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  1. I'm looking for 6V electric fuel pump that I can install on a 1942 LC. The one that is currently on the car was purchased from Earle O. Brown in 2001. I've tried to contact Mr. Brown without success. If anyone has an electric 6v fuel pump that I can purchase please contact me. Thanks, RR
  2. Does anyone have a line on a 42 LC rear axle drain plug or one that will fit? I have one that is stuck and probably will not be fit to use after I get it out.
  3. Thanks everyone for the pointers on the V12 crankshaft damper replacement. I found a real car guy and a shop that treated my car as if it was their own. Many of your recommendations were used in the repair such as radiator removal, pulley tact-weld, etc. The shop, "Betterton & Whitlow" is located in Chesapeake VA and owned by Bobby Worrell. Bobby has worked at the shop for 35 years and bought the shop from the original owner. A former president of the regional AACA, who owns a Lincoln K, referred me to Betterton and Whitlow and Bobby personnally worked on my car. Bobby has a pretty large shop but he came to my house with his flat bed and from the moment he connected it to the truck until I paid the bill it was truly the best service including cost I have ever experienced. I feel that I now have a friend for life and one that I can trust with "Eleanor". There's and old saying, that you shouldn't trust your car or your woman with another man, but I don't have any reservation trusting Bobby with Eleanor. Bobby's lead mechanic just happen to have a mint condition, leather bound, shop service manual for the Ford V8 and Zepher V12, 1937-1941. The manual was given to the mechanic by his grandfather who founded the shop. He wouldn't part with it. Additionally, Bobby went over my car with a fine tooth comb and has made some recommendations that will keep Eleanor on the road. Thanks for all the great advice!
  4. Thanks. I do intend to replace the entire damper assembly since I now have the replacement in hand.
  5. It looks like someone had tact welded the one that's on there now.
  6. The picture was one of my first attempts with an old Pentax Me Super that I've had for 27 years and I didn't have the F Stop set to reduce the glare. All 4 hubcaps have the Lincoln plaque unlike some of the later production models that only had them on the front. It appears that the 42 Lincolns both Continental and Zephyrs had the same hood ornament but indeed a different hood side trim.
  7. Hello all, I'm new to the LZOC but in love with my "new" 42 Lincoln Continental Coupe that I have affectionately named "Eleanor" (A tribute to the first lady of that era and Edsel Ford's wife.) Recently my crankshaft pulley split while driving and I now have a replacement crankshaft damper assembly with the pulley attached. I've collected great information from the forum on removing the radiator and I have the OCee Ritch Continental book. My question is do you need the vibration damper remover-6360-A and the crankshaft damper replacer 6360-B tools to replace the crankshaft pulley? Any lessons learned or insight on this subject is greatly appreciated. Retired Navy - Call sign Roughrider.
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