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  1. New exact reproduction of the oil fill funnel for the Locomobile. These are beautiful coated brass. Measure 4" tall and 4"s wide. Mounts to your crankcase breather tube. Price $300.00 plus shipping. Contact Rick Britten, 269-979-3928. Michigan
  2. Early Loco's, 1908-at least 1913, used Barrett # 44 jacks.
  3. Depending on the size of them, they resemble valve guides.
  4. Pretty sure that this radiator cap project has already been done. Chris Figge from Ohio did it for his car, 1911 model 48, same cap. He also did an article in the Horseless Carriage Gazette about them. Maybe about 7-8 years ago. Locoman
  5. An opossum skeleton tangled up in the wiring harness behind the dash of a 1923 Haynes that I was restoring.
  6. Here's a picture of a 1913 Model 48 seven passenger touring car and it is for sale. For further information, please contact me at diane3626@gmail.com.
  7. OK C CARL Here they are. LOCOMAN
  8. Hello all Loco fans. I have a 1913 Loco 48 7 passenger touring for sale. Step up to the plate and own one of the best. E-mail me for particulars and photos. Locoman, email me at diane3626@gmail.com
  9. Britten's Brass Works. 269-979-3928. Ceresco, Michigan. Hands down, the best.
  10. Rick Britten, Ceresco, Michigan. 269-979-3928. He is the 'BEST". Locoman
  11. Think that I may be able to help you out. Do you have a picture of what you need? Used to have a '25 Packard. Tim
  12. I'll take a look the next time that I am at the warehouse. Thanks for the inquiry. Locoman