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    Happy Easter! Anyone know where i can get a new door latch assembly?
  2. THanx man,just wondering,hate those long cold startups
  3. Has anyone swapped out the manifold and carb to a fuel injected system? Are there engines that could match up and use there system?:confused:
  4. 1onesy

    hcv motor

    No,thats the heater control valve itself.Those are plentiful,This item physically opens and shuts it.It has a little electric motor in it and some worm gears
  5. 1onesy

    hcv motor

    No,that looks like it wood open a vent or something.This one opens and closes the heater control valve under the hood.It sits onthe intake manifold on the passenger side near the firewall
  6. 1onesy

    hcv motor

    Does anyone know where i can locate that little electric motor that sits on top of the heater control valve on the 1985's with the electric climate control? Have been searching for years!
  7. thanks guys,i'll swap em and see what happens
  8. I had replaced the mc and threw away the old lines to the prop valve. I intended to replace them right away but that turned into a couple of months,then i didnt remember which one went where. Now when i put a little extra pressure on the pedal the rears skid.
  9. does it matter if the lines from the master cylinder to the prop. valve get crossed? It has 4 wheel discs. the reservoirs in the mc are same size:confused:
  10. Has anyone done away with the air suspension system on a 1985 and replaced it with regular shocks?Can't deal with the air problems anymore!
  11. Does anyone know why the lines between the MC and prop valve run all the way down the wheel well and back on the 85 rivs?
  12. 1onesy

    brake line

    I do not have abs, it just seems that the front brakes are not doing enough and most of the stopping is coming from the rear.I thought I might not be getting enough pressure to the front because of maybe the wrong size line.I had the system bled over and over.
  13. Hello,does anyone know what size brake line goes between the master cylinder and prop valve on a '85 with 4 wheel disc?Too many hands have been on it and I think its too small.Thanks!
  14. No, it makes no difference about how much fuel is in it.I checked for any kind of leakage and everything looks fine.
  15. I don't know what e85 fuel is but I'm not using it ,its got the olds 5.0.I will check the egr and pvc and its funny that the fuel pump was mentioned because i had a problem years ago,when i would put the car in gear it would stall out.Every moron I took it to would dive right into the carb and not find the problem untill oneday I noticed a leak from the pump and when I replaced it the problem was solved.Can it be that the fuel pump can fail intermittently?There is no sign of a leak from the pump.
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