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  1. I had a sizeable leak on my Dynaflow (63 Riv), especially after the car sat for more than a week. Turned out to be some loose bolts on the converter just under the flyweel housing, and a small gasket on one of the two accumulator valves. Nothing serious. Oh, and you may want to avoid synthetic ATF, which is thinner and can leak past some gaskets. Dex 3 is good, according to a recommended tech here in San Diego who knows his Dynaflows.
  2. To Seafoam65: Maybe I missed it, but do you have a url to the 15" blades and blade holders that you would recommend? Thanks,
  3. Hi folks, I'd like to see these three manuals (see above) go to someone who can use them or pass them along to someone who can. I'm open to offers, excluding mailing costs. Please PM me. Kind regards,
  4. I finally had a chance to measure the trans dipstick - 21 inches from tip to cap. So thanks again, XframeFX. My Riv sat for one week in the garage and hallelujah, no leaks!
  5. This was never answered - 21" Long. Thanks, XframeFX - Much appreciated!
  6. (Almost one month later) An update on my Dynaflow woes with my '63 Riv: I picked up the car yesterday from the trans shop. TelRiv again gets the brass ring, as several leaks were indeed from the converter bolts. Also leaks from the accumulator seals. The shop kept the car sitting for several days just to make sure they caught everything. The other thing I learned - and I'm sure many of you know this already - is that synthetic ATF, which was recommended when I had the trans rebuilt 5 years ago - will leak past any seals faster than Dex III, etc. If anyone in the San Diego area is looking for a shop that knows their way around older transmissions, let me know.
  7. Having new carpet installed in our house meant first cleaning out the far reaches of some closets. In the process I unearthed my set of original 1960 factory service manuals used during happy ownership of a 1960 Electra 4719 sedan before making room for a '63 Riviera. This includes the Chassis and Body manuals as well as the Preliminary Chassis Service Manual. These are not reprints, and are used but in good condition. The Chassis Manual has a loose binding but has all the pages. (Pictures below.) Asking $75 for the set plus shipping from San Diego. I'd like to see them go to a good home! Feel free to PM me.
  8. Related to this thread, for those of you who are running an Edelbrock in place of an AFB or 4GC/Quadrajet and may not start your Riv for a couple weeks or more, pouring a small amount of gas from a small clean container into the forward barrels and then closing the choke butterfly either manually w/the linkage or one press of the accelerator pedal always does the trick, letting the starter crank a few times to circulate oil but reducing excessive cranking. Edelbrocks seem to be known for this. Mine is a 1406 on a stock '63 401.
  9. Thanks Bernie and Ray - your input is much appreciated! Thanks to a recent feature in the 'Riview' magazine I was given a good recommendation from a fellow ROA member here in San Diego about a shop that knows its way around Dynaflows. I'll bring my Riv in the week of the 19th to assess things and will provide an update after that.
  10. Yes, it's very photogenic - provided the camera doesn't get too close. It's very rust-free, a nice driver, and largely original except for an 80's-era repaint which has now seen better days.
  11. Thanks Tom and EmTee. I will certainly give that a try. The tip is much appreciated! Hope both of you are having a good summer. -Jan
  12. Thanks all. RivNut wrote: "You'll save money by buying transmission fluid in bulk and sitting a drip pan under the car. Have you actually looked to see which seals are leaking?" When I had a safety check/inspection done recently at my shop that primarily services older cars but does not do a full trans rebuild, they essentially said the same thing as Ed - there's no need to change the fluid since by replacing what leaks out, you're essentially doing a flush and refill. It's leaking from so many points that it needs a complete reseal, and he did give me some contacts where I might get that done. And yes, I keep a drip pan underneath like I do with my other older cars. Some questions/thoughts as I determine the best way forward : What actually causes the Dynaflow "belch"? Does that mean the fluid comes up from the dipstick tube or is there a vent or other feature designed into the trans to spew out any excess fluid? Can someone tell me how long the OEM trans dipstick should measure for a '63 Riv (with a 401)? I wonder if sometime during the cars life prior to me owning it (2015) that it was changed for some reason or other. Thanks for any thoughts. I'm leaning toward staying with the Dynaflow but wanted to learn more about what's involved with a changeover to a TH400. -Jan
  13. The Dynaflow in my '63 Riv has been raining trans fluid from multiple area after an internal rebuild several years ago at a shop that no longer services them. The trans seems to operate smoothly, the (synthetic) fluid is bright red and I am aware of the Dynaflow "belch", but before I explore resealing options, I was wondering if changing to a TH400 is a prudent move, as that was a major change for '64 and the 400 is widely considered a great design. My car is a driver and I'm not beholden to keeping the Dynaflow just for originality's sake. I also know that Russ Martin is a great recommendation, but I'd also like to hear from anyone who has swapped to a TH400 and what else may be involved, pros/cons of such a conversion, etc. I'm aware of this link where RivNut suggested Russ for some conversion parts, but maybe some of you can chime on this overall subject so I can gather some first-hand data to help me make a decision. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/305527-63-dynaflow-to-turbo-400-conversion/?tab=comments#comment-1704117 Thanks in advance and Happy 4th!!
