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  1. What color is the car? I need the drivers side mid door trim; cabernet color.
  2. I need the drivers side mid door trim. Let me know if avalibale.
  3. Anyone know where the small 1/4" line next to the intake on the turbo goes to. My TC manual shows nothing. I do not have a line attached to this fitting. I am sure it is there for something. Thanks
  4. Anyone have both the drivers side and passenger side rear quarter glass for my chrysler tc? Also nee the glass channel.
  5. I was told by my local Chrysler dealer that they quit makeing them. Perhaps the parts guy did not know that other models will fit and didn t look. Thanks for the info
  6. Anyone know where I can purchase a lower radiator hose for my 2.2L TC? I have seen upper hose but not the lower hose. Thanks
  7. TwinCamFan Let you know that I now have brakes on my TC. You are correct about the vacuum being sufficent. I won't go into my problem with that. However, the 7"inch diameter vacuum booster works I think better than the larger diameter Lebaron booster. It was too big with no clearance on the sides. In summation I made an adapter plate,extended the booster operating rod,extended some of the brake lines and wala!!! Brakes Not and easy job under the dash but well worth the effort. Thanks to all for your input.
  8. The booster that I tried to fit onto the TC was too large of a diameter to fit. It was a 89 Lebaron, that is why I went to a 7inch. Also the operating connecting rod to the brake pedal on the Teves system is not centered,whereas the Lebaron and others were. Also the lebaron operating rods were too short as compared to the teves operating rod. Most double diafram boosters require 15 to 20inches of vacuum. Most turbo powered cars do not have enough vacuum to power any booster properly. This one of the reasons a vacuum kit is avaiable for people with turbo charged engines and heavy cams. I hope this explains why I took this route.
  9. I have now installed a 7Inch hotrod booster and master cylinder. Had to make an adapter plate for the booster to fit into the firewall of the tc. My problem now is that a turbo engine does not have enough vacuum to power the double diafram booster. Next step is to purchase a 12volt vacuum pump. Should be ready to go then. Will keep posted as to progress
  10. Has anyone retro fitted a brake booster and master cylinder into a Chrysler TC? I tried a Lebaron booster but the diameter is too large. I am on the lookout for a booster and master cylinder that will retro fit without too many modifications. Any information would be appreciated.
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