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  1. hi bob, speaking of packages....i sent you one to your northern address about a month ago........did you get it? gryfan:)
  2. thanks guys, i have to mail some of my new reatta t-shirts ...and don't want to waste my time going over. you americans have such a great postal system compared to ours here in canada. it is so much cheaper. i can mail a t-shirt or polo from niagara falls to california in a couple of days for about $3-4 ....here it would take a week for 3-4 times that amount ....to ship to a town 20 miles away. thanks again, gryfan
  3. hi, just wondering ...is the post office open in the states on monday? it is not operating here in canada on monday, due to the holiday. thanks in advance, gryfan
  4. thanks Rawja.....you may have saved me some money. cheers, gryfan:)
  5. thanks ronnie....i'll check it out. if the accumulator is going should the pump motor and pressure switch be replaced at the same time? gryfan
  6. yes, the red light is also almost a minute before it goes out. gryfan
  7. does anybody have a gm part number for the pump motor and pressure switch? also , it is taking a long time for the yellow for the abs to go off on the dash....is the problem with the accumulator...pump motor ....or the pressure switch? thanks in advance. gryfan 1990 coupe 103,000 miles.
  8. i too have a similiar problem with the crackling.in my 1990 coupe however , the radio will play for about 20-30 minutes ...then the radio just cuts out. it will come back if the car is parked for an hour or two. gryfan 1990 coupe 103,000 miles
  9. thanks for the tip steve. cheers, gryfan
  10. i have checked the push button in the glove box.the trunk will open that way. what does that tell me? gryfan
  11. thank barney. i'll look in to it. cheers, nick
  12. thanks nemo, i'll check for those connections. gryfan
  13. thanks mc reatta....i'll digest all of that information ...and will see if i can get a positive result. thanks again. gryfan
  14. i am looking for some expert help that i know is on this forum. i have developed a problem with my power locks. for the past couple of weeks the locks would not pop open when the ignition key was turned off. they would however open when i pushed the open button on the door. today the power button on the door will not work....and the trunk will not open with the key. it does not make the "click" sound when i turn the key. i had to get into the trunk from the pass-through from inside the cabin. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. i am not a real wrench turner. i can change the oil and
  15. zoltanb, do you by chance also own an olds cutlass convertible? gryfan
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