginia,
  20. TARGETED AND VICTIMIZED IN DUPLICATE BY TOWN OF WOODSTOCK, VIRGINIA !!! Back in the 1990s, driving home from Hershey National Fall Meet - driving my 1978 Suburban and towing my 20 ft enclosed car-hauler, my four passsengers and I pulled off of I-81 to grab a quick bite and use the restroom at the Wendy's in Woodstock, Virginia on a Saturday evening. Upon leaving the Wendy's, we turned back onto the road, crossing over I-81, and then left toward the I-81 Southbound on-ramp. Immediately the blue light of a local Police car came on, and pulled me over on the on-ramp. The Officer stated "that I ha
  21. Hi All, The last time I missed Hershey was 1983. Chocolate Field CG32-34 and Simmons Motel since then. Even Hurricane Katrina's damage to our home, garage, and cars couldn't change that.
  22. FANTASTIC !!! Most folks don't have a clue what you and the other members and former-members of the St. Bernard Parish Chapter of Louisiana Region went through. To see you back in the hobby, and successful in your pursuit - well it is just exciting. The GMC 305 looks and sounds great. Looking forward to playing "chauffeur" at your daughter's wedding,
  23. The 1970 Cadillac DeVille Convertible has an electric motor which pulls a cable the length of the trunk to pull down the trunk lid the last little distance (so you do not slam the lid shut).Our cable and sheath is frozen. I want to buy the correct cable, or would appreciate leads on where to buy one. Your suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,
  24. GOOD LUCK, PETER, AND THANKS FOR THE EFFORT Having been through many software parallels and upgrades on large mainframe systems since 1966, I firmly believe that MURPHY WAS AN OPTOMIST, but have forged ahead, believing that the end result is worth the sacrifice. I'll deal with the withdrawal symptoms with wrenches and with ice cream -- by the end of the weekend, a few pounds and some bloody knuckles later, our "community" will be back. Hopefully we will not have the delay which kept us at bay last time.
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