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  1. Jim, The weather is bad and I haven't taken a picture yet. I do have an old crappy one I'll sell for $50 plus shipping. I must say it will take a good body man to restore it. Also, It has been cut into two pieces for easier shipping. I'll try to get pictures of what I have. Joe
  2. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.Joe
  3. I Live in Morristown, TN and have some '41 Continental emergency cables can have if you can come and pick up. 423 839-1298 Joe Harrill
  4. My worst experience with a Edmunds two carb setup on a '46 Mercury happened on the night of high school graduation. While drag racing, the generator bolt tore out of the manifold and needless to say I had some serious damage.
  5. I'll try to find my pics and E-mail to you. Did I get your E-mail? I'm located in east TN.
  6. Black 1941 Lincoln continental coupe like Sonny drove in the Godfather movie. Nice tan interior, Borg Warner od, radio, hot air heater. Rust free $29,500.
  7. While into the wiring, you may want to have the signal lites set up so that you have 3 brake lites to provide more safety. A '56 T-Bird turn signal switch is part of the conversion.
  8. I'm 74 and still love to drive my '41 continental. I once had the chance to trade a '39 Ford standard with a 6o hp engine for a '46 Lincoln convertible. The guy wanted better gas mileage. I didn't trade.
  9. I have a Ford unit in my '41 continental and it works fine. Do you know where I can get some rear seat ash trays and recetpables? Thanks Joe
  10. If at first you don't succeed try, try again. At least one source is the center resistance post. Joe
  11. Still having trouble finding hot lead to flasher. Should it come from coil lead on ign. switch? Thanks Joe
  12. Hi, Do you still need the switch. I have a complete assembly accept the key from a 41 model. Can send pics. Joe
  13. I'm making progress. Now have three brake lites. Where does yellow wire to the flasher originate? Thanks Joe
  14. Hi, I would like three brake lites on my '41 continental. Does anyone have knowledge on how to make this conversion using a T-Bird turn signal switch? Thanks Joe
  15. I can't seem to locate the dome light switch in my '41 continental. The car has been re-upholstered and I believe the switch must have been moved to another location. At the present, when I attach the the ground cable the light comes on and I can't remove the lens to take out the bulb. Any help would be appreciated. Joe
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