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  1. Hi Walt, Could you please tell me the dimensions? Thanks, John
  2. Still would love to get some more opionions on any production break downs according to options if anyone could be of assistance on that.
  3. Also learned all 1960 Convertibles were built in Flint but then sent to other Plants for final assembly. Mine was from the Kansas City plant ("4") that was later destroyed by fire according to Greg at 1960buick.com. Thanks for maintaining such a great site Greg!
  4. Well, I had one knowledable person estimate that about 50 (or less) like mine were made with these colors and this many options. Wonder if she is the last one left? Decoded the "ACC" codes also today : "B" "E" "16" "N7" "B" ='s Heater/Defroster "E" ='s Rear Seat Speaker "16" ='s Tinted Glass "N7" ='s Air Conditioning Still working on the rest but thought I'd share what I learned today. Thanks Alan R. from off of Ebay for your help!
  5. Is there anyone who might have a good guess to production number break downs on our 1960 Electra 225 convertible? I know the over all production number but this car has to be one of only a few equipped as it is. We won't be selling her as my wife and our 3 children love ole "Josephine" but would just like to know how unique she may be. Factory black, with two tone black and gray bucket seat interior with storage console (door panel inserts and console lid are more of a silver color) she also has Autotronic eye, Wonderbar radio,rear seat speaker,positive traction rear end, and factory air conditioning. It may have a couple other options I missed but those are the main one's. With the children and a wife who went through Stage 3 breast cancer time to research the car has been slim at best so I was hoping there may be some folks here that have an intimate knowledge of these beautiful cars. I appreciate any suggestions, or sources (I know of 1960 Buick.com and have heard of but not used the Sloan Museum)to help us see just how special this ole girl is Thanks for your time and help..... P.S. I need a power seat switch if anyone has a spare
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