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  1. I had that sort of problem many years ago and have solved it by wrapping tin foil around the fuel line,clamping clothes pins on the line spacing them 3/4" apart,and putting a half of a grapefruit on top of the fuel pump but not all at the same time,just a few cures that have worked. If you have your doubts give it a try,I see temps here in the central Calif. in the summer up to 107. My old cars,trucks did good doing these home remedies,there are other ways but not as kool as the way I have learned over the yrs from others. Dennis
  2. My neighbor gave me 2 front brake drums from his 1950 Plymouth he no longer owns.I did some measurements and they are the same 10" dia and the spindle diameters are the same as far as checking the size of the bearings. My question is, will these fit my 1937 Chrysler, if anyone might know please tell me...Thanks,Dennis
  3. I have a 1937 Chrysler.A few days ago my neighbor gave me some front drums from his 1950 Plymouth. They are 10" like my 37 and the spindle diamentions look to be the same, does anyone know if they will work does anyone know what yrs these drums would fit a Mopar,any answers would be appreciated....Dennis
  4. I have outside rubber from both Steele/Andy and the steele rubber is still good after 15 yrs the other has cracked,shrunk and mostly become bad enough to need replacing.I will pay the extra for the Steele product. I also have a shifter boot on my 37 Royal that I got from andy and put in less than a yr ago and its already splitting/cracking...
  5. I saw this on e.bay hope it helps http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1935-CHRY...1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. Does anyone know if there are any vin #'s located on a 1938 Dodge other than the tag that is on the firewall as mine is missing from there,I got a answer on the Dodge forum that #'s might be located on the rear of the frame on one of the sides if I would take a rear fender off.I want to save this car,does anyone know if they did this back in 1938... Thanks,Dennis
  7. Does anyone know if they had these #'s on the frame in 1938 if so I can/will look, maybe my car can be saved..Thanks,Dennis
  8. I am in need of a vin tag for my 1938 Dodge 4 door,mine has come up missing,this car is rebuildable and my only other recourse is to part it out.Please let me know if you have one...Thanks,Dennis
  9. Will it fit my 37 chrysler if so what do you want for it.Thanks,Dennis
  10. I have a 1954 Mercury 2 dr hardtop with electric windows and seat that is in need of a complete wiring loom/harness is there anyone that makes on of these...Any response would be appreciated...Thanks,Dennis
  11. Hi Dewey I am looking for the upper A-arms but if they are worn out they cant be rebuilt do you have it apart yet to check if they are loose/sloppy. I also am looking for the driver side spindle and the arm attached to it.What about the drums are they any good.Please let me know about them if you will Thanks,Dennis
  12. Does anyone have a 37 Chrysler front sus. blowup picture or know of a site so I can I.D. the names of the parts I need,I am not sure what some of the names are dont want to confuse anyone when I am trying to find what I need.. Dennis
  13. You can find parts on e.bay,I have had some luck doing so.Also the Ply,Dodge cars have some interchangable parts. Good luck,Dennis
  14. Sorry for the late response..I have been looking on e.bay for a couple of yrs now I look up 37 Ply. and find things there also.I have bought a perfect 37 fuel tank for the unbelievable cost of 25.00,a rear bumper in very good condition and a few other bits and pieces from e.bay.I got hooked up with the guy with the bumper and found that he have a few parts.I needed a steering box as mine was shot he sold me one off a 37 that was very tight for 80.00. I got to thinking that if the box was this good maybe the rest of the front suspension was going to be in the same condition.He sold me both uppe
  15. I already have the kingpin kits,its the shafts and bushings I am in need of.
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