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  1. Got an update: I scoured my logs to see which 10 vehicles are the most popular on the site - Now I will admit that most of the stuff is more recent (1970s and up) but I do see older (antique) makes and models getting decent search traffic as well. I plan to make some videos about that in the coming weeks. Anyway, here is a video about the top 10 searched vehicles for March/April:
  2. After a few requests - I added a flag to limit all results to just Facebook Marketplace. Here is an example for Buick Riviera: https://cultcars.us/cgi-bin/listings.cgi?q=Buick+Riviera&loc=&fb=yes Enjoy!
  3. I'm going to just leave this link here: https://cultcars.us/listing/reatta Includes Reatta's for sale on Facebook and other sites...
  4. Here's some tips on how to search. https://cultcars.us/forum/read.php?2,4
  5. Yes, I will be making updates from time to time as I can. Just so you know, you can do year ranges and price ranges: 1978-1986 El Camino: https://cultcars.us/cgi-bin/listings.cgi?q=1978-1986+el+camino&loc= One-owner cars from $1000 to $5000 https://cultcars.us/cgi-bin/listings.cgi?q=one+owner+%241000-5000&loc=
  6. I've updated the site so you can narrow down your searches by location - either US state or "region" : Here is a search for just California: https://cultcars.us/cgi-bin/listings.cgi?q=1948-1952+buick&loc=CA ...and the Midwest: https://cultcars.us/cgi-bin/listings.cgi?q=1948-1952+buick&loc=XM Maybe this will help a bit when there are a ton of listings.
  7. Year ranges do work. You can type "1950-1954 Ford" and get this: https://cultcars.us/cgi-bin/listings.cgi?q=1950-1954+ford
  8. You are right! But it looks like Facebook is king now. I'd also like to add OfferUp and some of the other free sites that I see a lot of cars on.
  9. TL;DR I started http://cultcars.us to find classic cars for sale across all of Facebook Marketplace (and other sites like AutoTrader Classic and eBay) 13 years ago (!) on these forums, I shared a site to search for classic cars across Craigslist and other various popular classic car sites. Now that Craigslist charges a fee to list automotive classified ads, many people have moved onto Facebook for listing their car. Facebook is not a great site for finding what you are looking for, especially when it is outside of your home area. So I created a site to find classic cars across a
  10. Hey all, I'm going to drop this link here - it aggregates Reatta listings from all over the USA: https://cultcars.us/listing/reatta I created this site to help myself find a Reatta (as well as other various cars). Might as well share.
  11. Hey all, I've been following this thread... and the requests keep coming in I see! I will be getting to them. I've recently overhauled the parts mash to support free-form searches. This means you can search for "67 mustang" and come back with the parts for that year of Mustang. http://www.jaxed.com/cgi-bin/sd.cgi Some of you may not like is as much as the original (no more pretty pictures), but give it a try. I will be working on sorting and adding state matching as well.
  12. Wow, you folks are demanding. I will say, I've added quite a lot to the site as a result of this thread. I'll keep adding more as I can, so just sit tight.
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Leonard Shepherd</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Wonderful site but... I see Studebaker Avanti but not regular Studebakers I posted it on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum. Hope you don't mind. </div></div> I've added Studebaker in general.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Noel Adams</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> HELLO JAXED, THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA, CAN IT BE USED FOR SEARCHING PARTS LISTED FOR PARTICULAR MAKES OR JUST COMPLETE CARS FOR SALE???..........NOEL </div></div> It can do parts too. The [p] indicates parts for that make. I don't have parts for everything, but.. as I said.. just ask. I've also just added Packard and Cord as well.
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