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  1. I'd like to buy a 31 President.......honest
  2. You guys are a bunch of loosers!!!! Now this is a dashboard........ my 1915 IHC MW Just dash and BOARD! None of that other junk :cool:
  3. Don't people understand how dangerous it is to listen to the radio and drive?? How are you going to turn it down when your cel phone rings? With all the things we do daily driving to work, shaving, eating egg McSomething, reading the paper, is there really time to sing along with Slipknot? I saw a lady painting her toe nails once but it was at a stoplight so I guess that doesn't count
  4. These are all the work of the guy that designed the hugely successful and loved addition of POP-UPS and now BACK POP-UPS I have found that no matter how one figures a work-around of the inovative processes that EBay in particular figures ut a way to defeat you the customer! If you tap 'world' in the search menu left you get fewer auctions. My only guess is tha 'normal' must include items outside EARTH! If you have 'Saved Sellers' outside the US you must open any EU EBay to see what they have. Again I guess EBay is trying to help USPS export mail I would guess this is all done to hold down s
  5. This is a BMW Munich slave labor's badge There is really nothing to laugh about in Germay's new NAZI movement
  6. Search the HAMB for German racing cars I think the car is mentioned in Thread 'What's the rarest car you've owned' There are several Autobahn Adlers out there. They all vary some in detail 2 is too small a number. That would mean I have sat in ALL of them ..... it's just not the case
  7. Oven cleaner Rubber cement.... let dry and rub off Or you could just buy my KJ sidecar 70+ years have aged it :cool:
  8. I live in the Carriage production center of Europe. In this part of Poland there are many craftsmen. This really helps in the restoration of early cars too.
  9. You need to think Grey dog for shipping....... they are ustta luggage
  10. The situation is just as bad here in thre EU And up until now unlike us you have had a Govt that allowed you to think for yourself! Here Govt knows best!!! They screw you in every way they can They actually had a law on how bent bananas had to be to sell them here TOO STRAIGHT........IN THE TRASH And there are ebays here for each country.........
  11. I think my ex wife should have one to drive her mother around
  12. Wow!! Look what I brought since I gave up cocaine! The best collections took hard work not just a check book. I had a very nice guy come to see me he writes garage books. When I told him he couldn't use my name he was shocked..... Yup cean bench is the sure sign nothing is happening there. My rants over
  13. That car sold at Hershey.Went to europe. They were nothing compared to a BMW 328 The type 10 Autobahn coupe is very very pretty and ran along very well
  14. AP Fischer in Long Beach sell the correct old bend oil at good prices You can call or look at their web site. Old family business and very nice people.
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