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  1. If you don't know what the model letter is for the truck your engine is in or came from, these gaskets fit 1954 thru 1956 241, 259 and 270 cubic inch Mopar V8's. I'm pointing this out because some Model F, G and H trucks had 331 ci Chrysler engines.
  2. Unless you are restoring for a car that will be judged for originality, how about an insulating and silencing product like Dynamat? You can get jute pad from a carpet installation shop. Jute can hold moisture so it can promote rust. http://www.dynamat.com/automotive-and-transportation/automotive-restoration/dynadeck/
  3. You're making this harder than it really is. Like Mark Shaw says use a worm drive hose clamp as a guide and cut with a utility knife with a wet blade.
  4. Any good SHARP blade will do the job. Lubricate with water. Trying to cut dry you will have a hard time trying to keep the cut straight.
  5. Matt, where can I get some of that easy money? I have plenty of time but not enough money.
  6. C Carl, and others, if you want technical books try Brown Book Shop in Houston. brownbookshop.com Technical publications are all they sell. If they don't have it and if it's available they will get it for you.
  7. The Nash-Healey was built on the Nash Ambassador drive train including B-W overdrive, body designed, and car assembled in England, by Donald Healey. Healey designed and fitted the aluminum head to the Nash engine. Healey is best known for the Austin Healey. I have a 1954 AH 100. Engine parts for the Nash engine may not be real common, but, you should be able to find most parts. Worst case if the aluminum head is un-useable you could go back to a stock iron head. With modern technology aluminum repair is not the near impossible task that it once was. It wouldn't hurt to ask Midwest if they will give you a customer reference. Then call the customer and ask about their experience with the Midwest repairs.
  8. Here in Oklahoma an old plate like YOM cannot be registered if refinished even though it is the correct colors. It must be original finish. So, the 52 plate I registered has a little rust on the edges and the white letters and numbers are a little faded and the black background is dull.
  9. Why should your federal taxes subsidze corn farmers and ethanol plant operators?
  10. I just looked at my post at #16 above and somehow the last sentences are gone. It was, when the guys pushed the Stude into the shop to remove the front clip they started by pulling the engine. When it came out, low and behold it was a 331 Caddy and Hydramatic. What nobody has said is, and I believe, Studebaker copied the basic design of the 49 Caddy OHV V8.
  11. Hope all the people in PA reading this post get in touch with their State Senator and urge them to support this bill. I live in Oklahoma where you can get ethanol free gasoline. I buy it when I am near a station selling ethanol free. The few cents price difference is offset by increased mileage. If enough states dump the ethanol myth maybe the price of corn based food products will go down.
  12. Ask an old time rodder about the Stude 289. It's relation to the Caddy 331 is reinforced by the rodders using after market intake manifolds designed for the Caddy on Studie 289's. One of the most popular 1950's engine swaps was Caddy into a Studie to create a Studeillac. On a recent episode of one of those "restoration" shows a guy brought a roached out 1950 Stude to Brode Stroud to restore. Brode says it can't be restored, too much rot and rust, and suggests a project using the bullet nose. They push the Stude into the shop and start pulling the engine and trans, and, low and behold it's a 331 Caddy and Hydramatic.
  13. bigblockjoe I would like to apologize for my smartass reply to your post. Stay with this site and post in the Riviera section for specifics about your car. Everyone will make you welcome. As Joe P said you need to be concerned about the tire size for clearance of the body and chassis. Also, the offset of the wheels can affect the steering geometry and excessive wear of wheel bearings. The engineers that design the cars don't just stick any old wheel and tire on the car, there are specifically designed for that car.
  14. Why don't you bag it and put on 13 inch gold spokes? Or, jack it up with a lift kit and get some sick 24's and it'll be a bitchin' ride. This site is people that want to keep cars stock. Check H.A.M.B. at jalopyjournal.com, it's all about modified cars. (Was that to harsh?)
  15. Northwestern Auto Supply in Grand Rapids, MI, might be a good source. Rapid service. I sent them a 52 Chrysler MC by Priority mail on a Friday and they shipped it back on Monday. Look them up on the internet for their 800 number. No catalog just call and talk to a real parts guy that knows his stuff.
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