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  1. Another west coast car, but appears to be a nice looking coupe with power glide:
  2. Here's a '66 convertible. I'm not sure it's right either, but you can be the judge:
  3. 1966 coupe w/ auto (not mine):
  4. 1965 Coupe w/ auto (not mine):
  5. Jeff, Thanks very much for the lead. I'll follow up. David
  6. Much appreciated Mark. Hopefully I'll know more soon. David
  7. Looking for a Reo Royale. Prefer a sedan as unrestored original or with an older restoration, but all cars considered. ...regretting having passed up past projects.
  8. Looking for a Reo Royale. Prefer a sedan with an unrestored original or an older restoration, but all cars considered. ...regretting having passed up past projects.
  9. Didn't pay attention to the year range, did I? It looks like the second one in the list is the only applicable one from yesterday's search. Thanks, 'was wondering about the turbo.
  10. Just watching as a bystander, why no turbos? I do see them for sale frequently. Here are a couple from a local Craig's list search today: (auto, convt) (auto, convt) (manual, more typical pricing) Several others - but all manual transmission.
  11. Bill, Thank you for sharing the list and the contact info. Nothing aligns with what I have, but know someone local that it would help.
  12. Boy, that looks to have beautiful dash plastic!
  13. Above are a couple images to go on. Not ideal, so perhaps someone can provide a closeup. also you may consider posting your want ad over at the ACD website Here, if you haven't already.
  14. Thank you. I'd never heard of the yellow jacket. With what appeared to potentially be a historically yellow head, I'd wondered if it was like Chrysler's "red head", high compression head. ...hoping someone else buys this so I can stop thinking about how I might do that.
  15. Beautiful car! I'm curious about the "yellow jacket" engine mentioned in the linked ad. What does that signify? A high compression head? Are there other cars of this era with a Lycoming engine and a similar option?
  16. Here's a posting for one: you may be able to find one a lot closer.
  17. Possibly same coupe without the contact info wall:.
  18. Not mine, and is a Special not a roadmaster (black 1958 coupe): There's also a non-black 1958 Century convertible at that link (also not mine).