  14. Hi Centurion, In cleaning out my storage I recently came across some nice front mats, driver and passenger from my 1960 Buick Electra 4719 which was also Cordovan metallic. They were professionally painted to match, and look to originally be a dark olive color as shown in the pix. As expected, they're heavy so shipping from San Diego may not be a bargain, but if you're interested please PM me with a modest offer + shipping. I have no need for them as I sold the Electra and bought a '63 Riv some years ago, and they may look pretty good on your new possession!
  15. Forgive me if this is off a Buick topic, but I received this card this week and as a car enthusiast, I for once have no idea what kind it is, other than it may be an Australian-made GM (Holden?) Ford, or Chrysler from the 70s. The curved upper windshield corners kind of baffle me. Let the fun begin!
  16. My '63 Riv Dynaflow leaks as well after sitting for more than three weeks, and my mechanic said it's from several points. It has done that after three years by a top shop that did a complete rebuild. The bright side is that it's more of a drip than a shower, so economics would dictate that topping it off with a quarter pint every so often may be more economical than your quoted $5k for a rebuild, which probably is under warranty for less than 36 months anyway. He said no need to change the fluid - you're doing that already! BTW, also have a '67 Jag, and that club says, if it's not leaking anymore, it's probably out of oil!
  17. Not enough on my '63 Riv. After thinking about it, the obvious solution was to simply elongate the bracket holes with a small drill bit so I could move the console storage lid aft just a little. Problem solved. Thanks for all your responses - this forum is super helpful in every way!
  18. I know all about the misaligned glove box door in the instrument panel, but is there a way to adjust the lid to the small storage compartment on the center console? Mine is super tight at the front edge, just behind the shifter plate. Is the trick to squeeze the mounting bracket a bit?
  19. Hi Patrick, I have a '63 but that had a 4GC, and now has an Edelbrock 1406. But if both the carb and air cleaner base have the same geometry as a '64 I can send you some pix and specs on what I have as an adapter. Please let me know.
  20. I just caught up with this now. What a great thread from start to finish, capped by the Tail of the Dragon video! Are you going to do it next time with the trailer attached? (only kidding!) And what a nice thing to see while many of us are staying indoors a bit more these days! Thanks again, and my best wishes to you and your family this holiday season!
  21. Just beautiful, perfect scripting and all, so many mixed emotions. Thanks for sharing.
  22. I just wanted to mention that the 808 QR steering box I recently ordered from from ROA Member Tom Telesco was worth every penny. It was installed late last week, plus a front-end re-alignment to his recommended specs - lots of positive caster! The difference is truly transformative: a nice increased level of steering effort, markedly better straight-ahead tracking, and much, much better response on road curves at (of course) moderate speeds. My alignment tech even said that this was one of the rare properly rebuilt boxes he sees, with new innards and not just the usual 'reseal it and forget it' approach. Kudos to Mr. Telesco. Not sure if some first-gen Rivs (I'm thinking GS models) had a QR box, but you first-gen owners might want to look into this.
  23. Thanks. Ed. That's what mine are but I see a few on Bring A Trailer that are all chrome including the grills.
  24. Quick question since I've seen them both ways. Are the two large cowl vents just below the wipers supposed to be all chrome or body-colored on the actual grilles?
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