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  1. I'm posting this for my cousin, his 1970 chevy c10 was stolen on sat may 2 from a parking lot at the swap meet in canfield oh. If you have any info on it please contact the canfield police. Thanks
  2. When I joined last year I was sent an AACA Exhibitors brochure with my membership card. I think I got one when I sent for registration info for the Eastern Spring meet (my first national meet) this year too. It gave insight into what to expect at a national meet.
  3. They rebuild them but it cost just about as much as the new one does. Holley used to and they still might I'm not sure.
  4. Pony Carburetors is making new ones they are to be available in late June. They are $399.50 plus shipping. You can check them out on their website www.ponycarburetors.com
  5. The vin decodes as 3 1973 model year F Dearborn Assembly plant 01 2 door hardtop H 351 2v 166993 Unit number I think Ford started stamping the vin into the engine block in '68 but I'm not sure where the stamping is located. It would seem to me that the original 351C was replaced with the 302 at some point. If the 302 were original to the car the H in the vin would have been an F. check the drivers door for the data tag it will have a vin on it, Ford also screwed or stapled a tag to the drivers side front of the rad support that would contain the vin. The title has the vin on it also. These should all match however it is possible that someone changed the dash and didn't change the tag with the vin on it, the same could happen with a door or rad support. Ford offers for free a vehicle history report it takes a 6 to 8 weeks to get but it will tell you what options the car came with and when it was built. You can call ford at 1-800-392-3673 and request a history report for the car all you need is the vin.
  6. I'm not sure if this will help or not as I don't know a lot about the tilt steering columns but if I remember correctly they were to swing up and away when the drivers door was opened. Virginia Classic Mustang has a 67-69 Mustang tilt a-way column Repair and Diagnostic manual in their catolog (part # LT-30) for $6.95. I think I've seen it from other vendors too. Mustang Monthly ran an article on tilt columns in March of 2003. I can try and scan it and email it to you if you would like.
  7. Well I think just to be safe I'll take it off it only has two screws in it and it is starting to show it's age.
  8. That's what's been holding me up the whole time. Thank you. I was worried that I would join and then be told that I couldn't enter the car because it wasn't in my name. I'm still going to try and talk at least dad and maybe grandpap into joining with me. I might even just get them memberships for Christmas since I'm always looking for a good gift for them anyhow. Looks like if all goes well I'll be headed to MD in the spring. I have a few areas of the car I want to work on over the winter and hopefully will have all or most of it done by then. I have a License plate frame from the dealership that the car sold from when new am I correct that it's a point deduction? It's not a problem to take it off just wondering if it's going to cost me a point by being on there. Thank you to everyone who has responded.
  9. I'm planning on going to the MD show. I would like to enter the 65 convertible however if grandpap doesn't join and/or add my name to the title I guess I can't enter it. My main reason for joining is to be able to enter and show the cars at the different shows. I'm going to do some talking with dad and grandpap this weekend and see what we can come up with. Dave I'm in the Scottdale area. Again thanks to all for the responses.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I've participated in some of the shows that the Pittsburgh area chapters have and have really enjoyed them which is why I'm thinking of joining the national club. I've gone to Hershey the last few years to walk through the swap meet and view the cars, I love to listen to my dad talk about working on the different cars and the ones that he used to have. Dad is the current owner of a body shop that my great-grandfather started in 1922. I tell people I've been working there since I was born I really can't remember when I did start but I know that I was pretty young. I've been working on old Mustangs since I was about 13 when dad bought a 1973 Mach 1 and grandpap bought a 66 coupe. I've built a great relationship with both dad and grandpap because of these cars. Currently I'm the only one that is thinking of joining dad and grandpap don't seem to be interested, I'm pretty sure that I could talk dad into it at some point but I'm 99% sure that grandpap won't. I guess I'll have to try to get him to join or add my name to the titles if I'm gonig to show at the national level with the AACA. I doubt very much that either will happen, but I'll try because I would really like to show the car at something more then just the local shows.
  11. I'm thinking about joining the AACA. I'm 23 and I've been brought up on Fords my father and grandfather have always had them. I currently show my grandfather's Mustangs (3 that are done and 2 more that me and dad are working on). I work on them, drive them, and show them and his name is on the title. He's 78 years old and doesn't like to get in and out of them he enjoys them by looking at them with others telling them about the work that dad and I have done on them. I was wondering if I join am I able to enter and show the cars at national meets or will they need to be registered by him and in his name? I've made it a habit of putting my name down as the owner because very rarely is he with me at the show. All three that are done are drivers but the last one that we did, a 1965 6cyl convertible, has done very well on the local level including first in its class at the local AACA show. I am hoping to be able to show it at the Eastern Spring Meet in Flintstone and at Hershey in the fall. Thanks for any help on this.
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