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  1. Stated 56,110 miles, but upholstery makes it look like 156,110
  2. Steve, He noted 8th grade, not age 8, so about 13 or 14 years of age
  3. I have always gravitated toward the cars of the 1950s - the era of my youth and teens. While my very first car (before being legal to drive) was a 1932 Chevy 5-window coupe which I hot-rodded with an Oldsmobile Rocket-88 engine and Hydra-Matic, my very first actual driver after securing a New Jersey drivers license was my red 1949 Pontiac straight-8 stick-shift convertible. Next came the 1954 Mercury convertible and a very temporary 1954 Ford convertible, followed by a long-term crocus & onyx (yellow & black) 1956 Chevy Bel-air convertible with 265 ci V-8 Powr-Pak, 4-barrel carb,
  4. I thought the Austin / Bantam used a standard 6 Volt Group 1 Battery: Length: 9.00"Width: 6.87"Height: 8.75"
  5. Interesting car, with a perhaps optimistic asking price for a 40 Series (Special) 2-door post model?
  6. Dual Exhausts ? Was this an option for 1954 Century models?
  7. The owner/seller, Dana Meadows, was very active in AACA Touring and shows while living in Virginia's Tidewater/Virginia Beach area, prior to moving to the Fallbrook, California area. He likely kept his existing cellphone number despite the cross-country move. Hope that resolves the question. As I recall, Dana's cars were immaculate in appearance, and drove exceptionally well.
  8. Thanks, David, Earlier projections had Sally passing right through our home on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. As of Monday morning, Sally, now a projected CAT 2 Hurricane with potential (Less likely, I think) to go to CAT 3 prior to landfall, is shifting eastward and would likely cause more severe impact to Mississippi's southeast coast, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. We still anticipate Four to Six (4 - 6 FT) feet of storm surge here on the south shore, but the wind will also be a serious concern with the neighbor's dead tree limbs overhanging our yard and p
  9. LUCAS also created the three (3) Position Headlight Switch: - OFF - DIM - FLICKER
  10. TYPICAL SPECIFICATIONS Group 1 Size 6 Volts 500 CCA @ 0 Degrees 625 CA @ 32 Degrees 215 Minute Reserve Capacity Length: 9.00" Width: 6.87" Height: 8.75"
  11. To make it easier to access: https://youtu.be/MdbOMRKvvRQ and the follow-up:
  12. L.A., Not LA It may seem a minor point, but to those of us in Louisiana (Postal Abbreviation "LA"), many who do not notice, realize, or maybe even care about the difference, use "LA" when "L.A." for the city/county of Los Angeles, California would be correct. Just last week my son's Engineering license for his job as Stationary/Plant/Steam Boiler Chief Engineer was being researched by some off-shore Human Resources clerk in preparation for their take-over of the contract where he serves a major university. He was informed that his degree was in question, as wa
  13. My 1954 Cadillac steering box with long shaft, and Power Steering Pump need to be transported from New Orleans, Louisiana to LARES Corporation in Cambridge, Minnesota (+/- 45 miles north of Minneapolis-St Paul). Anyone heading that direction from the south with a bit of extra space in a truck or trailer? I could drive a reasonable distance to meet you, and would be happy to contribute toward your expenses. Please click on my name at above left to send me a PM (Private Message) and/or respond here. Thank you for any help
  14. In our 1965 Corvair Monza 110-engined convertible, we have an added electric fuel pump which was mounted by a prior owner. It is located well forward - essentially below the gas tank, and there is an accessory switch under the dash "just in case". We only had to use it rarely in the past five years, and we're in a relatively hot location here in New Orleans. As noted earlier, the typical situation is after being turned off for a short amount of time and then restarting. One potential way to help is to leave the engine cover (rear hood) open while running into the convenience store - and a side
  15. Wonderful Pic of Linda's fantastic smile, and you don't look half-bad either. She certainly was fully involved in planning and hosting club tours. In fact that is how the four of us met and stayed close over these years.
  16. SheetRock? We (son & I) recently brought home 40 sheets of 5/8 inch 4ft x 8ft from Home Depot to redo the newly rewired and R-30 insulated attached garage- You'd better bet we rented their truck - flat bed with drop sides- no sense trying to make trips with our rigs. Next come the new doors and openers
  17. Asleep At The Wheel - Lovin' that Texas Swing
  18. THE AMOUNT OF CHASSIS FLEX - that is amazing to watch- Gretna, Louisiana's Davy Crockett Volunteer Fire Dept. has a pair of Ahrens-Fox Engines, a 1927 and a 1947- absolutely incredible to observe in action We had our own 1951 F-6 Ford Boardman-built pumper with a 500 gallon tank alongside our home for several years and could not get a discount on homeowner insurance
  19. Another Labor Day in the books - a reminder to appreciate American workers, and the reason Labor Unions were created, this time with fewer folks mingling Hot and dry here in the New Orleans area Barbecued Brisket and Ribs on the grill, with Baked Beans in Bourbon Sauce, Potato Salad, and Mac & Cheese with daughter and son-in-law, along with Apple Pie & Blue Bell Ice Cream- Drove the '37 Roadmaster Phaeton earlier in the day with son & daughter-in-law, but tomorrow will drive the '54 Caddy convertible first thing in the morning, and
  20. Not an absolute guarantee, but When the manual control cable/lever is pushed "IN" and the car is pulled forward, the entire driveline other than the differential (and maybe the driveshaft, depending on where the Borg-Warner is installed) is disengaged. There are stories about not backing up with the unit in Overdrive, and some will not back up (like the one in one of my cars - installed by the late Lloyd Young) in freewheeling . Better to use a trailer in any event if going any serious distane, but in an "EmergencyTow", I would just not engage O.D.
  21. Just an "educated" guess, but those "paint Bubbles" most likely have rust behind them in the lower body panels- a possibly decent lower-cost entry into the hobby, especially for a convertible with a decent amount of club support, and a really cute car, with some considering it a "Chick" car, much like the one my wife and another gal rode in to high school back in the 1960s
  22. If the guy/gal who is busy texting while running the stop sign, or drifting out of lane nails you in that micro-econocrunch, you may never arrive home again
  23. I agree with Mark’s above comment, and believe the same should apply to other thread groups, such as the Oldsmobile group of threads not being necessarily specific to Oldsmobile club members, etc.
  24. Update on one of our friends in Lake Charles: A crane was used Saturday to lift five trees from the roof of the house , ceiling has fallen in- Hopefully the tree was also removed from where it came into the garage/shop, cars are OK. Sunday - house roof now covered with a tarp- using a generator and has a window A/C - the heat and humidity are extremely overbearing there, especially with no running water, blocked roadways, power outage likely for weeks to months- Salvation Army is on-site, serving residents and First Responders, requesting cash donat
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