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  1. Does anyone know who the man on the right is? He's seated beside Ford driver Frank Kulick. I believe the photo (courtesy of The Henry Ford, all rights apply) was taken during races held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds in September, 1911. Beside the photo is an excerpt from the September 28, 1911 issue of The Motor World," listing cars and drivers who placed at the meet. Thank you for any ideas, rob
  2. Layden, so you still have This switch for sale? If so, is it usable "as is?" thanks, Rob Heyen robheyen1actgmail.com
  3. I forgot to mention the Early Ford Registry site as a good source for 1909 and earlier Ford discussion and information: http://earlyfordregistry.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=2
  4. Wayne, not an expert, but thanks for notifying me. Casper, thank you for posting this. Another great site for any Pre 1927 Ford information is the "Model T Ford Club of America (and International, another great Ford site). I have an article dated February 1904 detailing an air cooled car Ford is displaying at the Detroit Auto Show. It appears the cylinder dimensions are the same as your article. Also, attached is an ad that ran in the New "York Sun", showing a "Model H". Thank you again for posting. Rob Heyen I've not posted on this site for some time, so not sure I'm able to post pics, b
  5. If anyone can help, I'm searching for a copy of the June, 1907 Motor magazine. Please email or call. thank you for any help, Rob Heyen 402-643-0235 rob4holly@hotmail.com
  6. Does this mean I really might own the 11 Packard, and someone else gets our N?
  7. I hope I don't "burst" anyones bubble, but the maroon car above is our 1906 Ford Model N. Not to be confused with a 1911 Packard, this is N #3, with aftermarket fenders, running boards, and mother-in-law seat. Rob
  8. Would it be possible to add a year range feature? Often, many of us brass people are as interested in a year range, (say 1900 to 1915) as particular make/model (and could it not require a make/model, since there were hundreds in earlier years). Great list, Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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