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  1. Jason, Google is out of control. The governmental agencies are unlikely to be of any help to stop this because of the benefits they enjoy. The GA's would spy on you themselves, but it is far better to have a "private" corporation do the dirty work for them. Even if you could stop their ground-based "spy-cams" you still have to deal with the hi-res cameras they use in satellites. This is no conspiracy-theory, by the way. Here's another Google story: Awhile back, my cell phone started dying, so I got an "android" type cell phone because a friend talked me into it. He's telling me how he can't live without it, blah, bla. So I bite on a 30-day trial. I transferred all my contacts from my old "dumb" phone to this new "smart" phone. Then my friend tells me I can really only enjoy the full benefits when I add a Gmail account to this phone. Next thing you know, without my permission, my entire PRIVATE contact list is on the PUBLIC Gmail server! Had I any idea that ANDROID=GOOGLE I would have left that thing in the store where I found it.. I let my "friend" know about it, too.
  2. Speaking only for "below-average" Joe's, I can assure you porcelain presents us with a formidable challenge.
  3. No that is John. Justin Bieber stole his act!
  4. Not sure because its a low res picture, but it looks like you have more welding to do. See red box in picture. Is this part of the crack? If in doubt, get someone with a dye penetrant to check it out.
  5. That there is a true "bucket" seat! The Forklift made short work of that little project. Well done!
  6. John, you just reminded me of another post awhile back by a guy with a name sounding something like yours. Coincidentally, he had a similar "take the head off the mascot" fetish. Here it is : http://forums.aaca.org/f143/how-does-ram-come-apart-301300.html Whadya know, it was YOU!
  7. Hi Shannon- great very original looking Victory! I really like the original raised detail on the old door panel perimeter. Hopefully you are taking LOTS of pictures- these details are priceless. I really like the one pic taken in your garage. Kinda looks like a crime scene--see my edits! Keep up the good work- Merry Xmas! Joe
  8. Hey John- I'm in under one condition: You have to install a trailer hitch on your '31 just in case my '29 doesn't feel like going that far! This should be a good trick!
  9. Stakeside- what a nice job! Pretty impressive woodwork. I'll bet you didn't have all that much old wood to pattern off of. Curious that the top slats weren't T&G. I assume you are routing out all of the detail in the slats we see in your top pictures? There has been some on going questions re: 1929 Dodge truck motors here on the forum. Perhaps you could post some detailed pictures of your motors esp. passenger side block. Thanks, Joe
  10. Jason, what if he needs those vice grips for something else? Personally I like an 8mm open end wrench. It's a bit gentler, just in case you might ever want to use that shaft for the real thing again.
  11. I don't think 1929 Dodges had 4 cyl engines. Either someone changed the motor or it's not a 29 or its not a Dodge. Post some pictures & try to find your VIN and engine # so we can help you ID your vehicle.
  12. The other NE dizzy's with your 1084x model # are: 10846A for 1927-30 Dodge Senior 10846A for 1928 Dodge Victory & Standard 10846B for 1928 Dodge Victory & Standard 10845 for 1929-30 Dodge DA
  13. Movie isn't out yet. Naw, not Leo (J. Edgar). Leo's the one looking thru the binoculars. The guy driving is a bad guy. Yes, even "badder" than J. Edgar himself.
  14. Ray, I took a second look at your pictures. I think one other item is missing and that is the straps that run from the front to the rear bow to keep the "field" of the top from sagging. You can see a couple of these in my second photo in post #2. David maybe can add to this. Also Ray, any chance you could post some detailed photos of your side curtains both inside and outside? Thx, Joe
  15. Thanks for adding that David. It helps to hear from the pros. Ray, the pads David refers to, can be seen in the second photo post #2 above. The passenger side pad is seen in the upper left corner of the picture. We used the cotton-no foam. David, one comment: It seems that with this particular Dodge Phaeton top, when I was setting up the bows, the straps really did the work of keeping the bows from sagging. But without the pads, you would definitely not get very smooth roof lines. Is it possible there are different type of irons/bow setups? This one Dodge advertised as a "one-man top" which is a joke, unless that one man happens to have at least four gorilla arms.
  16. John, you have some good eyes for a 108 year old man. Did you have some fun for your Birthday? And don't tell me about the new tennis balls! Let's really test you. Look closely. Who is that driving the car??
  17. Thanks for the kind words Ray. Here are a couple more pics I took during the top bow setup. You may find it useful to employ a couple of ratchet straps to set your top up in the desired position. Stand back and check the top profile from a distance before you commit! Then, measure the exact strap length needed. Allow for a bit of stretching. I imagine the reason one would use the leather belt strap method is that you could alter the strap length easier. And Rick, I know what you mean about the tie wraps-see theses pics!
  18. I was just watching a trailer for the new movie J. Edgar about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. They show a quick glimpse of a car which might be a Dodge Brothers. Maybe one of you eagle-eyes can correctly I.D. this one. Joe J. Edgar Trailer (U.S. Version) - IMDb
  19. Ray, it looks like you may be missing some support straps. On my 1929 Dodge DA Phaeton, the entire top is supported by these straps. See attached photos. I have also seen them made out of leather, almost looks like a belt for your pants! Personally, I like the look of the fabric version. Joe
  20. John (keiser31) -Front bearing retainer looks something like this. If anyone knows what this is from, I would welcome the info. As it stands now, its just another mystery part in my collection!
  21. Dean, there is another thread on this topic here: http://forums.aaca.org/f143/6volt-starter-front-cover-shatters-why-299450.html
  22. Manuel, is this the kind of starter pedal you speak of? This picture is a 1929 Chrysler Phaeton. I was never sure what that pedal was for, as it is located just in front of the driver's seat. Seems like a strange place to put a pedal.
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