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  1. I'm moving and the Reatta has to go. I broke a coil spring and never fixed it, a year and half ago. It was a ddriver. Interior is poor, no headliner, seats, carpets, shot. Crt, works, dash works, radio works, brakes work, but take a while to air up after sitting, ac works. Windshield is cracked, front driver's fender has damaged to the front corner, but a LeBra covers it up. One lazy headlight. Antenna doesn't go up or down. Windows work. Have clear title, I am unsure of actual mileage as I am not home, but think it's at 220 k miles. Junk dealer will probably give me $400. $600 isn't out of
  2. I have forgotten how to find anything using the search. Does a Riviera exhaust from the same years fit the Reatta except for shortening it 6-8"?? It seems I remember that a while back. Mine is toast. Thanks in advance.
  3. ekvh

    TCC shudder

    I had it and an eventual complete staying locked up when coming to a stop. I had to hold the brake to stop and it would kill the motor like a standard still in gear. I used Seafoam transtune to clean up the lock up. It's been two or three years since that. The car had been sitting a while before that. Mine never threw any codes at me. Probably similar but different than your problem.
  4. I have an 88 with a bad transmission mount. It's the one on the right side which connects the right side of the transmission to the frame. In looking for a replacement they show the 88 as being different from the other years. My question is whether or not the 89-91 could still be used, or if it is entirely different? Reason is, of course, I'm cheap and the newer version is much less dinero. Any help appreciated as always.
  5. ekvh

    Battery draw.

    I let it sit for 2 days and it was not enough to start. I'll check again when it's warmer. I think the battery may be shot.
  6. ekvh

    Battery draw.

    I believe it was a relay on the firewall, the one with the dark tar dripping out of it. I will check in the morning and see if it is up to charge.
  7. ekvh

    Battery draw.

    Battery was still at 12.5 after the weekend disconnected. Two relays on the dash look pretty melted. I will try swapping them when I get home tonight. I will try the procedure outlined on Ronnie's site first for a reference. Thanks again.
  8. ekvh

    Battery draw.

    Thanks, Ronnie, I'll try that Monday. I think I have a few spare relays to change if it's drawing more than that. You guys are great!
  9. ekvh

    Battery draw.

    Okay Padgett, thanks. i'll check the grounds. I checked the voltage after sitting all day and it is slightly higher than this morning. It's 15 degrees warmer. I probably have a short to chase. Why does the cold weather always reveal the weaknesses.
  10. How much current should the Reatta be drawing when you hook up the battery after a long disconnect? My battery is being drawn down. Maybe it's shot, but I am not sure. I charged it up, took readings, disconnected and am in the process of taking readings as it sits. It was 12.56 volts when I left this morning. My question is, should the Reatta be giving a good Zap when I touch the cable to the neg. terminal? Mine does. I am guessing I will have to start tracing wires. It's been a long time since I've been here. I guess that's a good thing as I have been driving my Reatta daily. I know the groun
  11. Just did a search. Sounds like it's typical. Not to worry. The first post I read was almost what I wrote.
  12. My 88 is giving occasional high readings for just a second, especially when letting off the throttle or shifting into higher gear. It shows a steady 40 at idle and 50-55 over the road. Just a bad sending unit? I only saw the 200 reading once, but I see randoms of 80 to 120 lbs or thereabouts. Suggestions?
  13. ekvh

    Getting hot

    Everybody's does it unless you do what Padgett does. Do a search and everyone here freaks out at first, but they have a good reputation as a reliable motor. If you have a LeBra on the front end, it will heat more and cool less due to the openings in the LeBra not being large enough. I am hoping to get some trim and enlarge mine soon. The 180 thermostat without the PROM adjust to turn on fans earlier only helps in the first 30 minutes of driving or so. Others here have wired their outer fan to kick on along with the inner one. The problem is the PROm doesn't turn the fan on until 210 and it doe
  14. I saw the obvious hydraulic piston looking mount on the Riviera I picked. I will look to see if my 88 had it at one time and it was removed. Perhaps some had them and some did not?? Maybe when they wore out, people just decided they weren't necessary for the expense as GM did not require them on newer vehicles?
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