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  1. Selling due to new hobby: 1954 Packard Super Clipper Club Coupe. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati http://photobucket.com/1989CTCbyM
  2. Not sure if you're replacing them because of air leak but when mine were howling, I simply slid a wood dowel temporarily under the rubber and added heat with a hair dryer to reshape it so that it touched the front glass and wasn't compressed.
  3. Here are some close up pix of the damage. I took it to the body shop and the only part I REALLY need before they can start work is the passenger side reverse lamp (see pic). I'm having the whole car stripped, sandblasted, and repainted as part of the repair. This includes taking care of door dings and other little marks. *If* I receive any payment from the person who rear ended me, it will cover about 25% of the total bill.
  4. I received an estimate for one of the replacement parts from Doc as well as some PM from other members for some other parts. I'm tryin to make a list of costs, w/o labor, for the individual. As far as the insurance, I'm afraid of the hike if I claim it on my insurance and suspect he actually didn't have insurance. I'm trying to make lemonade out of the situation with the thought that the next (and maybe last thing) for my car was a complete repaint. The paint is old enough that its flaking off in spots (oddly not on the weather exposed side but places like the inside of the trunklid, inside the engine compartment, etc. No rust, just primer exposed. Anyway, the lemonade would be to have him pay for the parts damaged and perhaps a portion of the repaint from a reputable shop that I've already visited. Unfortunately, a business trip to DC has me at a pause right now.
  5. Part of my reason for posting this to the forum is to see if other members who have suffered fender benders would recommend dent repair or trying to get a trunk from someone parting out a TC or experiences others have had in bumper repair or reverse lamp replacement.
  6. With 12 family members visiting my house for Thanksgiving, my father asked me to drive him to the store. What a great opportunity to show him how my TC had progressed. After replacing the entire suspension, the car elicited this comment from my father, "wow, this car rides like new". Five minutes later, while turning into a restaurant for a bite to eat, I'm rear ended by a 1971 Ford Pickup. Low speed, limited damage but I still need to repair. The driver of the pickup was a general contractor and asked if I would allow his friends that own a body shop to do the work as opposed to insurance. I think I'm fine with this but will probably have to assist in getting them the following parts: the reflector on the trunk, right complete reverse lamp, and (probably) the urethane covering for the back of the bumper. Pictures are below, comments or PM are welcomed.
  7. I went with the Moog Daytona springs from All OEM Parts. Part numbers MCCC711 and MCCC758 Darrin
  8. Sorry for the poor quality of the pix. Here are some higher resolution ones. The front window stop came from the area of the red circle in Picture 7. The blue circle is the rearward window stop. I found this out the hard way as I unbolted the front one and the window immediately fell off the track after going too high. The previous owner had bolted in the piece of metal in picture 8 which was wrapped with duct tape on one side. The original broken piece is in Picture 8. I also included high resolution of the plastic and foam pieces (Picture 9). I know they're probably not essential but if I can return them to their original place, I will. Before I reassemble the door, I'm going to template the old rotting sound mat and replace it with dynamat. Darrin
  9. While having a "TC weekend" for the first time in a year, I also took the opportunity to install the door lock mechanism that I purchased from Car Chick. While inside the door, I noted the following pieces as seen in the pictures. Piece #1 is, what I believe to be, the front stop for the power window. Does anyone have a door with parts that they could pull this piece and send it to me? Piece #2 is a small plastic rectangular piece. Looks like it has raised grooves on two edges. Piece #2 is a foam rubber square. Probably a stop pad of some kind but have no idea where. Anyone that's been inside their door lately and can assist, please do. Thanks. Darrin
  10. I finally got around to changing out the rear suspension. Got the new lower isolators from polybushings.com, Moog Daytona Springs, and KYB monotubes. Was much easier than I thought; 2 hours start to finish at a leisurely pace. Pix below. Sorry for the poor resolution; I left the camera at home and only had my phone with me. Thanks to the PMs that assisted me in my replacement parts selection.
