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  1. the height of the spindles were the same. So Camber was the same. As far as caster or to in or toe out I'm not sure because that may have been coorected with the change of tie rods and alignment
  2. If you can source the spindles and the rest of the componets i have a set of 69 riv rotors and hubs
  3. After repeated trips to the parts stores, ...measuring hubs. I found that the 71-76 "B" body rotors work on the 69 riv spindles I used for my disc conversion on my 65 riv. So I ditched the 2 piece rotor and hub assembly for them.
  4. Be aware the ford explorer rear is offset to the right. The mustange guys use the right hand side axels and the explorer disc set ups for enexpensive 5lug disc brake conversions
  5. RivNut do oyu have anymore pict of the conversion? Tn particular the crossmember mods and the shifter mods. Thanks in advance
  6. RivNut do you have any more pict of this conversion. Or anymore insight. Particuly the shifter an linkage details. Thanks
  7. There are 2 mid 60 buicks @ sanbernardino pick a part
  8. Does the 65 buick riviera windshield inerchance with the same year wildcat? thank in advance
  9. What vehicle windshields interchange with 65 rivi? thanks
  10. i recentl bought a 65 rivi with the mag wheels on it but there are only 3 wheels i'm in so cal area (909)562-0515 donald perk_d@hotmail.com $100 o.b.o
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