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  1. Well got a hold of an Edmunds intake manifold on Ebay for 425 bucks. The same fellow sold a head for over 2000 dollars!!! Wooow. Wish I had the money to had bought the head as well. Oh well them is the breaks. Will keep looking for the head now.
  2. Yeah I can do that but I was thinkign of making it out of aluminum. I have a frind who is a certified welder and he said he will help me out. I just dont know how good it will work. I will do my own headers as well. You see the motor that Im build is going in to a street rod. Not to offend any restores here. I wanted something different and I got the motor for free so it worked out ok. Any body here know of any modifications that will make this motor more of a beast than what allready is? Thanks Ed.
  3. How much did he spend for the intake? If it is reasonable I would like to get one. How was the service? Thanks Ed.
  4. I found a Website that builds custom packard aluminum heads. They come highly recomended here is the websitehttp://www.angelfire.com/co/flatheads/products.html I know they are a little price but heck I think they are worth it. Ed.
  5. Thanks for the info fellows. I will ck to see if the head is workable. What should the clearance be if it is not straight? I know with the new cars it shoulw be no more than .003 of an inch. Does anybody know what the name of the company in Texas that is making the heads and intake manifolds? I shure would like to see their web site if they got one. Thanks Ed.
  6. I bought a aluminum head that I thought it would fit my 51 Packard 327 s8, but when I received it it was to small!! So I'm guessing that this head is for the smaller s8. So does anybody here know when packard make the aluminum cylinder head and are they good to install or junk. This is just for my information. If anybody here wants to get it as well let me know because I can't use. Thanks Ed.
  7. I know for performance and practicallity the four barrel would work the best, but when you open the hood and see a shining intake manifold with two carbs and an aluminum head you just can't stop saying WOWOWOWOOWOW!. I will keep hunting. I got a hold of a four barrel manifold here from Ak. I will see wich route to take. I have a VS57 that I will try and install as well. That is the reason why I'm thinking of going four barrell. Well thanks to all who responded.
  8. Im interested in the 4 barrel manifol and the quad intake for the straight 8's. You can call me at 818-458-2195 and my name is Ed yeah like the horse. hahahahaha. Thanks Ed.
  9. Long shot but here it goes. In need of a Edmunds intake manifold for a 1951 327 packard engine. Condition does not matter. If you have one to sell and wish to parts with it let me know. Thanks Ed.
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