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  1. Want to buy a right hand tail lite stand off for a 49 to 52 Chevy sedan delivery. Contact Doug in Canton Ohio at 330-478-5664 or E-mail me at douglascaughey@aol.com Thanks
  2. I need a good rear bumper for my 1967 Delta 88. New, used, no rust out, straight. I backed my car int a phone pole. If any one has anything please call Doug in Canton, Ohio at 330-478-5664 or e-mail me at douglascaughey@aol.com. Thanks!!! :mad: :confused:
  3. Help!! I am looking for a good to excelent rear bumper for my 1967 Delta 88. I backed my car into a phone pole (dumb a--) The Delta is a solid bumper, no lites. Contact Doug in Canton Ohio at 330-478-5664 or E-mail me at douglascaughey@aol.com any help out there??
  4. FYI on the pertronix. It got pretty nice here in Ohio this past week end, so I thought I would start the cars and run them a little. I gave the 50 about 6 pumps on the gas, turned the key on for about 30 seconds, (per Glenn's segustion) cranked her over about 6 revolutions, let off the button and she fired up, no sweet. That was a first for this car. Hasn't been started since October. WOW maybe the Pertronix is OK after all. Doug
  5. John, my phone number is 330-478-5664, I'm in Canton Ohio, want $150.00. Doug
  6. I did an advanced search for rear main seal and found nothing. Am I doing something wrong?? Doug
  7. Any one use the 2 piece neoprean replacement rear main seal on a 303 engine??? I have replaced mine with a new rope seal and after a year it is leaking again. I hate oil leaks! Most of the Olds owners I have talked to tell me it is the nature of the beast, but with todays technology there must be a way to stop them from leaking. The engine is freshly rebuilt and every thing is up to speck. I was told that the new rope seals have the creosote (sp) removed due to the enviroment (like you handle your seal every day) and after a time they wick oil. Well mine is wicking OIL!! Not just one car, but 2 of them. Any info?? Thanks Doug
  8. John: There was a gent on e-bay that used a complete unit from a later model olds on a 1950, said it all bolted up. I was going to do the same thing to my 1950. I scrapped the idea do to my age and the fact I'm getting lazy. But I did purchase a complete 1953 Olds w/power steering and part it out. I have a complete set up down to the hoses and all brackets. You have to slip the standard box and complete shaft out of your mast jacket, slip the power unit up through and start bolting parts back on. Power pump mounts on top of engine where gen. was, and gen goes to the right side and mounts to exaust manifold. Have that also. 52 / 53 pretty much the same car. If you have all the parts, your in good shape. If you don't, let me know, I have it all and it is ready to clean up and use. Good luck. Doug
  9. Are you sure the head bolts are the problem, the exaust bolts do go into the water jacket, and need sealant. I always forget this and have a leak. Doug
  10. Are you sure the head bolts are the problem, the exaust bolts do go into the water jacket, and need sealant. I always forget this ans have a leak. Doug
  11. Fuel system is new, tank, lines, fuel pump etc. installed a pertronex unit, checked all electrical wires and cables, I think it is in my carb. I going to send for another zip kit and rebuild it a gain, may have got an old kit last go round. They are not the easiest carb to adjust. Thanks for the feed back though, I'm open to all ideas. Doug
  12. Sad, Pontiac will now join us Oldsmobile owners as orphan cars. I really hate to see this stuff. But they just didn't build a very exciting car for quite a few years. If they would have built a real GTO again, maybe??? Doug Caughey
  13. Just for s___s and giggles, how many 1950 Olds owners do we have out there?? Whats the longest you have owned one?? I've always had one at some point since I got out of the service in 1967. Can't get enough of them!! Doug Caughey
  14. I have misplaced Bills e-mail since my computer crapped, but he is (The Olds Connection) in Sylvania Ohio, near Toledo. His number is 419-882-4279. They were $200.00 + shipping. I got mine off him at The Rocket Fest. Good luck, Doug
  15. For Olds Doug, I forgot to mention I have had a few AMC Pacers also. They are really nice cars!!! Wouldn't mind having another one. Would like a v-8 wagon this time. Far and few between now. Doug