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  1. Looking for the hood letters for a 1960 Electra (LeSabre and Invicta the same). I really just need the "I" but will buy full set if available. Also looking for orginal style front floor mats, (ribbed with tri-shield) either in black or preferably chocolate brown. Good or VG condition; does not have to be NOS.
  2. Thanks! I found an excellent match for the windlace at SMS Auto Fabrics in Oregon if you are unfamilar with that source. It is a copperish rust color, same as the the 'cordoveen' fabric/vinyl seats. Dash, door panels and carpets are a cordovan (dark reddish brown) color.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the windlace trim (the woven fabric interior edging around upper door openings) extends all the way down the A-pillar from the roof to the front doorsills/kickpanel area? Mine come from the headliner above the front door window, but end at about the middle of the vent windows (half-way down the windshield pillars on both the driver and pass. sides) which looks odd. It's a six-window pillar sedan, body style 4719. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your response. Your answer makes perfect sense. I will hold on to my aluminum one since the core charge was only $10. Never know when I might need another one.
  5. Thanks, Dan. Does the entire column have to come out to get to that soldered connection?
  6. The horn buttons had to be pressed to get the horn to work. That's why I suspect it's the horn wire that runs through the steering column shaft. But I am not sure where it starts on the low (firewall) end of the column. There's a brass spring-loaded pin or teminal there. (The wire attached to that is what I disconnected from that pin. I put the jumper wire into the female plug of that detached wire to get the horns to work when I pressed the buttons.) I removed the pin terminal - it is attached to column with two small hex screws and has a contact that rides the steering shaft inside the column, but I still cannot see where the horn wire begins inside the column.
  7. Thanks. I cleaned all contacts and grounds and still nothing. So I ran an external wire from the wires from the horn buttons under the center emblem cap on the steering wheel, OUTSIDE the column to the wire that connects to the pin contact at the very bottom of the steering column, just below the neutral safety switch - and the horns worked! So I guess the fault must be in that wire that runs through the center shaft of the column, Anyone know how to get to that one???
  8. Anyone have any ideas how to get the horns working on my '60 Electra 4719? Horns themselves work - they are mounted in place and I hot-wired them to the battery. Horn relay changed to no avail. I unscrewed the horn push assembly on the steering wheel and checked/cleaned the contacts and checked wiring. Brown wire is connected to the stick-up terminal at bottom of steering column. Other than trying to clean the contacts inside the plug-in connector of the light blue/brown wires at the relay, I am running out of ideas. There does not appear to be a separate fuse for the horn in the fuse panel or anywhere else. Is that right? Any ideas appreciated!
  9. Interesting. The only one I can currently source is one in cast iron.
  10. Does anyone know if the water pump for a 1960 401 Nailhead was originally made of cast aluminum? The one I just removed is aluminum, but the replacement is cast steel and a lot heavier. Thanks!
  11. Can someone tell me if the following underhood items on a 1960 Electra were painted either semi-gloss or gloss black? -401 air cleaner -Inner fender aprons -Battery tray -Radiator support stamping behind front grille -Radiator fan shroud -Radiator top tank -Power steering pump and pulley -Front engine chassis crossmember -Cross braces and insulation pad clips on inner hood. -Upper control arms (were they painted at all?) Thanks! Jan Zverina
  12. Sorry - I may not have been clear. No need to rebuilt the engine. As a first-time owner of an older Buick, I am looking for good parts sources for new and/or rebuilt drivetrtrain and body/interior parts. I had a little trouble sourcing things like a water pump, horn relay, etc., and don't always want to turn to Ebay for exterior trim, etc. I see CARS in NJ and GM Obsolete as some sources but I am wondering if there are any other good outfits that specialize in 60 Buick parts - NOS, or higher quality NORS. Sorry for the confusion! *** Also, were the inner front fenders, battery tray and rad support semi-gloss black or gloss black? How about the radiator tank top? Gloss or semi? Thanks!
  13. As a new owner of a '60 Electra, can you folks recommend a few sources for new/rebuilt engine and trim parts? I am aware of CARS in NJ but have seen some mixed reviews on this forum. They seem to have good availability at decent prices. Any other recommendations? I am based in San Diego but looking for any sources nationwide. Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I see that Cars Inc. or buickparts.com in NJ stocks the correct engine color of Apple Green.
  15. Thanks Dave and Dave. I found a reman onethrough RockAuto that hopefully will do the trick. Were the pumps painted the Apple Green engine color or left bare aluminum?
  16. I am looking for a water pump for a '60 Buick Electra 401 CI w/ air. Does anyone know the part and/or casting number? Is it the same as one for a 1960 Electra 401 with no A/C?
  17. Looking for a 1960 Buick station wagon, good shape. Any out there??? I am in the SoCal area but will consider any and all. Other body styles welcome, but S/W is tops on my list. Jan Zverina (cell) 858 - 444-7479, or jazverina@san.rr.com
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