  11. I have the pull down pulled off of my 89 TC. I've been trying to chase down the intermittent electrical gremlin problems (works, then it doesn't...). The little silver relay is rusted but I cannot find one nor can any of the chrysler dealers here. I'm now considering just buying one or (preferred) mailing it to someone who can refurb it. What price to ship an 89 pull down to Texas? Darrin
  12. Also, I'm thinking about upgrading to SMEC II; it says it gives 175hp versus std 160. I think it was used in the Shelby LeBaron GTS with automatic? Should I try SMEC III with 200hp? Which is more 'driveable'? I would prefer quicker boost (I can't stand the standard turbo lag) than 'peakiness'.
  13. Has anyone else experimented with this? I have in various mixtures in my other cars and now in my TC, too. Oddly enough, and against all logic and what I've read, my fuel mileage has went UP when I use a mixture giving me approximately E30 (30% Ethanol). I'm thinking about going to an E50 mixture. Car acutally seems to run a little better.
  14. I know I've posted previously about finding a rough TC to enter into "The 24 hours of LeMons". Could this be it? http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/999779997.html Rules require you spend no more than $500- on the car but if I can part out the headlights, wheels, etc. on this one, it just may work! Now only to verify if its simply the Hall Effect sensor and not something more serious...
  15. I changed my PCV valve last year and notice that everytime I punch the throttle, it the hose between the PCV valve and the intake manifold blows off. So, reading this, is that somewhat common? Idle jumps from 850 to the described 1400...
  16. Brake fluid was flushed, too. I noticed the lighter color wasn't picked up in the "after" photo. I was lucky to find a family owned shop that had been in business for over 40 years and actually remembered working on these systems. Even with that, I still gave them the factory manual and the mechanic expressed surprise at how forcefully the rear brakes bled themselves. I was hoping to do the rear suspension over Christmas vacation but, since I've yet to order the shocks, that probably won't happen.
  17. Finally, after a year of driving watching my Brake and ABS light illuminate due to an old accumulator, mine has been replaced.Reatta accumulator part number 25528382 from www.gmpartsdirect.com for $117 and $60- in labor from a local brake shop. No more lights and working ABS! Pix Below
  18. 1989 2.2 Turbo II 8V 19-20 City 28-30 Highway 113,000 miles
  19. http://jalopnik.com/5044120/pch-fly-me-t...i#poll_=MTNyUTM
  20. I decided to add up my TC's Hobby Bills. Its a good thing I enjoy driving the car. Financially, I could never recover what I've invested so far (and will probably continue to). Of course, below does not account for the hours spent by myself in labor. Item Cost Comment 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati $3,000.00 Abilene, TX Replace Fuel Filter and Fuel Lines $188.34 Pep Boys New Champion Plugs $5.56 Pep Boys Water Wetter $6.99 Pep Boys Rebuild CV Joints $138.72 Auto Axle Reverse Flush Cooling System $69.99 Valvoline Shop Flush Power Steering $69.99 Valvoline Shop Right Rear Window Motor $47.86 LSUTigerDad New Rotors and Pads $167.96 Capital Parts Power Mirror Switch $55.00 LSUTigerDad & Headlight Piece Flush Transmission w/Filter $223.96 Lone Star Chrysler Door Handle Escutcheon $15.00 Car Chick New Haartz Fabric Top (Black) $360.00 LSUTigerDad Odometer Gears $54.00 Odometergear.com New Evaporator & Heater Core $151.27 Auto Air New Condenser $108.07 Auto Air New HVAC Door $16.71 Lone Star Chrysler New Headlight Switch $57.82 Lone Star Chrysler A/C Compressor, Drier, $574.27 Auto Air & Hoses, R134 New Battery $89.51 Firestone Total $5,401.02 Accumulator (Pending) $106.93 gmpartsdirect.com Gas Shocks/Struts (Pending) $308.00 TireRack Shelby Daytona Spring Set $50.00 Gary Donovan Total $464.93 Grand Total $5,865.95
  21. 193 miles, 10.12 gallons on the last tank = 19 MPG. Mostly city driving with A/C. How about a survey of gas mileages? 16 Valve vs Turbo II vs V6 Include for reference type of driving (city vs highway), original or upgraded SMEC, timing, etc.
  22. Found the two cables and reproduced the effect of stuttering stalling by swinging them around. Tied them down and she *seems* to be running fine...
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