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  1. I recieved an email about the manor I tried to get a reply about how do you tell the difference in the color of the tranny fluid, when the fluid is being flushed by removing the line running to the radiator. Tranny fluid is red, what does the fluid looks like when the old red fluid is flushed out with red fluid. Only recieved that email.That is the reason I never post.
  2. Take a poll if you think I am right or wrong on this type of service?
  3. one or two , sorry you take it that way.To express how some one it trying to make the process look how fast they can do it ? I think this video is very miss leading, I see this in a different way. When your having work done,you want it done in the correct way. This speed service shown on this video is not how you want your car serviced. Throwing the oil bottles, you can hear them in the video, what is the rush anyway. Like I say this type of video shows me how not to do this service. I think that if you performed the same as demostrated you would have problems. This is just my thinking and there are others that would agree.
  4. Make TWO or THREE videos,not a rush job.
  5. The 10 minute flush video, is not showing all that is needed to do the job. Just geting all the tools ready and the replacement oil,drip pans, rags. It is more involved then this video shows. The best part is how he has all the replacement oil bottles are open and ready ,then how he discards the empty oil bottles. All for the show to take 10 minutes.
  6. The video is BOGUS I have never seen tranny fluid that color Black. 100,000 miles on the car the engine compartment looks too clean. That might be the oil drain plug in the video. I do not drive a honda. The video shows black fluid turning red. To do this, fill a funnel with old drain oil, then start running it out the hose, then pour red fluid on top. video this, make it look like the fluid is running,then the change of color? You never see the stream of fluid filling up the pan or bucket,only the draining under the car.
  7. I would not pump the tranny dry then add more fluid .Running your car untill the fluid gets to the condiction where it turns color is not a good way to maintain your tranny. Removing the pan and cleaning all that you can get at, filter, magnet, and inner pan is the way to go. You can remove the lines and blow out the radiator cooling part too with compressed air low pressure,but how far do you need to go. If the car has never been properly maintained you would spot this when you look at it when buying it. Unless this car has it only service before selling it. I keep a running log of Everything that is done to All my cars,trucks, motorcycles,snowmobile,and the lawnmower,and I keep a record of repairs I do to my home as well. It lets you go back to when the last time something has been serviced.
  8. That came from walmart in the paint dept.
  9. Where is the DRAIN LINE ? or is that the line from the radiator returning fluid to the trany?
  10. I watched the video ,the fluid is BLACK when it is draining,where is the drain plug on the reatta? there is none,unless it has been added. In the video it states NEVER let the hose run dry when pumping the fluid out it could damage the tranny. I will stick to the the service manual recomendations on this on.
  11. The question is when do you know when fresh fluid is coming out? How is this determined? As to droping the pan, where is this stated in the post?
  12. You get more then 2 quarts when you drop the pan. More like 6 to 7 quarts,you would know that if you have done it. What about the dirty magnet, and sediment in the bottom of the pan,you have to drop the pan to clean .The filter needs to be replaced ,only removing the pan can do this. Pumping the fluid out by opening the line? then mixing old fluid with new,when do you know all the fluid has been replaced? change of color?
  13. 3 M Super weather strip adhesive, That is the name of the stuff you need. Walmart has it in small tubes, Napa wants $13.98 for a bigger tube. There are clips that hold this moulding on originally.
  14. Drop pan,wipe clean,replace filter and new o ring . Place the gasket on the pan and start the bolts threw the bolt holes.1/2 way, NOW put a little blue locktight on all the bolt threads.Install pan to tranny and start all the bolts into trany,when all the bolts are started you can then tighten them to the required amount. Install new fluid to the required level. Drive check level of fluid,check for leaks. Leave a piece of cardboard over night, under the car to see if any leaks appear.