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  1. Good to know! Perhaps I'll make the trip next year.
  2. I'm slow to see this post. How did the Medford swap meet go? It's been some time since I've been to the Portland swap meet, as it seemed to have drifted to newer cars and parts.
  3. Interesting thoughts on colors and national sentiment. There was a Packard in the Dayton, OH Packard museum the was ordered with all the bright work painted as the owner purportedly did not want to draw attention during the depression era. Ironically, apparently it did quite the opposite as it's unusual presentation drew lots of attention.
  4. There's a pair of restorable CO headlights on eBay right now.
  5. I was also told by a long time Auburn enthusiast that he regretted ever selling his 8-105.
  6. For me it was heating (8-105 sedan). The water jacket side plate should have a distribution plate between it and the block. The plate, as I am told, often deteriorates (sometimes to the point of there being no evidence of ever existing) resulting in heating problems. I searched the ACD forum, but the post describing this has been removed. The 8-105 has a different radiator, different intake/carb (down draft), different brakes (hydraulic), possibly different rear axle ratios (2-speed), different radiator shell (hidden rad cap), different door handles, fenders, light lenses, trim etc. Also, I've been told the rear axle is fragile and that folks often leave it in high.
  7. A very striking '33. My personal favorite!
  8. Asking price & location of car?
  9. If you go this route (I did) make sure to let them know the cap is going on a car, otherwise you might find that it won't fit. I was very pleased with the final result, btw. Beautiful car.
  10. Here's a link from the P15-D24 website (lots o discussion about this on their forum, ref. P15-D24 Options List
  11. (from an old thread) Does anyone have news on what happened to this old Chrysler? Curios Chrysler aficionado's want to know. The HAMB referenced in one of the posts is here: ID this body - THE H.A.M.B.
  12. Are the PB valves the same diameter as the PA? I'd been told (but never verified) that the PB had bigger valves.
  13. My best guess is that it looked like the knob in this picture: In fact, the site this comes from is a good resource as well: 1939 (Chrysler) Imperial Home Page
  14. There's one in the WP Chrysler museum, I think . Did you see this post: Also, seems like there was an imperial Hayes bodied coupe posted for sale here quite a ways back. CORRECTION: WPC's is a Dodge.
  15. Is your spark control knob still in one piece? If so, could you send/post a photo? There was a fellow out of FL that reproduced the knobs (except the spark control knob). These folks have reproduced the wiring harness: Wiring Harnesses - Narragansett Reproductions - Wiring Harnesses and car restoration supplies
  16. Congrats, terrific car! Here's a link for dash glass restoration: Classic Car Restoration - Antique Auto Repair, Car Dash Restoration.
  17. Did you ever get an answer? If you are considering reproducing let me know.
  18. I believe 100k refers to $100,000.00 US and is meant in jest. The "carnut" site (ref. Chrysler & Imperial 1930s General Specs), amongst other things shows engines and displacements for Chrysler products. Perhaps you kind find what your engine interchanges with (Hollander would be a better reference, which I don't have handy, ref. Good luck!
  19. I think Fernando is looking for an "intake manifold" an an "exhaust manifold" for his '36 airflow. If so, not sure if he needs to specify Chrysler or DeSoto. Hopefully the airflow folks on here can advise him. Best Regards, David