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  1. Mark Hyman of St Louis area bought it at Amelia.
  2. Just " Loco" like the rest of us. For the rest of you, I was able to get in contact with George Hess. Thanks, LOCOMAN
  3. Looking to get in contact with George Hess of Lenexa Kansas. I've tried his currently listed e-mail address, returned. I've tried his currently listed phone number, disconnected. Anybody out there know how to reach him? Thanks, Locoman, TIM OHLENDORF
  4. Thanks for the reply. Looking for a 4 cylinder car.
  5. Anybody know the whereabouts of a 1912 -1914 Mason passenger car ? Either restored or un-restored. Thanks, Locoman
  6. locoman


    Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of a 1912-1914 Mason? Either restored or unrestored. Thanks, Locoman
  7. This mounting pad on the differential/axle tube is where the jack goes. Does not interfere with the truss rod.
  8. Hi Lance, Very interested in your Loco jack. I have 2 1913 model 48"s. Sure would like to have a "real" jack for one of them, Let me know how much $$$. Thanks, TIM OHLENDORF diane3626@gmail.com
  9. Rick Britten, Michigan. 269-979-3928. Have used him for years. TIM
  10. Antique Auto Top Hardware Co. Kim Dawson. He has new brass castings, and a great catalog of many early brass items. TIM
  11. Compare the above picture to Don Boulton's car
  12. New exact reproduction of the oil fill funnel for the Locomobile. These are beautiful coated brass. Measure 4" tall and 4"s wide. Mounts to your crankcase breather tube. Price $300.00 plus shipping. Contact Rick Britten, 269-979-3928. Michigan