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  1. Thank you very much.I know what I have to do now.I have to find a new fuel pump that is compatible with gasahol and possibly change oil if it is elevated due to added fuel.
  2. Thank you very much. I do understand and it makes sense to me.Any advice to make sure I get a new fuel compatible fuel pump.Where to buy and what brand?
  3. I need help.I am helping a member who had a stroke get his car ready to sell.When not started for 4 days it will not start without pouring gas directly in the carb.If started every 2 days it starts and runs fine.Any help is greatly appreciated.It is a 1953 Ford Customline with flathead V8.
  4. Can anybody post a pic of the tracks under the front seat of a 1932 Olds? A friend just bought one and it is in pieces and I can't remember what it looks like.He has the part on the seat with the cross shaft and gears,but we need to see what they ride on.Thanks in advance.
  5. Do you know not to wrap it but to cut pieces and install like piston rings?If you wrap it it wears much faster.
  6. Looks like nobody is interested so off to the scrap iron yard.
  7. For sale one 4.56 ring &pinion and housing with 50,000 miles.I took it out of my car to put a set of 3.90 gears.Any reasonable offer plus actual frieght cost.I can take the pinion out if you don't want the housing to save on shipping cost,but the pinion has never been removed.
  8. Hey Marty,ever find those pics of my 32 Olds when we were making that movie "All The Kings Men"?
  9. My first thought was an old Kaiser that I saw in my Dad's junk yard as a child but I couldn't find any pics.I only went back to 54 but you nailed it. It looks exactly like that. Thanks a bunch. Now,does anybody need it?
  10. I thought the same thing but you beat me to it. But it is an interesting post and nobody is perfect.
  11. It looks like the roof section over the doors of a car like a model A Ford. Can you post pics of a different angle to see the top and curvature better?
  12. I love Vettes but in 54 I think the Olds looked better.I wish they had made them.
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