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  1. Phil, I may need to revise my definition of work! This story reminds me of the old adage: There is never enough time to do it right, but there is always plenty of time for the new owner to do it over. Unfortunately, the wannabe electrician that did your wiring is probably still on the loose somewhere. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to John! I should be more respectful of a fellow 107 yrs. YOUNG! That ought to be some cake- is the fire extinguisher ready? P.S. Hey John, aren't you overdue for a trip down here?? I just had a buddy stop in from out of town last Saturday. It was a gorgeous day, so we took the '29 Phaeton out for a spin all around Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla. He was absolutely amazed by all the people waving, getting out their cameras, honking, thumbs-up and all. After we returned, he couldn't stop talking about how he felt like a rock star driving around in an old car!
  2. Honolulu Dick- gotta love quick & dirty!! Thanks! As far as tax goes, probably every state has its own procedures, but in California, which many state laws mimic, we pay a registration and license fee annually. If your car sports YOM (year of manufacture) plates, an additional fee is charged for this. If your vehicle is not running, you place it in "NON-OP" status which still costs something, but it is pretty minimal. Traditionally a brand new car would pay the highest registration fee based on the value of the car. Each year the reg fees would drop a bit until they hit a baseline bottom level fee over about 8 years. This was true until recently when all of my "bottomed" out cars started going UP again! In California, sales tax is paid on every transaction where there is a non-family change of ownership. This is up to 9.75% in some counties. Sales tax is charged over and over on the same vehicle each time a new owner takes title. Government at all levels tapped the coffers and now grasp at anything to TAX you.
  3. Nice looking car John. Love the double pin striping. However, changing a light bulb hardly qualifies as "work".
  4. 1 cubic inch=16.387064CC so 212.5 CID= 3482.25CC or almost 3.5L An easy way to remember for me is my Corvette always lists the motor size as 5.7 L and I know this is a 350 Chevy motor. Given that, a simple ratio will get you any other volume conversion.
  5. Happy Anniversary Bill! The prices these Clum switches are selling for are crazy. The last one sold for even more I think. This looks like a good repro-project/opportunity for someone. Joe
  6. Hey Doug-just thought I might check on your progress so far. You ARE taking pictures, right?? What color are you painting the engine?
  7. FMF- nice Chrysler! I have one, too. No doubt they are totally different when you get to see the whole car. In the movie, you only get to see a piece of the car, which didn't include the full door.
  8. John, once again, your eagle eye for cars amazes me. I googled 1947 Buick Convertible and this is what i found. Looking at the similarities between the Buick in the movie (what I could see of it), and the 1950 Chrysler, it makes you wonder how much industrial espionage and design stealing was going on. Some say all the cars look alike today. It's true today, but it was pretty much true back then ,too.Thx! Joe
  9. I know , they have a forum for this type of question, but the DB forum is where the smart guys hang out so here goes... A friend, Lane Nishikawa, made a movie here in So. Cal. about WWII and while watching it, I notice a couple of period cars. One in particular looks a lot like our 1950 Chrysler convertible, but with several differences. Here is a series of frames from the movie showing some features. Can anyone nail this one down?
  10. Dodge KCL you are no doubt right on the money with the advent of Kettering's system. One note as a slight correction: Marconi, while successfully commercializing the use of wireless transmission of electrical energy actually "adapted" (i.e., stole) most of his work from Nikola Tesla. In 1943, a lawsuit regarding Marconi's numerous other radio patents was resolved in the United States. The court decision was based on the prior work conducted by others, including Nikola Tesla from which some of Marconi patents (such as U.S. Patent 763,772) stemmed. The case was resolved in the U.S. Supreme Court by overturning most of Marconi's patents.
  11. Wow! Hbergh- interesting problem there. My guess is you do not have a "functional" vent in your gas cap if it was difficult to remove (presuming, of course, that the difficulty was, in fact, due to excessive vacuum). The entire fuel system will fail to operate properly without a functional gas cap vent. I seriously doubt that your engine is drawing enough vacuum to collapse the tank, unless the tank was extremely weak to begin with. Joe
  12. Posting pictures would be useful here.
  13. There should be a compression nut at the switch end of the light switch control tube. If this nut is not tightened properly, the tube will rotate, but the rotary Clum switch won't. Usually this gets loose due steering box gear oil soaking the entire assembly. Since this is a compression fitting, excess gear oil will cause slippage. Another possibility is that something's amiss at the top end of the control tube up near the horn button. Simply having an assistant observe the tube at the switch end while you rotate the lever inside the vehicle should sort the problem out.
  14. This is how I do it...and as I recall John, I think I learned this in your Shadetree Brake Repair course you were teaching down at the Community College...Works for me!
  15. Also Doug FYI- you posted a pic of your timing chain which is 346px × 259px. Try using something closer to 1000 to 1200 pixels in the horizontal dimension. The lower resolution makes it postage stamp size and very hard to see any details. Thx, Joe
  16. Doug you might want to consider conversion to modern insert bearings, esp. if you plan on running this at higher freeway speeds as you have discussed doing. And I just learned of some gasket problems (the hard way) with my own DA. Both the manifold gasket and the head gasket blew out with less than 2000 miles on the new engine. Both were composite style gaskets and are completely worthless. They are still being sold by many suppliers. Save yourself alot of headaches and get a copper head gasket and a steel manifold gasket. I will post pics later of the whole mess. Look for a post coming soon labeled CHEAP GASKETS! The kit I sold you has the composite manifold gasket-don't use it! If I knew this before now, I wouldn't have sold you that one gasket. All the rest of the gaskets are fine. Joe
  17. That's funny-just the other day I was just looking at a reprint 1929 Chevy manual someone gave me and the valve train was totally different than the Dodge setup. Do you still have the Chevy? Any pics?
  18. Jason, not to nit-pick, but you might be confusing the 1929 Dodge DA engine with an valve-in-head type engine. The DA's L-head style engine has no rocker shaft or push rods or rocker arms. The valves are in the block and are driven directly from the cam thru the lifters (tappets). Here are the engine X-section diagrams from the 1929 DA manual. Now Doug, if you dropped in a small-block Chevy engine when I wasn't looking, you can disregard all of the above. Joe
  19. Don't be so quick to sell John. What if you live to 206?
  20. You are talking about two entirely different animals. The Model A uses a single transverse leaf spring. This type of spring is best unloaded using a spring spreader. The DB uses two semi-elliptical springs and can be unloaded simply by letting the axle hang down as you jack the body upward. No doubt, your jack stand prevented the axle from completely relaxing the leaf spring. No spring spreader is needed here. You are very fortunate you or your assistant were not seriously hurt when the leaf spring unloaded. For reassembly, attach the front eye of the spring to the vehicle, then raise the differential with the springs attached. You could support the differential and lower the body, as well. The rear shackles should eventually align such that you can insert the shackle bolt. Of course this all assumes that no one has changed the suspension using non-stock springs or dog-bones.
  21. Shannon, John is being modest...You should see his hubcap collection. It can be seen from Space. Nasa had to develop a special sunglass for the Space Shuttle crew when they orbit over Southern Oregon. It's amazing what one 106 year old man can do.
  22. 1hooligan- The Myers version is here: Myers Early Dodge and Texacola went to the same place (Mac's) I did for the rubber version. DodgeKCL -you asked "I hope my description is clear?" Yes, crystal ! Thanks again for all the good ideas!
  23. Thanks Dave and John. So I guess I wasn't mislead after all-DB ceased production on the 4 in 1928.
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