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  1. Good evening Phil. I sent you a private message. Did you receive it?
  2. Hello Phil. I sent you a private message. I hope that you recieved it. It's been quite a journey but I've come a long long way with the '28FB. It was taken down to the frame. Every single part, big and small, has been touched and restored to original, but better than original. My hope is to have a perfect 2015 "1928 President. All exterior parts were rechromed, all interior parts were renickeled. I found an amazing woodgrainer, a fantastic upholstery man that has worked on cars at Pebble Beach. Final assembly should take place in August at the latest, but before that I'll have a list of 20 missing small parts that I'll be needing to finish her. I love her so much Phil. You definitely gave her to the right person. Thanks for the experience. "Yes, if you real do have a '28 President robe rail bracket that I can give to the foundry here to reproduce, it would be amazing. I'll send it right back to you. Let me know what I can do to help with that as I know how busy you are with things on your end. With gratitude and respect. Dale
  3. Hello RBK and all my fellow Studebake enthusiasts. Yes. To be clear, I need to 2 brackets that go on the back of the front seat. From what I understand, it was a design that only serviced the 1928 President. Can anyone verify and hopefully help me find them or a way to copy and make them as I have done on other parts of the car. Thank you for the help. DS
  4. OK now. Who has a '28 Robe Rail either for sale, or that I can pay handsomly to make a mold of and get right back to you. Don't make me beg too much (I will)
  5. Antony have a lead on an original type fuel sending unit to work with the king sealy gas gauge. Thanks
  6. Anyone have a lead on a fuel sending unit to work the king sealy gas gauge. Don't want to switch to electrical. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. DS
  7. You would think someone knows something. Maybe I'll try the Packard forum also. I spoke with a company up in MI that said to make from scratch is 1000's of $ if at all possible. Seems odd with all of the antique cars out there. I'm going to the Nerhercutt museum next week and will inquire there.
  8. Who has a lead on a sending unit for the king sealy gas gauge in the "28 FB President ?
  9. Alright Studebaker friends. My 1928 FB 5 Pass State Sedan President is now mechanically perfect! The body is back on the frame and has been temporarily shot with Red Oxide primer. Does anyone know a 1st rate, old school, classic car body/paint person in the Los Angeles area? If not, I can ship it to Baltimore where I'll be working for a few months and get it shot out there. Thank you very much. Dale
  10. Hi Carine! I've been thinking of you. I attacked the car hard this last year with a ground up restoration as new and it's going well. The body just went back on the frame. Next is the paint shop, then interior. Hopefully done by March. I hope you recover soon to drive your FB. Who are the billboard guys? I just need that dash plate and the whole robe rail. I think that I have everything else. Rick Peterson and Rex Miltenberger have been very helpful in my efforts of late. Good to have support along the way. I'll try to post some photos soon. Your FB buddy. Dale
  11. I'm looking for the "The President" badge that goes on the dash. Mine is long gone. Any idea where to find one? Thanks
  12. Studeq, you are my new hero! Thanks for preventing a mistake over here.
  13. Well if that's the case, i guess that I'll be doing some polishing over the years. Though I might have the plater flash chrome my parking brake handle.
  14. OK gents, it's time to send things out to the plater. Should the interior door handles, window cranks, brake lever, the little medalion on the window frame of the stagecoach being pulled by horses, and other things inside the car. Are they to be nickel plated or chrome plated, or both? The front windshield crank seems to be aluminum and polished up pretty well on a wheel. Thanks for everyone's help so far.
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