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  1. I too contacted the seller and received more pictures, but rather than Blaine, Wa (I’m in Washington), it was located in Pittsburgh, PA. Beware!
  2. Thank you for posting here first! I toured as a kid with a four cylinder 1914 Buick keeping pace with our six cylinder seven passenger touring of a differt make (valve in block). They are a great car (I have one now). You might consider posting to the HCCA website as well. ...good thing you are all the way across the country, I’ve been very interested in watching what has been coming out of your storage and I’ve no place to put anything!
  3. Slow to this thread but *absolutely* agree with the noncontact thermometer. ...early thirties sedan taught me that lesson.
  4. Not in the market for a car (a car shed? Yes) but always up for hunting cars for others if your up in the Seattle area or need a car looked at in the Seattle area.
  5. Any chance your spark knob hasn’t disintegrated? If so, can you take a few pictures of it before you touch it (prior experience with this request). I have a mock up, by would love to know what the original actually looked like. Also, I understand others have vacuum formed new plastic back over the metal dash surrounds. Something I’m interested in doing if here are enough of us to make he project cost-feasible.
  6. Terrific, thanks! Some years ago I bought a 1933 Chrysler CQ which had all of the vacuum declutching and accelerator starting equipment removed. Over the years I’ve been trying to piece the missing components together. At present, it retains the (perhaps) WWII era modified accelerator linkage. Still looking for the declutching canister, amongst other things.
  7. More pictures on the Seattle’s craigslist here, shows as Redmond, Washington for those interested in location. I’ll defer to Dave M. for correct location though.
  8. My parents drove a 1926 Cadillac coupe quite extensively after us kids grew up. The only problem they really had was passing ...gas stations.
  9. That’s quite the experience Brian! Does that have the vacuum declutching equipment on it? Any chance of seeing a picture of the carb side of the motor?
  10. I suppose advertisers sometimes combine makes when trying to associate a lessor known (eg orphaned) one. Ever see a Chrysler DeSoto or a Hudson Terreplane? In his case, the LaS on the trunk rack helps those of us less familiar. That said, I agree including Cadillac in the description in this manner adds confusion.
  11. Airflow designs seem to be polarizing. With a 323ci 8 and overdrive, I’m not sure the same can be said about the drivetrain. Here’s a website for this model Imperial for those interested:
  12. Also advertised in Hemings (ref. Beautiful car!
  13. Nice looking car! Perspective buyers might be interested in where the car is located and any contact information you are comfortable sharing in a web post.
  14. Did you know those manifolds were lurking under the hood? I wonder, was a ‘28 Model 72. Chrysler originally fitted with a single updraft carb?
  15. Interesting. My '33 Chrysler uses a "bent" key for the ignition and side mount locks (same key). What is the vintage of the locking Plymouth cap?
  16. That's very kind of you, John. It's very much appreciated!
  17. Confirmed (see new pm). Just a really long day elsewhere, so slow to respond.
  18. Another west coast car, but appears to be a nice looking coupe with power glide:
  19. Here's a '66 convertible. I'm not sure it's right either, but you can be the judge:
  20. 1966 coupe w/ auto (not mine):
  21. 1965 Coupe w/ auto (not mine):